The Office

Episode 9.22 : A.A.R.M.

  • The Office
    • Episode Premiere : May 09, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 9
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2013
    • Production Company: Reveille, Deedle-Dee, NBC Universal
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Since his promotion to manager, Dwight has been increasing security in the office. He's instituted a series of complex passwords to get into the office door, but unfortunately Dwight has forgotten his own passwords and Erin refuses to let him in. Meanwhile, Oscar and Angela are now temporary roommates, and the living situation is going better than either of them expected.

It's a busy day at the office. Dwight is planning to propose to his girlfriend later today, and Andy is auditioning for a reality show called "America's Next A Cappella Sensation," which is like any other singing reality competition show, except that all three of the judges are mean.

Jim is making the best of his role as assistant regional manager while his associates at Athlead are pestering him about a three-month cross-country trip to lock down some high-profile clientele. Jim is not willing to risk his relationship with Pam to further his career, but Pam secretly feels bad about holding Jim back. In the meantime, Jim is making the best of his situation by not taking his current job seriously at all.

At the staff meeting, Jim and Dwight announce that everyone will be heading to a local bar after work to watch the television premiere of the office documentary on PBS. After the meeting, Jim convinces Dwight to promote someone to be "Assistant to the Assistant to the Manager." Meanwhile, Andy is intimidated by the competition at the reality show, until he meets a pretty girl, Casey, who seems to take a shine to him.

Jim has convinced Dwight that, in order to find the right assistant to the assistant manager, they'll need to run all of the employees through an elaborate audition process. His real plan, however, is to make sure that Dwight becomes Jim's assistant. Downstairs, Pam runs into Darryl, who tells her that everything at Athlead is amazing. It makes Pam feel extremely guilty for asking Jim to stay in Scranton.

Meanwhile, Jim continues running the staff through ridiculous scenarios to find the perfect assistant to the assistant manager, all the while setting Dwight up as the perfect candidate. After organizing an elaborate obstacle course in the warehouse, Jim convinces Dwight that he should be Jim's assistant, even though Jim is already Dwight's assistant. Dwight believes that this is the only possible solution.

Pam is eventually overrun with the guilt from denying Jim his dream job. Outside, Pam tells Jim that she feels bad for making him give up his Athlead job and that she's afraid she's not enough for Jim. Meanwhile, the rest of the staff catches Darryl in the warehouse and forces him to give them an official "goodbye," which Darryl was desperately trying to avoid. They decide that Darryl should spend time with each person before he leaves.

Back at his audition, Andy has decided to give himself an edge over the competition by pretending to be an old man. When the show announces that they're finished with auditions, Andy forces his way onto the stage. The judges of "America's Next A Cappella Sensation" are not impressed by Andy's audition, but Andy refuses to leave the stage, eventually collapsing in tears.

Dwight tries to share a romantic lunch with his girlfriend, but he's constantly distracted by the thought that he may be the father of Angela's baby, Phillip. Meanwhile, Jim solicits the documentary film crew for help solving a problem, and a mysterious DVD left on his desk contains just what he was looking for. In the break room, the rest of the staff announces that they want to send Darryl off with a dance party, which Darryl agrees to.

Dwight approaches Angela to inform her that, if Phillip is indeed his son, he will propose to her and invite her to live on his farm. Angela tells Dwight that Phillip is not his son, so the offer is moot. In the face of rejection, Dwight turns to his only reliable friend, Jim. Dwight tells Jim that he's in love with Angela and he doesn't know what to do. Jim tells Dwight to follow his heart, which clearly belongs to Angela.

While Jim is talking to Dwight, Pam watches the DVD he received from the film crew. It's a mash-up of Jim and Pam's greatest moments from the past nine years. Jim walks in while Pam is watching the video, and after she is finished he gives her a love note. Later that afternoon, the office crew throws a dance party to send Darryl off. He dances with each of his coworkers individually, and after the dance party Darryl feels like he's been given a proper send off.

Later, Dwight drives Angela off the road to tell her that he loves her through a megaphone. On the side of the highway, he proposes to Angela and she accepts. She also tells Dwight that Phillip is his son, and Dwight is overjoyed to learn that he is a father. They head to the bar to meet with the rest of the crew and watch the documentary on PBS. Andy arrives just before the documentary begins, and together the Dunder Mifflin crew begins to relive the last nine years of their lives together.






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