The New Normal

Episode 1.20 : About a Boy Scout

  • The New Normal
    • Episode Premiere : March 26, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: Ryan Murphy Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

After a great day hiking with a friend and his son, David's passion for the outdoors is reignited. As a former Eagle Scout, David can't wait to share those scouting moments with his son in the future, but Bryan is reluctant to let his child join an organization that discriminates against gays. David's friend encourages him to accompany them on their next camping trip, and David jumps on the idea. Bryan thinks it's great - maybe he can get his hypocrisy badge.

When Rocky finds out Brice gave Goldie an expensive computer as a gift, on top of helping her find a retail space without taking a commission, she knows something doesn't add up. Rocky vows to get to the bottom of the dubious scheme, but first she must attend her "Love-aholics Anonymous" meeting. Rocky is celebrating 90 days of abstinence from love addiction, and she is shocked when Brice arrives at the meeting and offers his testimony up for the group.

David's boy scout camping trip goes great - he missed all the fun activities like building campfires and identifying edible plants. David was born to be a scout. Bryan's glad he enjoyed himself and is surprised they were all okay with him being gay. About that... David couldn't bring himself to open up about his sexuality to the troop, but he's sure they wouldn't mind either way. Bryan tells David to host the next troop meeting at their house if he's so sure the Boy Scouts aren't a discriminatory hate group. David calls his bluff.

When Rocky stops by Goldie's house, and Shania mentions the many things Brice has given Goldie to help her get her business off the ground, she becomes worried. She goes to Bryan for help, but he offers little in the way of substantive advice. At the next meeting, Rocky confronts Brice - he needs to back off of Goldie. If he doesn't tell her himself, Rocky vows to tell Goldie that Brice has a love addiction and is just trying to use her. Her threats mean nothing to Brice.

The Boy Scout meeting is going great at David's house - everyone in the troop loves him, including the other scoutmasters, who think he's a bona fide genius. But when Bryan shows up, and David has to finally open up about his personal life, he fears rejection from the group he loves. Surprisingly, everyone at the meeting seems to hardly care at all. The scoutmasters let Bryan know he's a lucky man for landing an Eagle Scout like David!

A few days later, before bed, David thanks Bryan for urging him to be truthful with the Scouts about who he truly is; David's felt as if a huge weight has been lifted off his shoulders and has come to realize most of his worries and anxiety were self-contained, as the troop welcomed him with open arms after he came out. But as he's brushing his teeth, Bryan opens up a letter from the Boy Scouts of America, informing David his membership has been revoked for homosexual conduct. David is distraught.

Rocky finally tells Goldie Brice is bad news - he's a love predator. Goldie doesn't buy it, since he's only ever been a gentleman to her. Rocky tells Goldie to watch her back so she doesn't get hurt, but Goldie comes clean. She thinks she has a crush on Brice, and if anything's going on between the two of them it's because of her! Rocky tells Goldie she's recovering from love addiction and says the minute she started worrying about herself more than men was the minute her life changed for the better. Goldie appreciates the advice.

David and Bryan meet up with the Boy Scout troop and ask the scoutmasters in private if they reported David to the national organization. They all say no and assume one of the boy's parents must have called it in after getting wind of David's involvement. The scoutmasters love David and promise him no one really cares about the "rules" anyway. David does... loyal, trustworthy and kind. When the Scouts live up to the virtues they preach, David's happy to be of service. He hands in his badge sash.

Scoutmaster Pat visits David's house and lets him know his son Kyle quit the scouts because he didn't want to be a part of an organization that discriminated against men like David. Pat admits he called the national office about David; he's everything the scouts want their members to be, but Pat doesn't want his son to be influenced by the gay lifestyle. David's a perfect role model, but not the one Pat wants for his son. David appreciates the honesty, but realizes the world, though changing, isn't completely ready yet. Nevertheless, he's committed to honoring his Scout oaths of courage and perseverance to fight for what he believes in so that one day his son can take part in the organization he loves.






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