The Office

Episode 7.20 : Training Day

  • The Office
    • Episode Premiere : April 14, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 7
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2013
    • Production Company: Reveille, Deedle-Dee, NBC Universal
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Cast and Crew

The Story

Michael sits down at the bar and orders a drink. He banters with the bartender, telling him that he's meeting someone, but he's a little bit early. Michael comments that he's leaving his company after 19 years. From across the bar, a man raises his glass to Michael and says he's starting at a company tomorrow. Michael and his new acquaintance make small talk. After they discover they're both fans of the Summer Olympics and try to fist bump across the bar, the man moves to sit next to Michael. Michael checks his watch, remarks that the person he's meeting is late. Michael takes out his phone and calls the person he's meeting. Just then, Michael's new friend excuses himself from the bar because he gets a phone call. They discover that they're waiting for each other, and Michael introduces himself to Deangelo Vickers, his replacement at Dunder Mifflin.

After they get to know each other over drinks, Michael shows Deangelo around the Dunder Mifflin offices. Deangelo speaks to the camera and talks about how much he's looking forward to tomorrow. Michael interrupts by popping up in front of Deangelo. Michael and Deangelo crack up, then run back into the bullpen.

The next morning, Oscar talks to the camera in the parking lot, discussing the fact that Michael is leaving and a new manager has been hired, who they're meeting today. Kevin wears his toupee, taking advantage of the opportunity to start off "handsome" with the new boss. Michael introduces Deangelo to the office. Deangelo says a few words, sharing his love of the Southwest and the fact that he has a peanut allergy. We see a moment of Dwight talking to the camera as he confesses that he wanted the manager position and it's a crushing blow that he didn't.

Deangelo walks through the office as Kelly crosses toward him, wearing glasses and her hair in a bun. She intentionally drops a stack of papers, which Deangelo helps her gather. As they both kneel on the floor, Kelly shakes her hair out of the bun and removes her glasses, asking Deangelo if they've met before. Deangelo says that they haven't officially. Kelly flirts and tells Deangelo it's great to meet him, then walks away. She's left the papers behind, which confuses Deangelo. A moment later, Kelly declares to the camera that "that" is what they call a "meet cute."

Michael tells the group about how he and Deangelo talked to each other for a long time at the bar before realizing they were there to meet each other. Darryl and Angela comment that the story is embarrassing and makes Michael sound stupid. Michael disagrees. Deangelo walks in and tells the story in his own way, which gets laughs. Andy pulls out some name tags and explains that he carries them around for situations just like that. Deangelo laughs, thinks Andy is kidding. He labels Andy the office "funny guy." But Andy was being sincere.

Michael introduces Jim and Pam to Deangelo, commenting that what started as an affair has blossomed into a family. Pam protests; it wasn't an affair, but she concedes they are a family. Jim points to an adorable picture of Cece. Deangelo has four kids of his own. Jim and Pam think the kid bonding has them on the new boss' good side.

Dwight lures Michael into the stairwell by promising to show him a nonexistent turtle. Dwight tells Michael that he can't be a right-hand man to a whole new guy. He wanted to be manager. Dwight doesn't understand why he wasn't interviewed for the job, what with Michael pushing for him. Michael's expression reveals that he wasn't.

Angela, Oscar, Meredith, Kevin and Stanley wander into the break room where Deangelo is eating a snack. They fawn all over Deangelo. Michael walks in and gets jealous. Darryl enters and does some ass-kissing of his own, trying to bond with Deangelo over his love of the Southwest. Deangelo holds court by discussing details of the Southwest's terrain. Angela tries to get on Deangelo's good side by suggesting that he meet her boyfriend because he's a state senator. Michael takes this all in, confused and annoyed by how everyone is acting.

Deangelo watches Erin answer a call. He suggests that instead of using her name, Erin try answering the phone by saying, "Dunder Mifflin, how may I assist you?" Michael overhears Deangelo and comments that he likes the old way better. Michael and Deangelo politely argue over how Erin should answer the phone. The phone rings again. Erin is confused and nervous, uncertain how to answer the phone. She picks it up on the third ring and freezes. Erin apologizes to the caller and hangs up.

