The New Normal

Episode 1.15 : Dairy Queen

  • The New Normal
    • Episode Premiere : January 29, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: Ryan Murphy Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Prepping for a baby of their own, Bryan and David spend some quality time in the park with Ian and Megan, who also happen to be brand new parents. When Megan begins breastfeeding her baby in the park, Bryan looks on in fascination and envy. There's truly no connection between mother and child like nursing; he wishes he could have that himself. Not to mention, there's no debating the nutritional benefits of breast milk.

At Megan and Ian's suggestion, Bryan and David ask Goldie to pump breast milk for their baby, to which she wholeheartedly agrees. The gang discusses the pros and cons of breastfeeding, and Goldie notes that she wasn't able to do that with Shania - she had to get back to high school, unfortunately. At this, Shania is completely offended. Because she wasn't breastfed, Shania is stubbornly convinced that she's at a disadvantage and will never live up to her full potential. The gang laughs it off, but for Shania, this is serious business.

In the wake of Jane and Brice's passionate kiss, Jane is on pins and needles waiting for Brice to make a move and ask her out. But regardless of how much she puts herself out there, he just won't take the next step. Rocky advises Jane to make the move herself; times have changed! Jane does, and she's thrilled when Brice agrees to a date.

When hearing about how Megan was asked to leave a restaurant for breastfeeding, Bryan spearheads a flash mob, or "flesh mob" in protest. Later, Bryan, Rocky, Megan and Goldie pay a visit to Megan's lactation center to buy a breast pump for Goldie. Bryan may not be able to nurse his own child, but he certainly finds the next best thing - a vest with fake breasts attached called "The Milkman." Most people would be weirded out, but Bryan is in heaven. Later at the "flesh mob," Bryan ruins the protest by joining in himself wearing "The Milkman." While well intentioned, his actions just made a farce out the demonstration.

Jane's thrown off her game when Brice takes her to a Korean taco food truck in a dicey part of town for their "dinner date." Out of her comfort zone, Jane makes some ignorant and racist remarks, to which Brice vocally takes offense. Jane genuinely apologizes, and she and Brice make the most out of the evening. Is judgmental Jane changing her ways?

Stubbornly stuck on this breast milk dilemma, Shania decides to make up for lost time and order herself breast milk online. Goldie is understandably upset and she and Shania get in a heated fight that results in breast all over the both of them. Later, Goldie apologizes to Shania for blowing up at her. But this isn't really about not being breast fed, is it? Shania concedes, admitting that she's worried that when the baby arrives, Goldie will have no time for her. Goldie makes it very clear that Shania is her ONLY baby and she will always make time for her

Jane's confidence is riding high after her date with Brice, but she's completely thrown off her game when she sees Brice leave the office with an attractive young woman, acting a little too familiar. The next day she gives Brice a piece of her mind, ranting that he's just like every middle-aged man in this town who thinks he can find the fountain of youth between some 20-year-old's legs. Brice tells Jane that Amber, the girl she saw yesterday, is actually his daughter. And regardless, the two have only been on one date - Jane has no right to lash out at him for seeing other people. But when Brice mentions that they are in fact dating, Jane completely melts. She's too smitten to be upset!

Bryan apologizes to Megan for ruining the flesh mob. But it's water under the bridge, and Ian surprises the guys by putting on The Milkman himself to feed their baby. Megan insisted that he do it to bond, and Ian has surprisingly warmed up to the idea!






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