The Office

Episode 8.16 : After Hours

  • The Office
    • Episode Premiere : February 23, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 8
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2013
    • Production Company: Reveille, Deedle-Dee, NBC Universal
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Pam and Angela trade new mom stories. As they share pictures, Oscar chimes in with photos of his new puppy, Gerald. As the new moms lament about lack of sleep and other travails, Oscar counters that his new puppy is just like a new baby. Pam and Angela can't believe that Oscar is equating the two. Andy horns in with the news that his brother has just bought a new boat. "Nothing is harder than taking care of a boat," Andy announces. Pam and Angela look even more annoyed.

In Tallahassee, Nellie is congratulating the team on their work so far. Dwight realizes that she's going to be making a decision soon about who will be her new vice president and does his best to implant the notion in her mind that it should be him. Nellie brushes off the ploy. She announces that they're all to meet in the hotel bar at seven. Cathy finds Jim and wonders if tonight they'll see the real "Talla-nasty."

Back in Scranton, Andy announces that everyone will be working late tonight to finish the work left behind by the team that went to Florida. They gather around the conference room table and review the orders one at a time. Kelly explodes with boredom.

Nellie, Packer, Jim, Gabe and Cathy get their drink on in the hotel bar. Meanwhile, Erin and Ryan are off on their own. Ryan orders a glass of wine, and Erin tries unsuccessfully to order a waffle. Erin confides in Ryan that she's not planning to come back to Scranton. Ryan, excited that he's now a confidant, spirits Erin away to the hotel kitchen. He intends to make her that waffle – and maybe some progress on the romantic front.

In the hotel bar, Packer taunts Dwight. Not only will he be sleeping with Nellie tonight, but the VP job is as good as his. "The cowgirl has chosen her saddle," Packer tells an annoyed Dwight. In an interview, Dwight claims Packer has no chance.

Dwight and Packer take turns wooing Nellie in the hotel bar. Jim's had enough and retires to his room. But as soon as he gets back, he gets a knock at his door. It's Cathy explaining that the hotel maintenance crew is working on her room. She wonders if she can hang with Jim for a bit. Jim says sure. Cathy makes herself at home on the bed. A somewhat uncomfortable Jim sits on the floor, watching basketball. Cathy helps herself to the minibar, bending over in full view of Jim. She's clearly got something on her mind other than basketball.

Andy orders Jamaican food brought in for the hardworking crew. It's delivered by Val's boyfriend, Brandon. As he's introduced around, Brandon accuses Darryl of sleeping with Val. Darryl and Val both immediately deny the charge.

Dwight arrives in Jim's room and thrashes the covers and tosses Cathy off the bed. He puts himself under the covers as a human trap. It's actually a ploy by Jim to rid himself of a different kind of bedbug: Cathy. But instead, Cathy simply heads into Jim's shower. Dwight leaves to return to Nellie in the bar downstairs.

Packer starts to make some serious moves on Nellie, and Dwight is doing everything he can to counter what looks to be an inevitable liaison. Suddenly, Dwight gets an urgent call from Jim. He's found a bedbug in his room. Dwight goes on high alert: he explains to camera that if a bedbug finds its way back to Schrute Farms, it could be devastating. He leaves the bar to investigate, telling Gabe to ensure that Packer does not bed Nellie. After Dwight leaves, Gabe slips something into Packer's drink.

Brandon tells Val that he's discovered all sorts of text messages to her from Darryl. Kelly demands that Darryl read them aloud. As he does, the crowd analyzes the meaning and intent of each text. "The moon is huge tonight" elicits some debate, but the truly damning message is "You're such a great friend....."; according to Phyllis and Kelly the five dots makes it an extremely suggestive message. Val re-emphasizes that there's nothing going on - and Darryl backs her up. Andy's heard enough and sends Brandon on his way.

As Cathy, dressed just in a bathrobe, continues to make herself at home, Jim tells her flat out: I'm married and not interested. Cathy feigns shock. She accuses Jim of being out of line and tells him that she had no romantic intentions with him whatsoever.

In the bar, Packer's dancing with Nellie. But he's increasingly woozy-looking; he eventually stumbles and vomits on Gabe. The inhaler medication that Gabe slipped into Packer's drink seems to have done the trick, albeit at the cost of some ruined corduroy pants.

Pam and Andy meet privately with Darryl. They can tell that he really does have designs on Val. Andy tells him to play it cool, but Pam advises Darryl that he should follow his heart and let her know. Darryl takes it all in. As the work party breaks up at the end of the night, Darryl tells Val that he is interested in her.

Ryan and Erin are still hiding out in the kitchen. She tells him about her plan to move to Florida; maybe Ryan could be her roommate, she tells him. She suggests that after a few months, who knows what might happen? Looking to get laid that very night, Ryan blows Erin off, telling her that he's in love with Kelly.

With Packer down, Nellie turns her romantic intentions next to Dwight. She tells him to give her his key card. Dwight does - but then asks for it back and furtively scratches the magnetic strip off the card to make it inoperable.

Dwight and Jim sit on the bed in Dwight's room, eating room service dessert. Nellie comes to the door, ready for love. But the key card doesn't work. Dwight turns off the light and tells Jim to remain completely silent. Nellie will sleep alone tonight.

After he sees that Cathy has slipped into his bed, Jim tells her to leave. She again tries to brush off her motives, but Jim's firm. Suddenly, Dwight bursts into the room with rubber gloves, carrying a spray bottle and wearing a dust mask. "Where's the bug?" he screams. Jim points to the bed and Dwight begins spraying furiously. Cathy finally leaves. Dwight tells him the room is now contaminated.






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