Deangelo approaches Andy aka "funny guy," and demands that Andy make him laugh. Andy starts to make up a joke that's going nowhere when Erin interrupts to tell Deangelo his barber has arrived. Ryan and Phyllis are very impressed by the barber. Michael observes this and orders Erin to shave him. They set up right next to Deangelo and his barber. Erin nervously foams up Michael's face.

Jim, Pam, Oscar, Dwight and Kelly meet with Deangelo per his request. Deangelo explains that he wanted to do some smaller group "rap" sessions. Michael objects, insisting that they don't do rap sessions there, instead, they do "pow-wows." Pam interrupts to show Deangelo a picture of Cece. Jim starts to give some back story. Deangelo cuts them off and tells them he's heard enough about their baby. He wants to hear from the rank-and-file about how he can be the best manager. Michael encourages everyone to be honest and not say everything is perfect. Oscar jumps in to suggest that communication could be improved, so that all memos don't have to be marked "urgent" in order for people to read them.

Later, Andy wanders into the break room to find Deangelo. He tries to be funny and tells a political "joke." Deangelo suggests that they not talk politics and Andy stick with being the "funny guy." Andy leans on a table and accidentally flips it, falling over, which amuses Deangelo. Andy stumbles out with a worried look on his face.

Michael and Deangelo sit behind Michael's desk. Erin pushes in a large box that just came for Deangelo. It's Deangelo's stuff. A group wanders in to help Deangelo unpack. There's a picture of the Southwest and a ten-gallon hat. Michael declares to the camera that Deangelo is great and he loves the guy, but he's not sure if Deangelo's a good fit for the office. And also, Michael's not sure if he loves the guy.

In the parking lot, Darryl buys some cowboy boots to "Southwestern-ize" himself. Deangelo catches Andy in the kitchen on his way to the restroom, tells Andy to make him laugh again. Andy tries some mime and gets no reaction from Deangelo. He resorts to physical comedy, throwing things all over the kitchen and pouring hot coffee down his pants. Deangelo tells Andy to drink some soap. Andy does it, resigned that this is his life now.

Dwight meets with Gabe, wants to know how he can become a manager at Sabre. Gabe tells Dwight to first get a recommendation from Michael, which will put him on the short list next time there's an opening. Dwight wonders why they can't just use the recommendation they already have on file. Dwight assumes that Michael recommended Dwight to replace Michael. But Gabe tells Dwight that there is no such recommendation.

Deangelo talks with a large group. Michael interrupts to say it's the "sandwiching" hour and distributes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Angela reminds Michael about Deangelo's peanut allergy. But Michael continues tossing sandwiches. Deangelo reveals that the last time he was exposed to a peanut, he was itchy for three days. Jim makes sure that his allergy doesn't involve shock or dying. Deangelo says that even though his allergy isn't life-or-death, he still wants to be comfortable. Deangelo runs into the conference room and declares a mandatory meeting. Michael tells everyone to stay where they are. But they all go into the other room. Jim reminds Michael that he's the one leaving and Deangelo is their boss now. Michael turns to Dwight, the last one left, and says it looks like it's just "you and me." Dwight corrects Michael, saying it's just him, and walks away.

Dejected, Michael trashes his sandwiches and walks away. Deangelo steps out of his meeting and stops him. He asks Michael how he usually runs the meetings. Michael starts to give him some advice, then says he'll be fine. Deangelo tells Michael that it's too bad for this place that he's leaving. Deangelo opens his arms for a hug, which Michael rejects. Deangelo turns to walk away and Michael changes his mind, running after him and hugging him from behind. Deangelo reaches back and gives Michael a reverse hug. Michael wants to know why Deangelo had to be so damn good. Deangelo insists that he's adequate, only half as good as Michael. Deangelo encourages Michael to enjoy his "Senioritis" time. They break their embrace and Deangelo turns to go back into the meeting. He stops to ask Michael what the "Native American" girl's name is. Michael tells him that he'll figure it out.

Jim and Pam bring Cece into the office to meet Deangelo. After a tense moment, Deangelo declares that Cece is a cute baby. Jim and Pam are convinced that they're back "in" with Deangelo. But Deangelo declares to the camera that Cece could be the star of a show called "Babies I Don't Care About."

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