Parks and Recreation Episode 3.14 Road Trip
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Parks and Recreation Episode 3.14 Road Trip

Episode Premiere
May 12, 2011
Production Company
Deedle-Dee Productions, Universal Media Studios
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Episode Premiere
May 12, 2011
2009 - 2015
Production Co
Deedle-Dee Productions, Universal Media Studios
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Troy Miller
Harris Wittels
Main Cast

en approaches Leslie, who is having coffee with Ann in the courtyard, to thank her for a report. They banter and Ben tells Leslie that Chris wants to see them. He heads off and before Leslie follows, Ann comments that it was the most sexual tension she's ever seen in a conversation about documents. Leslie says that it can't happen because both she and Ben could get fired.

Chris tells Leslie and Ben that he's sending them on a trip together! They're going to Indianapolis to make a presentation to show why Pawnee should be the host of the upcoming Indiana Little League Baseball Tournament. Chris brings them in for a three-way first bump - go team!

Leslie looks through Ann's clothes, complaining that everything she has is too sexy. Ann thinks it's insane because it's obvious that Leslie and Ben want to be together, but she will help Leslie "anti-seduce" Ben if that's what she wants. Leslie goes over some unsexy, boring conversation topics.

At the Parks Department office, Tom tells everyone to follow him because with Leslie gone, there's no boss today! Ron insists that he's Tom's boss, which Tom laughs at. Tom tells April, Andy, Donna and Jerry about the new game show he's going to host. It's called "Know Ya' Boo." Jerry remarks that Tom's description of it sounds like The Newlywed Game. Tom is going to test it out them and "work out the kinks."

Leslie tries out her boring conversation topics with Ben in the car. Ben suggests they listen to some music. Leslie offers the "awesome CD" that she and Ann burned for the trip. It starts off with banjo music.

A little girl, Lauren, wanders into the Parks Department office from her field trip. Lauren explains to Ron that she's supposed to interview someone for a school project. Ron tells her she can wait at the table and he goes back to his office.

Tom tries out his first few "Know Ya' Boo" questions. Jerry and Donna do great. But Andy is hurt when April doesn't pick him as the "rock star she'd most like to bang." April explains that Andy's not technically a rock star, which only makes things worse.

Ron checks on Lauren. He wonders if they can postpone this for another day because he doesn't know where anyone is or when they're coming back. But Lauren's report on "Why Government Matters" is due tomorrow. Ron's interest is piqued. Ron promises Lauren that he's going to tell her everything she needs to know about the miserable, screwed-up world of local government.

Back in the car, Ben changes the audio from whale sounds to the next track, which is Al Green's "Let's Stay Together." Ann snuck it on the CD. Leslie and Ben discuss the presentation. When Ben gently removes an eyelash from Leslie's cheek, the song ends and Leslie snaps out of it, slapping Ben's hand away. Leslie suggests that they just not talk to each other for the rest of the trip.

Leslie and Ben make their presentation to the Indiana State Athletic Commission. One of the committee members brings up a problem that happened the last time Pawnee was the host of the Little League Championships - a raccoon infestation. Leslie assures the committee that Pawnee has that under control. Another committee member wonders what the advantage is of choosing Pawnee. Ben makes a heartfelt speech about what a wonderful city Pawnee is and how he's fallen in love with it. Leslie melts.

Tom continues the "Know Ya' Boo" game. Donna and Jerry get another question right, but the tension between April and Andy continues.

At a reception, Ben shares Chris' congratulations with Leslie, as they succeeded in getting the tournament for Pawnee! A photographer snaps their picture. Ben asks Leslie to dinner after the reception. Leslie accepts, then tries to get the photographer to come along so she won't be alone with Ben. The photographer declines. It's just the two of them.

Ron continues to teach Lauren until her teacher interrupts to bring her back to the class. Ron and Lauren shake hands, as Ron tells Lauren how much he's enjoyed talking to her.

April tells Tom that his "Know Ya' Boo" game made her and Andy get into a fight. Andy just sold his guitar and is quitting music. April demands a bonus lightning round where she answers all the questions with "Andy!" Andy realizes that April set the whole thing up to get Andy to be "un-mad" at her. It's not going to work. Andy leaves.

Leslie and Ben have a nice dinner. Ben confesses that he really likes Leslie. He knows they can get into trouble, but they have to at least talk about it. Leslie assures Ben that it's not just him. Leslie goes to the bathroom to call Ann. She tells Ann that she's going to go make out with Ben and she wants Ann to talk her out of it. But Leslie cares about Ben and declares that she's going to go make out with him regardless of the consequences. Leslie marches back to the table only to find that Chris has joined them.

Chris tells Leslie and Ben that he just had to come celebrate with them. Chris suggests that they all spend the night at his "condo in the city." Leslie can have the guest room; Ben can sleep on the couch.

Later, Ben and Leslie sit on the couch as Chris marches in and out of the room, interrupting them. Finally, Leslie says she's going to sleep.

Lauren's mother barges into Ron's office to reprimand him for what he taught Lauren. For her paper on "Why Government Matters," Lauren wrote, "It doesn't." Ron is amused, but Lauren's mom isn't. She dresses him down for eating Lauren's lunch and indoctrinating Lauren in his libertarian ways.

April goes to Ann for advice on how to deal with Andy. Ann suggests that Andy just wants to feel like April is proud of him and his music, so the point isn't to be "right," it's to be supportive.

Ben, Leslie and Chris drive back to Pawnee together. Chris bonds with Leslie over her article on the history of the ladder. Chris also loves the banjo music.

Meanwhile, April plays one of Andy's songs in the courtyard with the full Mouse Rat band. April tells Andy that she's living out her dream of playing a show with the greatest band ever, and she shares that she stole Andy's guitar back for him. Andy declares that he has the greatest wife in the world.

Leslie goes to drop off some receipts at Chris' office, but Ben tells her that Chris already left. Ben takes the receipts and kisses Leslie. Uh-oh.

Ron and Lauren sit in his office. Ron advises Lauren to keep an open mind for a while. Lauren agrees to write a different paper and autographs the old one for Ron.