The Office

Episode 4.13 : Job Fair

  • The Office
    • Episode Premiere : May 08, 2008
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2013
    • Production Company: Reveille, Deedle-Dee, NBC Universal
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Jim is wearing his best golfing uniform because he is hitting the links with a potential client, Phil Maguire. This is a very important account for Jim because he needs to look good to Ryan, who recently put him on probation for his job performance. Andy and Kevin are also joining in the game to show their support.

Michael is heading to the local high school for the job fair. Michael, Oscar, and Darrell hope to find interns who want to work at Dunder Mifflin. Michael brings Pam for eye candy and also because the job fair is at her alma mater. The high school brings back memories for Pam.

With most of the employees at the job fair or the golf course, Dwight is left in charge of the remaining staff. Stanley defies Dwight and leaves early. Dwight warns the others that if they do the same, there will be consequences, such as telling on them to Michael.

Jim's golf game isn't going too well, but he knows he has to woo Phil. Meanwhile, back at the job fair, Michael makes Pam go back to the office to get more paper - Dunder Mifflin paper. Pam calls Jim to vent, but Jim really doesn't have the time to listen to her because he has to focus on his game.

Creed, Phyllis, and Meredith all sneak out of work early, leaving just Angela and Dwight at the office. Dwight is doing his best to ignore Angela and still can't believe the other employees defied his authority and left early.

Earlier, Michael had shunned an interested student for not being smart or good looking enough. Now he realizes that Justin may be their only possibility as an intern. He brings Justin back and butters him up.

Michael even tells Justin there is a possibility the office hottie, Pam, might do him if he joins their Dunder Mifflin team. Pam leaves in disgust. Justin reminds Michael that earlier when he was interested, Michael was kind of a jerk to him. Justin searches for another business booth.

Mr. Maguire tells Jim that despite the game of golf, he is still going to pass on Dunder Mifflin's offer. Jim realizes that he should never give up and stops Phil's car to persuade him to sign with Dunder Mifflin. Phil respects Jim's tenaciousness. Jim closes the deal and is feeling pretty good about it.

After Michael fails to attract one potential intern, he takes his frustrations out on the job fair. Using a microphone, he makes his case on why Dunder Mifflin is such a cool place to work. Security approaches Michael and he quickly wraps up his speech.

Michael feels defeated as he, Pam, Oscar, and Darrell head back to the office. Jim, Andy, and Kevin are already there, celebrating with beer. Pam is so proud of Jim and greets him with a huge kiss as the others look on. Michael realizes that if somebody as great as Jim works at Dunder Mifflin, it can't be such a bad job, after all.

Earlier in the day, Pam took the time to browse the job fair for herself. She came across a booth for graphic design. She looked at brochures and the man running the booth told her about the programs she needed to get familiar with in order to become a graphic designer. He also said if she wanted to follow her passion for art design, New York and Philadelphia are the cities to do it in. Pam leaves, thinking about what the man said.






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