Parks and Recreation

Episode 2.11 : Tom's Divorce

  • Parks and Recreation
    • Episode Premiere : December 03, 2009
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: Deedle-Dee Productions, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Ron asks Leslie to go up to the fourth floor of the DMV, to contest a late registration fee for the Parks van. However, Leslie doesn't want to go up there; it's awful and creepy! A popcorn machine incident left a bunch of people needing to get their throats replaced! Reluctantly, Leslie goes up to the DMV and it is just what she feared, as she tries to fend off delinquents. But Leslie is in for another horror: Tom and Wendy are exiting the divorce court! Not Tom and Wendy!

Back at the office Leslie tries to get Tom to confess to his divorce, but he's more interested in showing off his new shoes. Tom eventually comes clean and tells Leslie that's he's fine with it. Just look at his face!

Leslie tries to round up the rest of the parks department to help Tom. Ron doesn't want to take part in it. Meanwhile, Ann is visiting Mark in his office. Andy tries to break the two up by telling Mark he is out of that "syphilis" medication he needed and also the "extra small condoms" Mark wanted are also out of stock. Andy believes he is slowly chipping away at their relationship, weakening it, little by little.

In an attempt to make Tom feel better about his divorce, Leslie sends him a singing horse telegram. Tom talks to Ron about what he should do, since Leslie doesn't know Tom's marriage was a sham, and that they still have to keep it a secret even after the divorce. Tom plays up being sad for Leslie and he decides they should go to a strip club. Instead, Jerry thinks they should go to the dinosaur-themed restaurant, Jurassic Fork!

At Jurassic Fork, Ann lets on that she is not a big fan of group dinners where everyone chips in the same amount of money. All she ordered was a "Tyranna-Ceasar Salad" and that's all she's paying for. Andy asks Mark to play a game of pool with him and after Andy calls Mark a failed architect, Mark takes him up on the challenge.

During dinner, Leslie wants everyone to say one thing they love about Tom. Jerry likes Tom's body. Ann thinks Tom is nice, April thinks he is the only cool person in the office, while Donna loves Tom, he's her little prince. Tom orders some more wine and more dessert, making Ann mad about the bill she's going to have to chip in for and making Leslie suspect that Tom is faking being sad.

Andy loses the first game of pool against Mark, but Andy claims that he's hustling Mark. However, Mark proves to be a pretty decent pool player, beating Andy out of $6,400. Mark makes one last wager with Andy: If Andy wins, he doesn't owe Mark any money and gets Ann, but if Mark wins, Andy has to stop bugging him and Ann. Meanwhile, Ron talks to Tom about Wendy to see if maybe he could start dating her once the dust settles. Tom says fine, but he doesn't look happy about it.

Leslie talks to Tom about his divorce to see if he's faking it. Tom says that his and Wendy's marriage wasn't even real. Leslie sees that Tom is now letting loose and she knows she has to take him to a place where he won't be sad: the strip club, The Glitter Factory. Leslie, Tom and Ron go to the strip club and Leslie is horrified!

At the Glitter Factory, Leslie hands Tom a bunch of dollar bills to hand out to the strippers. Ron tells Leslie that he doesn't like strip clubs, until he sees something he likes, a free breakfast buffet! Tom sits down with Ron, who is suddenly pretty sad about Wendy.

Mark scratches on the 8 ball! And Andy wins! However, Ann leaves with Mark and doesn't run into Andy's arms, like he expected. At the strip club, Leslie buys Tom a lap dance, but he isn't in the mood. Tom tells Leslie that he's miserable and the saddest he has ever been. Tom gets drunk and tells Leslie that Ron is going to ask out Wendy. Leslie confronts Ron, appalled at his actions, and makes him carry Tom out of the bar.

When Ron and Leslie bring a passed-out Tom back to Wendy, Leslie is shocked to find another man in her house! Leslie storms out, disgusted by both Ron and Wendy. The next morning at work, Tom confesses to Leslie that his marriage to Wendy was a green card marriage. On top of that, Tom says he just realized he likes Wendy, but he doesn't want anyone to know.

Andy talks to Mark and Ann and tells them he won't be bothering them anymore, for real! Mark and Andy shake on it and Andy says his final goodbye to Ann. Later, Leslie sends Ron a singing horse telegram to apologize for yelling at him. Ron seems unimpressed and pops the balloon.






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