The Office

Episode 9.01 : New Guys

  • The Office
    • Episode Premiere : September 20, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 9
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2013
    • Production Company: Reveille, Deedle-Dee, NBC Universal
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Erin's all atwitter: her boyfriend Andy is returning to the office today after a month at an Outward Bound course; new CEO David Wallace sent him there to build his confidence and decisiveness and to groom him for his role of managing the office.

The staff catches us up on how they spent their summers. Dwight invented a new power drink from beet runoff - but also got the disappointing news of his paternity test: Angela's child is not his. Kevin ran over a large turtle and spent weeks repairing its shell and nursing it back to health, only to discover it was dead all along. Pam and Jim had a quiet summer, though Jim reveals that an old idea he had for a sports marketing company may be gaining traction with an old college friend. Toby is secretly happy that Kelly has moved to Ohio to be with her boyfriend; Ryan coincidentally decided to move to Cincinnati too, sensing opportunity on the "Silicon Prairie."

The office is also abuzz with the energy of two new staffers: Clark and Pete. Toby loves their new, young energy, but the rest of the team is quickly annoyed by them. Stanley likens them to junior versions of Jim and Dwight. Andy arrives and tunes in to the new guys, assigning Pete the nickname "Plop" and going along with the team's suggestion of "Dwight Junior" for Clark. Even Dwight's okay with the nickname; he's still hurt about the paternity news and waxes wistful at the idea of having a son.

Angela announces that she must give up her cat, Comstock, for adoption. As a fanatical cat lover, Angela wants only the best foster home for the feline; she distribu tes applications to co-workers (though she rejects Kevin outright) and even lobbies Oscar to take the kitty. He declines.

Dwight looks to bond with his "son" in the break room. He fishes for a connection with a seemingly hip question about dubstep music - but Clark merely mocks him. Later Dwight pushes the bonding attempt even harder, inviting Clark to a Slayer concert later in the year; Clarks says he's busy. Dwight goes on to ask Clark about his farming preference, specifically whether he's a "fruit man or a root man." Clark wonders if it's some assort of gay come on by Dwight and respectfully demurs. Clark explains to Dwight that he's really interested in sales and would love to get a look at some of Dwight's leads. Dwight smells a rat and stares him down. "You're not getting my clients," he snarls.

Andy calls Toby into his office and wonders why Nellie is still working at Dunder Mifflin. Toby explains that at this point she could only be fired for cause. Andy suggests that he'll invent something that qualifies, but Toby tells him that'd be against the law - he'd have to testify against him. Andy remarks that he now understands why Michael hated Toby so much. Later, Andy calls Nellie into his office to explain that he's going to make her life difficult. Nellie's not fazed.

Dwight returns to his desk to warn Jim about the new guys. Jim tells Dwight that they have already called a sales meeting, talking through strategy and big picture ideas. Dwight takes the bait and heads steaming off; Jim and Pam share a chuckle at Jim's easy-as-pie prank.

Andy decides to use a little exercise from his Outward Bound training for his own purposes. He's set up a slackline in the parking lot and proceeds to assemble the staff to put select members through the gauntlet. Andy demonstrates it himself first; he's graceful and confident as he walks across the tightrope. He calls Nellie up next. Despite her high heels, she actually manages to work her way across the narrow line - until Andy pushes her over. Clark tries next and absolutely nails it. Dwight is unimpressed - so Clark dares him to try it. Dwight is utterly hapless, trying and failing repeatedly, before running off in shame.

Incensed, Dwight heads to the warehouse and begins building himself a daredevil-style circus unicycle. He runs a tightwire from the building roof to a pole across the street, dons a helmet and calls Pam up. He wants her to sit on a trapeze beneath the unicycle, providing counterweight as he makes his way across the wire strung between two power poles. Pam knows it's a crazy idea, even for Dwight; she refuses. Dwight pushes on.

Angela is still seeking a solid home for Comstock. She interviews Pete, but it's clear he's not enough of a go-getter to provide for her precious kitty. Angela tells Pete that she's getting rid of the cat because her new baby has allergies; she mentions that her husband actually loves the cat. Hearing that, Oscar then volunteers to take the cat in and makes plans to pick him up tonight. Later we hear Oscar on the phone with The Senator - arranging a romantic dinner for the two of them at his house!

As the office workers wrap up and head out for the day, Jim lingers. He debates calling his old friend to commit to joining up with him on the new business idea - but he ultimately makes the call. I'm in, he tells his friend. Outside in the parking lot, Dwight's arranged quite a show for his co-workers. Via megaphone, he castigates the news guys and insists that he's actually the cool one at the office. To prove it, he rides his unicycle far above the street. As his co-workers look on in rapt terror, he glides halfway across, then promptly loses his balances and flips upside down. He hangs suspended above the street until the fire department can come rescue him. It's all in a day's work.






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