The Office

Episode 8.19 : Get The Girl

  • The Office
    • Episode Premiere : March 15, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 8
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2013
    • Production Company: Reveille, Deedle-Dee, NBC Universal
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Robert greets Nellie in Andy's office. She explains to him that she's appointed herself manager, since Andy's not shown up for work yet. Robert steps out to the bullpen to ask if anyone's heard from Andy. They haven't. Robert calls Andy and asks him to come in immediately; Andy replies that he's sick. We see Andy on a sunny Florida beach after talking to Robert on his cell phone. Robert tells the perplexed office team that there's nothing he can do until Andy shows up.

Jim and Pam arrive in the office one morning with a delicious dilemma: they've got an extra egg sandwich to give away. After several co-workers raise their hands, Jim and Pam consider how best to split it up. But before they can divide the sandwich, Nellie shows up, pulls the sandwich from Jim's hands and takes a bite before then disgustedly throwing it in the trash. Problem solved.

Nellie assembles the staff in the conference room with the stated intention of getting to know them. She tells them she's their new manager. Pam turns to Robert for a clarification, but again Robert waffles. Feeling disrespected, Nellie informs that that she's going to be conducting performance reviews immediately; she suggests to the staff that they begin by smiling.

Nellie announces that she has come to work in the Scranton office. Dwight is shocked; he wonders how Robert could allow this, given the debacle in Florida. Toby steps forward (after accidentally introducing himself as "Tony") and offers to find her a desk. Nellie looks around and heads immediately into Andy's office. With Andy out of town, she senses a vacuum.

In the office, Jim tries to convince the staff not to take part in the performance reviews. It will only validate Nellie's usurping power, he explains. Nellie emerges to begin the reviews but senses some resistance. She then publicly demonstrates how she intends the performance reviews to go: she immediately gives Dwight a six percent raise.

Over lunch, Irene grills Andy about where things stand with him and Jessica. He admits that technically they're not broken up, but that he drove all the way down without stopping - a sure sign that it's Erin he loves. With the situation back in the office growing stranger by the second, Jim tries to call Andy, but Andy ignores his phone. Irene's grandson finally answers the phone. Jim explains what's happening in Scranton, but Andy reiterates that he's not leaving Florida without his girl.

Back in Tallahassee, Erin explains to camera how happy she is, working for Irene as a live-in. The old lady and her grandson call Erin to the front porch to announce to Erin that an oversized package has arrived for her. They discover the box contains a love-struck Andy Bernard, flowers in hand. He explains that he's driven all the way from Scranton to tell Erin he loves her and wants to be with her. He intends to bring her back to Scranton. Irene asks, "Where's the ring?" Erin asks for a little privacy and tells Andy that while she's happy to see him, she's not returning to Scranton with him.

As Nellie proceeds to blandish the office workers with praises and raises, Jim grows alarmed. He alerts Robert California of Nellie's indiscriminate granting of raises, but Robert is unfazed. He explains that there's only one manager in every office: Charles Darwin. Nellie has filled the vacuum that Andy created; it's fascinating to watch, he tells Jim.

Jim tries to rally his coworkers to reject Nellie, but Dwight feels the Darwinian approach could be just the ticket to success. He marches in to Darryl's office and declares it his own. Darryl immediately yanks Dwight by the hair and drags him back out to the bullpen.

Nellie next tries to work her magic on Pam. Pam resists, saying all she really wants is consistency in the office management. Nellie changes tacks, telling Pam she must be exhausted dealing with her new baby. Nellie pulls a blanket out and invites Pam to have a nap right there on the floor. New mom Pam simply cannot resist. "I think you're a witch," she tells Nellie as she lies down.

Outside in the yard of Irene's condo, Erin explains to Andy that he's broken her heart one too many times. Andy's stunned. Erin heads inside, where Irene tells her she's making a mistake rejecting Andy.

Nellie sets her sights on Jim next, but he staunchly refuses, despite her promise of a raise. She explains calmly to Jim that not only does she work here, she's actually magic, like Tinkerbell. She tells the whole team that she will only survive if they all believe in her. The team starts clapping. Robert emerges from the conference room office, astounded at the applause. "I believe," he announces. Jim is dumbstruck.

Dejected, Andy starts to drive home from Florida. But before he leaves town, he hears Erin down the street screaming out his name. She yells at him to stop, that she loves him and that she wants to go back with him. They kiss in the middle of an intersection, and Erin hops into Andy's Prius. There's no going back.






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