The New Normal

Episode 1.19 : Blood, Sweat, and Fears

  • The New Normal
    • Episode Premiere : March 19, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: Ryan Murphy Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

David and Bryan look on as Dr. Venkatashar examines Goldie. Bryan is noticeably uninterested, as he assumes his doctor partner David has everything under control. But David is bummed out by this; it's their child and both should be equally invested in the birthing process. To make amends, Bryan overreacts and researches a ton of alternative methods of birth. He signs everyone up for class at the Natural Birthing Center.

Goldie visits Brice at his real estate office and asks in private about renting out a retail space. She doesn't want her grandmother to know, as she'll most definitely scare Goldie away from the risk, but Goldie's been making clothes for some time now in Bryan and David's basement and it's just getting too small. Brice promises to help her out and keep Goldie's grandmother out of it.

Rocky has more than her hands full with her baby Nikki while Goldie attends the birthing class with David and Bryan. Shania seizes the opportunity to offer her services babysitting Nikki. Later on, when Rocky comes to get Nikki, she's amazed at how smoothly Shania's care went. Nikki's crazy hair is even perfectly handled! Rocky leaves with mixed feelings about her own parenting skills.

Meanwhile, at the Natural Birthing Center, Bryan and David meet another pregnant couple, Frank and Amy. Frank and Amy are in class with plans of a hypnobirth, hoping to overcome their societally induced fear of the birthing process. David tries his best to blend in with the group, telling others he's a "smoke jumper" by day. As the class watches a home birth on the TV, Bryan gets woozy and passes out.

After getting patched up from his fall, Dr. Venkatasher tells Bryan he has a fear of the birthing process and probably shouldn't be in the room when his baby is born. If he has a propensity for passing out, that puts everyone else in the room at risk, especially the doctor, who could get distracted. Joel and Frank from the birthing class stop by the house to see how Bryan's feeling as he's recovering. They want nothing to do with the birth either, as it frightens them. Bryan advises them to just be honest with their wives. That should work!

Elsewhere, Shania enters Rocky's office and asks for a heads up for when she's needed to watch Nikki. She has a big day planned for the baby. Rocky mistakes Shania's exuberance as an attack on her parenting and gets irrationally defensive. Rocky doesn't want to be a bad mother, so she stubbornly keeps Nikki with her. Later on, after realizing the error of her ways, Rocky apologizes to Shania for being intimidated by Shania's naturalness at caring for Nikki. Shania assures her that, though it's fun to have the occasional babysitter, she ultimately needs her mother. This comforts Rocky.

A run in with Brice brings new perspective for Bryan. Brice fainted too when his daughter was born, and he never got to see her eyes blink open or hear his first cry. Brice wishes more than anything that he could go back and do it over again. His only regret is the fears he didn't face. Bryan reenters the Natural Birthing Center determined to be at his child's birth. He finds Joel and Frank and attempts to convince them to do the same. Frank can't do it. He walks over to tell her about his fears, but his wife's water breaks. She's going to have the baby!

David drops his smoke jumper act and instinctively goes into doctor mode. As Bryan drives Amy to the hospital, David tells them to pull over; they're not going to make it. They park the car and David sets Amy in the back, ready to deliver her baby right then and there. Frank freaks out and refuses to get involved, but David orders him to get over it and hold his wife's hand. He swallows his fears and watches his daughter enter the world. Bryan overcame his own fears, helping David with the birthing process, too.

Brice is prepared to negotiate a one-year lease for Goldie's retail store. He loves her product and thinks it's going to be a huge success, but the yearlong commitment seems daunting to Goldie. Brice tries to assure her by telling her to not live her life dictated by her fears. Goldie decides to embrace her fears and look them straight in the eye, because they're the seeds of a new and exciting life.






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