The New Normal

Episode 1.17 : Rocky Bye Baby

  • The New Normal
    • Episode Premiere : February 26, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: Ryan Murphy Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Rocky, Shania and Goldie come to Bryan and David, bubbling with excitement. They have some news - they want to throw the guys a baby shower! The guys exchange a troubled look; they had previously agreed on not having a shower, since they are blessed and already have everything they need. But seeing their excitement (especially Rocky's) is enough to get them to concede. Rocky gets a thrill since she doesn't have a baby of her own, and Goldie never got to have a shower when she had Shania. The guys agree under one condition: no presents!

Despite the "no gifts" rule, Bryan and David are flooded with presents, and the shower hasn't even happened yet! David comes up with the perfect idea: why don't they just donate all the gifts to charity? Meanwhile, Rocky and Jane decide to go in on the perfect gift together: a mink Onesie. Ridiculous, yes - but the guys will love it!

The baby shower is in full swing, and Shania's "early '80s New York art scene" theme is a hit. Bryan and David get to opening their gifts, and each is more ridiculous than the next. Who would ever need a Swarovski encrusted toilet training seat? They take the gifts to a foster care center and come across Nikki and Malcolm. Nikki is an adorable baby girl, while Malcolm's a nine-year-old with some serious attitude. The guys are both immediately taken with Nikki, who's too adorable to resist!

Later at home, Bryan and David are thinking about baby Nikki from the foster care center. The guys have so much to give - why don't they adopt her? Meanwhile, Jane and Rocky learn that Bryan and David donated their beloved mink Onesie! Enraged, they pay a visit to the foster care center to retrieve the gift themselves. But when Rocky sets her eyes on Nikki she gets more than she bargained for and falls completely for the young girl as well.

When the guys go back to the center to adopt Nikki, imagine their surprise when they learn that she's already found a home, with none other than Rocky! The guys are thrilled for Rocky and her new adventure into motherhood. The manager at the foster care center suggests that they wait for their own baby before making the jump to adopt a child and offer a helping hand at the center in the meantime.

Eager to get back into Goldie's good graces, Clay comes up with the idea to throw Goldie a baby shower since she never had one. Together, Clay and Shania decorate the apartment with streamers and balloons and pop open a bottle of sparkling apple cider. It's a small celebration, but Goldie's truly touched by the gesture and impressed by the effort that Clay made.

Later, the guys visit with Rocky and baby Nikki. Bryan tells Rocky he's surprised - he had no idea she wanted to be a foster parent! Rocky admits that it's something she's been thinking about for a while, but she was just worried to tell Bryan about it because she didn't want him to doubt her commitment to her job. Bryan tells her that she never has to worry, in fact, he's going to build a nursery on set so she can really be a mom who has it all!






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