The Office

Episode 8.21 : Angry Andy

  • The Office
    • Episode Premiere : April 19, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 8
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2013
    • Production Company: Reveille, Deedle-Dee, NBC Universal
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Phyllis enters the office exclaiming, "It's raining cats and dogs out there!" Jim has observed that Phyllis utters the same 12 cliches whenever it rains. He's promised to buy everyone in the office a hot chocolate if they can get Phyllis to say all 12 by noon. The staff coaxes 11 out of her but can't get her to say that when it rains she'd like to be home curled up with a good book. She explains in interview that normally she would but that today everyone is being so nice, it's good to be in the office.

Andy and Erin come dancing back into the office to announce their return. Noticing Nellie's managerial picture up on the wall, Andy wonders why Nellie is in his office. Andy enters and thanks her for stepping in while he's been away, emphasizing that he'd like his office back now. Nellie flatly says no. Andy fetches Robert to plead his case and again Nellie says no, giving Robert a sexy look as she does. Robert decides the question of the office - and who is manager - is something Andy and Nellie will have to resolve on their own.

Kelly is now happily dating Ravi, Jim and Pam's pediatrician. Pam is extremely proud of the pairing. Pam explains to the camera that when Ravi asked if she knew any girls, she said she knew the perfect one. Jim adds, "Yeah, Kelly is Indian and... that's it." The match-up is clearly causing Ryan to become jealous. Ryan explains in interview that he would rather Kelly be alone than with someone. "Is that love?" he wonders.

Andy tries again to get Nellie to relinquish his office. Nellie calmly threatens to dock his pay $100 if he doesn't leave in five seconds. Thinking she's bluffing, Andy stays. Nellie shouts out to Angela to take $100 from Andy's paycheck, and Angela yells "Okay!" Andy attempts to dock Nellie's pay in return, but Angela doesn't respond to Andy's request. Andy flashes back to his previous anger management issues; it appears he may lose it again. Nellie raises the stakes to $10,000. Andy despondently leaves her office.

As a nostalgic Kelly looks on, Ryan shares some photos with her from one of their few happy weekend getaways together. Ryan tells the camera he's decided he's in love with Kelly. He's not sure about tomorrow or next week, but today he definitely loves her. A short time later, Pam mentions to Kelly how she saw her talking to Ryan. Kelly gushes about how sweet he is. "He pointed to my latte and said that would be the color of our children." Pam's not impressed and brings up the times he cheated on her. She refuses to let Kelly throw her life away on Ryan.

The next day Erin asks Dwight in confidence if his losing his manager position ever affected him outside the office. She describes it as "penial softiosis." Dwight proudly boasts this has never been a problem for him. Soon thereafter, Dwight briefs Nellie on all forms of office gossip - including Andy's impotence. He congratulates Nellie on doing such a number on Andy he was unable to perform with Erin last night. Nellie is slightly bothered by this. She only wanted his office, not his manhood. "'Take a man's job but don't take his balls.' Margaret Thatcher said that... probably."

Nellie calls a meeting in the conference room. Andy attempts to take over the meeting and talk about importance although the word on the white board is "impotence." Nellie's trying to talk about sexual dysfunction in a way to help Andy without identifying him by name, but the staff really wants to know who she's talking about. After Dwight wants to prove it's not him by getting an erection in front of everyone, Andy confesses it was him who couldn't get it up for Erin last night. Andy explains that this happens to everyone at some point. Trying to be supportive, Nellie proceeds to ask every other male in the meeting if they've ever had a problem; they deny it. Nellie surmises the best thing for Andy is just not to stress as he nears blowing his top.

Ryan's upset to hear that Pam's been badmouthing him to Kelly. Pam admits to Ryan that she really doesn't think he's nice person. "That's your opinion and her opinion but that's not my opinion." Ryan tries to convince the staff he's a much better match for Kelly than Ravi. He goes on to say that he's written a heart-wrenching poem for Kelly, yet it's too brutal to ever be read. Pam doesn't buy it at all. Kelly weighs both options to the camera. Ravi makes her happy, and Ryan puts her through drama. Which does she like better?

After Nellie requests that Erin change the way she writes the date on the messages, Erin flips out and tosses the phone. This prompts Andy to explode as well. Andy screams, "You are not the manager!" Then Andy and Erin go on a rampage, knocking over a chair, turning over a bowl of caramels and smashing Nellie's manager picture on the floor. Finally, Andy triumphantly punches the same wall he punched years earlier during his first anger management crisis. Darryl notes, "He does not like that wall."

Ryan waits in the office parking lot astride a white horse, dressed as an Indian prince. Pam boos him. Nevertheless, Kelly allows Ryan to say what he needs to say. Ryan wants the world to know he wants to marry Kelly Kapoor. Maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow, but someday... maybe. Kelly tells Ryan she chooses Ravi though she hopes she and Ryan can still be friends. Pam is so relieved. But then Kelly and Ryan's hug goodbye becomes a kiss... and stays a kiss until it becomes a full-on make-out session. Disgusted, the staff walks away while the destined lovers continue kissing

Before entering a meeting with Robert and Nellie, Erin hopes she and Andy can be sent to anger management together. Robert announces they're going with Nellie as the manager and that Andy is now back on the sales team. Andy says no. Robert claims Andy can't say no, but Andy says it again. Robert threatens Andy: if he says no one more time, he's fired. Robert asks: "Anything else to say?" Andy defiantly replies, "No." Andy gathers his belongings, flushed with the feeling of finally being in control and feeling alive. He hints that it's time for him and Erin to finish what they didn't start last night.

Pam digs through the trash to find the "alleged" poem straight from Ryan's soul. Once she finds it, she can't wait to mock it with Jim. But after they read it, both Jim and Pam are almost in tears, completely awestruck by the poem's beauty. Jim swears Ryan can never know.

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