The Office

Episode 8.22 : Fundraiser

  • The Office
    • Episode Premiere : April 26, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 8
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2013
    • Production Company: Reveille, Deedle-Dee, NBC Universal
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Ryan paces around the office, clearly upset. Pam finally bites and asks what's wrong. Ryan reveals Smokey Robinson has just died and he's completely devastated. Sensing Ryan's selfish need to seem important, Pam presses Ryan to name some Smokey Robinson songs, and Ryan can only reply there are too many to name. Oscar breaks the news of Smokey's death being an Internet hoax while Jim gleefully announces Smokey's playing nearby for $250 a ticket. Pam declares $250 is nothing for the world's biggest Smokey Robinson fan! Ryan scoffs at Paul Anka being the opening act and the presumably inflated price for parking. That's not what Smokey would've wanted! As Ryan storms out Pam smiles to herself for chasing his pretentiousness away.

Robert California announces that he has bought two tables for a party hosted by State Senator Robert Lipton (Angela's husband); the party is a fundraiser for the Scranton Animal Welfare Society. Everyone in the office is invited to attend. Dwight enters to inform everyone that a disgruntled former employee is loitering in their parking lot and extreme measures should be taken. While Andy's presence shouldn't be causing alarm to anyone, the office is quickly in a stir over his behavior. Nellie knew this would happen: everyone told her if she moved to America, she'd be murdered.

Some of the co-workers go out to talk to Andy. Erin asks if Andy wouldn't mind saying he's okay in a phone video and how he's not there to kill them. Andy assures everyone he's fine and he's looking forward to seeing them at the fundraiser tonight. Meanwhile, Darryl's not amused when Nellie doesn't even know where the warehouse is located. Nellie still has high hopes she and Darryl are going to become friends. The only thing in their way is his contempt for her.

At the fundraiser, Kevin and Creed are outbidding each other on jujitsu lessons. Confused about the silent auction concept, Dwight tells them the only way to win a Guess the Price game is to put down the closest amount to the actual retail value. Kevin tries to explain silent auctions to Dwight, but he doesn't want to hear about it. Dwight proceeds to place the estimated worth of every prize on each bidding sheet.

Oscar is discussing dogs with the Senator. The overly friendly politician gives Oscar his personal cell number to call, should he ever need anything. Believing he's being hit on, Oscar claims the Senator's action confirms three things: he was right about the Senator's sexual orientation, that Oscar's still got "it" and lastly, poor Angela. Oscar excitedly tells Jim and Pam about the Senator's advances; Jim's sure Oscar is overreacting. To prove his point, Jim goes over to the Senator and also procures his phone number. Oscar and Pam joke that all that proves is the Senator thinks Jim's gay.

Andy shows up to the fundraiser and begins bragging about a rock opera he's working on with his newfound spare time. His former coworkers are sure he's having a breakdown. Andy continues pitching his concept of the rock opera and even begins singing during the dinner. Despite some polite requests to quiet down, Andy continues his public display. Robert finally offers to pay for Andy and Erin to go have a romantic dinner somewhere else. Andy refuses the handout and decides to buy a whole table so that he and Erin can stay at the gala.

Nellie tries to make small talk with Darryl during dinner but can't help making a fool of herself. After going on about preferring fast food to stuffy banquet items, Darryl talks Nellie into giving him $30 to go get two tacos. Darryl returns announcing they had a sale: eight for $3. Watching Nellie attempt to eat the taco straight up without turning her head gives Darryl a smile he can't hide. Darryl tells the camera, "She's trying."

Robert California is called up for a speech during the fundraiser. As Robert waxes on the subject of the animal society, Andy heckles him from the crowd. Robert talks about how people don't want to care for older dogs and so he brings up a volunteer who watches over 11 elderly dogs. Andy seizes the opportunity to take to the stage and declares he will take responsibility for all of the dogs. Andy says he is uniquely qualified to take them, since he knows what loyalty is. Erin is noticeably uneasy with what she imagines will be her new life as a dog nurse.

Dwight is beside himself with excitement as his name is announced as the winner for every single silent auction prize. He taunts the crowd by announcing all he did was Google the actual price of everything; he punctuates it with a shout of "Suck it!" The emcee announces it's the largest donation the animal society has ever received: $34,000. The audience applauds the generosity as Dwight slowly realizes he had the game all wrong. Jim knowingly calls for Dwight to give a speech. On the mic, Dwight tries to recover and ask when did all of this become about the money. Dwight implores them to remember it's all about the dogs and wants that to be his donation as he runs out of the room.

Oscar is let down after Meredith is able to get the Senator's cell number as well. Could he have gotten the wrong impression? Oscar tells the camera he's not disappointed. He'd have to be a monster to root for that. A lonely, aging monster. Oscar's spirits are lifted, however, as soon as the Senator gives his arm a few extra squeezes on his way out. He's still got it, baby!

Andy is learning how to put a diaper on a dog as the gang comes in to check on him. Everyone tries to show support, but Kevin sets it straight. This isn't great; this is terrible! Andy was fired, and now he's flipping out. Andy realizes Kevin's right. He's a mess. Andy admits that he hoped by pretending to be okay he'd actually feel okay. Jim and Pam suggest he focuses on what he does have. Andy agrees and gives Kevin a hug. Kevin tells the camera later, "Sometimes I feel like everyone I work with is an idiot. And by sometimes, I mean all times."

Some of the employees at the office adopt Andy's dogs. Kevin praises how his dog, Ruby, just lies there all day. Doesn't eat, doesn't poop, it's perfect. Kevin even has to prop her eyes open for her to watch the TV. The co-workers come to the conclusion the dog has died and Kevin doesn't know it yet. Pam asks if Ruby smells. Kevin bellows that she smells terrible. Everyone at the office fears the worst. Back at home, Kevin mentions to a motionless Ruby how people seem really interested in her. Kevin thinks they're just jealous. Suddenly, Ruby moves and licks Kevin on his face.






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