The New Normal

Episode 1.14 : Gaydar

  • The New Normal
    • Episode Premiere : January 22, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: Ryan Murphy Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Bryan comes to David for his approval on an important issue: the wardrobe choice for their son's birth announcement. David claims he could care less, but changes his tune when he discovers what Bryan has picked out - a "classic turn-of-the-century dressing gown." But all David sees is that Bryan wants to put their son in the dress. David understandably rejects Bryan's selection, countering that he hopes to get his son to his first birthday without him being called a baby homo. Jokingly, David counters with his own choice: a tiny football jersey. Bryan and David remain at odds, unable to come to terms with a suitable outfit for their son.

Meanwhile, Goldie and Shania pay a visit to the set of "Sing." Rocky introduces them to her new crush Chris, who works as a grip on the show. But Shania immediately picks up on Chris' gay mannerisms, insisting that her gaydar is never wrong. Meanwhile, Jane struggles with the same dilemma from a handsome male coworker at her new job at the real estate agency. He gives her a makeover to make her into a modern Los Angeles woman, but all while being extremely flirtatious. A frustrated Jane is understandably fed up with the mixed signals.

Later, Rocky voices her frustration to the whole gang. Bryan retorts with a keen observation: In today's world, it's not easy to tell who's gay and who's straight anymore. Jane's arrives as well, expressing her concerns about her new interest Brice. An idea comes to fruition. What if they host a "gay or not gay?" dinner party to put the guys to the test? David has his doubts about this being a good idea, but Shania, Goldie and Bryan are thrilled at how fun this could be! Rocky and Jane agree - it's on!

Later that night, the game is under way. The first category: female Oscar winners. When Brice recalls that Diablo Cody wore a floor-length leopard print frock, Shania's gaydar goes wild. The second category: an innate ability to identify any top 10 songs. Chris recognizes Rihanna's "Diamonds" from just two notes off the recorder. They then play a celebrity guessing game, stacking the deck with "gay-centric" personalities. The two guys hit the nail on the head every time.

They then reach final test - a viewing of Oprah's Legends Ball. Bryan claims that no straight man has ever sat through an entire viewing without his body shutting down to protect itself. Chris is completely enraptured to Rocky's dismay, while Brice seems disinterested. But Jane lets it slip that the "gay test is working," and Brice overhears. He storms out, understandably offended, and Chris has a similarly disgusted reaction. Straight or gay, it seems to be over for these two potential couples.

Later at work, Rocky apologizes to Chris for her behavior. He accepts her apology and confesses that he is, in fact, gay. He didn't tell her upfront because he didn't want to lose her friendship, and once he realized she was interested romantically, they seemed to be in too deep. Rocky is understanding and says she'd still love to be friends - and he ABSOLUTELY still needs to call her girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Jane comes to Brice with a similar apology. Brice is less understanding, insisting that his sexuality is simply none of Jane's business. What should it matter, anyways? They're just co-workers. Jane confesses her feelings for Brice and explains the situation with her ex-husband's closeted homosexuality. Brice then surprises Jane by pulling her into a passionate kiss and walking away, leaving her stunned.

For Bryan and David, it's time to finally put the "dressing gown" issue to rest. David surprises Bryan by having a change of heart about the dress, admitting to Bryan that he needs to be more accepting - he can't let his fear of what other people think dictate his decisions. But David does have an addition to make to the outfit complete - a tiny football helmet. Bryan loves it. It's odd; it's amazing; and it will confuse everyone.






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