Off the Map

Episode 1.02 : Smile. Don't Kill Anyone

  • Off the Map
    • Episode Premiere : January 19, 2011
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2011 - 2011
    • Production Company: Shondaland Productions, ABC Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Dr. Lily Brenner is all about order and routine. That's why she posts a shower schedule for all her new clinic roomies. She also has a ritual of reading the same text every morning. It reads, "Smile. Don't kill anyone." Good advice for a doctor. As far as the shower situation, there's no schedule posted under the small waterfall where Dr. Ryan Clark lathers up. The problem with waterfalls in the jungle is they don't come with shower curtains.

Lily accompanies Ben and Zee into the jungle to treat Brian, a snake attack victim. Put the anti-venom away. 12-foot anacondas aren't poisonous. But they will squeeze you to death and this particular reptile is giving Brian one serious snake hug. Lily suggests sedating the creature to stop the constriction. Seems like a good idea until Ben realizes the guy's pelvis is crushed. The only thing holding it together is the snake. They need to bring Brian back to the clinic, anaconda and all.

Brian starts rattling off things he thinks his girlfriend should know. Just in case. Lily tells him it was never constructive to think about the worst case scenario when she was an ER doc. The anaconda releases his grip as the group crosses the river. The docs manage to slow bleeding long enough to reach the clinic. Unfortunately, there's even more blood after the engagement ring in Brian's pocket nicks his femoral artery.

Brian says he'll propose after all this is over. Lily says, "This isn't the ER. This is the jungle. And anything you want to say to someone you love, you say it. Now." Just in case. Brian crashes during surgery, but the team pulls him through thanks, in part, to Mina's skill at shooting some calcium into his heart with a syringe.

A young man approaches Mina asking for help for his feverish sister, not that she would know that because she doesn't speak the language. Ryan translates and accompanies her on the hut call. They create a makeshift steam tent to help with their patient's acute pneumonia. They have little time to celebrate its success, as the woman's brother collapses behind them. He's in a lot worse shape than his sis.

The brother is too far gone. There's nothing they can do except comfort his sister. But Mina can't do that either. Ryan goes off on this newbie. She says being a jungle doc doesn't end at the patient's time of death. She says, "A doctor treats. A physician heals." Something to think about.

Otis offers Tommy a chance to save thousands of lives. How? Well, he tells him to go build a latrine. It'll stop the cycle of disease that occurs from contaminated drinking water. While digging the hole with Charlie (actually Charlie digs, Tommy supervises), a young girl, Sophia, has a seizure and collapses into a pond. Tommy is able to pull her to safety, but is surprised that no one bothered to help him. Not even Charlie.

Tommy gives Sophia some pills that will stop her epileptic seizures. He's stunned when Papa, the medicine man for the town, suggests that Sophia's seizures are caused by demons that enter her body through a scar on her face. When Tommy insults the medicine man, Sophia, her mom and Papa leave without taking the pills.

Otis manages to smooth things over with Papa, saying that Tommy was dropped on his head as a kid. It's an old joke, but it gets the job done here. Tommy approaches Papa. He wants his permission to treat his patient with the pills. This top plastics doc is also allowed to patch up Sophia's scar and Charlie is allowed to snip away the last suture.

Zee has been playfully dismissing some not-so-subtle flirtations from Otis. Best to keep things professional, right? But kissing on the clinic porch is probably not the best way to respect each other's professional personal space. Of course, Ryan assures Ben that their relationship is truly professional now that she sees how he looks at the new girl.

Speaking of Lily, the anaconda actually bit her on the arm. Ben sutures the wound as they chat about her curious text message. It was the last contact she ever had with her fiancé. It has been her "doctor crutch" ever since. She doesn't need it anymore. She still needs a place to shower though. That waterfall will work. Too bad it's alongside a trail that Ben happens to be on. Hey, it's nothing he hasn't seen before. The guy's a doctor!






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