The Office

Episode 8.18 : Last Day In Florida

  • The Office
    • Episode Premiere : March 08, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 8
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2013
    • Production Company: Reveille, Deedle-Dee, NBC Universal
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Andy calls the troops together to deliver some bad news. "Dwight is no longer with us," he blurts. Everyone assumes Dwight has met some horrible fate and begins quizzing Andy about how he died. Andy clarifies that Dwight is merely gone from Scranton; he's been promoted to vice president. Realizing that their co-worker won't be returning from Florida, the team wonders if it's okay to open his treasure box. But there's trepidation: before he left, Dwight warned everyone not to touch it.

After much speculation, the group urges Creed to open the box. Inside he finds a simple group picture. Could Dwight have left a sweet sentiment behind: the notion that he considers his coworkers the true treasure of his life? As the staff revels in the thought, a poison-tipped dart suddenly shoots from the box, narrowly missing Creed before puncturing the ceiling. In interview, Dwight deviously wonders aloud who would lay such a trap.

On a course in Florida, a foursome of Dwight, Nellie, Jim and Robert California play a celebratory round of golf. A cocksure Nellie toys with Robert and Jim; her arrogance seems to have rubbed off on Dwight. When Jim offers Dwight a congratulatory gift, Dwight doesn't even bother to open it. He just tees it up and demolishes it with his driver. Jim can't wait till he's rid of Dwight forever.

In Scranton, Darryl approaches Andy in his office. Darryl's selling cookies for his daughter and wants to know if he can sign Andy up for the same order as last year. As Andy is the middle of saying yes, Toby appears with the exact same order form. His daughter is also trying to raise money for her youth group. Darryl bristles: the office is his territory. Toby won't back off, so Darryl proposes a turf deal. Tony can have sales, the Annex and Creed; all Darryl wants is accounting. Toby agrees, not realizing that Kevin is by far the biggest customer in the entire office.

Erin tells us about her new life in Florida. She's been hired by a senior, Irene, to cook, clean and help around the house. At their condo, Erin reveals to Irene that she intends to break up with Andy. Irene helps her get a video chat established. Andy and Erin chitchat like old friends; Andy tells her he can't wait till she returns. Then Erin drops the bombshell: she won't be coming back. Andy's in shock.

On the links, Robert offers Nellie some hands-on tips for improving her game. Is he coming on to her? As they finish their game, Jim does his gracious best to say goodbye to Dwight. But Dwight is absolutely boorish, refusing to even shake Jim's hand. Dwight and Nellie race their golf cart back to the clubhouse. Once they've left, Robert lets Jim in on a nasty secret. Dwight's going down. Robert's convening the Sabre board in the morning to hear out the retail stores project. Robert intends to kill the project on the spot - along with the career of the project manager.

Darryl checks in with Kevin on his cookie order. Again Toby interrupts, confronting Darryl that he was tricked. Darryl tells him tough luck. Kevin intercedes, telling the two of them he wants them to fight for his business. He starts outlining subservient tricks and chores (singing, etc.). Toby and Darryl don't like the competitive circus, but the promise of a huge cookie order has them willing to do most anything.

Dwight and Nellie are practicing their board presentation in front of Cathy and Packer. Jim pops in before leaving for the airport. He wants to see Dwight privately to warn him about the debacle that's in the making, but Dwight won't allow it. He puts Jim down again and again in front of the others. Resigned, Jim leaves with a clear conscience. But in the car to the airport, Jim talks to Pam, who convinces him he must double back and do everything he can to warn Dwight. Jim reluctantly agrees.

Urged on by Kevin and their co-workers, Toby and Darryl perform a Vaudeville song and dance ala the WB frog. Kevin's amused - and insists that they keep indulging his every whim. For example, he has Darryl and Toby recording sultry answering machine messages. "Who do I get to ride to the kitchen like a pony?" Kevin asks next. But Darryl and Toby have had enough. No monster-sized cookie order is worth this level of humiliation. The tables turn immediately, with Kevin stooping to all sorts of depths to get them back as his servants.

On the morning of the board presentation, Jim hunts down Dwight anew and forces him to listen to the warning that Robert is planning to kill the project and those associated with it. But Dwight chalks it up to just another prank attempt and dismisses Jim. Jim subdues him, grabbing him around the waist; he's determined to keep Dwight out of the firing line.

Sensing a restless board, a desperate Nellie wonders where Dwight is. Packer volunteers to make the presentation - and Nellie agrees to put him in the spotlight. And as predicted, Robert eats him alive, raking him over the coals for ruining Jo Bennett's original idea.

Back in Scranton, a heartbroken Andy begins collecting Erin's things from around the office. Apparently, the whole office knew that Erin wasn't returning; Ryan told them via his blog. As he gathers Erin's various cute collectibles and effects, Andy mulls what to do next.

Dwight fights his way past Jim and into the presentation room just in time to watch Robert delivery a summary order of execution to Todd Packer. Dwight wisely lays low. Packer tries to redeem himself, but Nellie has thrown him to the wolves as well. Dwight sneaks out, finally acknowledging to Jim in the hallway that he spared his professional life.

Dwight, Jim and Stanley return to the Scranton office from Florida to a warm welcome. Watching Pam and Jim reunite after weeks apart, Andy makes a decision: he's heading to Florida to get his girl.

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