The New Normal

Episode 1.13 : Stay-at-Home Dad

  • The New Normal
    • Episode Premiere : January 15, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: Ryan Murphy Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

With the baby on the way, Bryan and David decide to tackle their next challenge: finding the perfect nanny. Since both guys have demanding careers, it seems like a no-brainer. But after their extensive interview process, it seems like no one can live up to their impossible standards. The guys broach another possibility - what if one of them was a stay-at-home dad? Bryan jumps at the idea, insisting that he'd do a wonderful job. But David has his doubts; Bryan's never up before 10! Bryan's determined to prove to David that he's cut out for the job, so the guys send Goldie off to Sedona for a spa week and decide to give parenting a try on Shania.

The question is, who will take charge of "Sing" while Bryan's away? Rocky steps up to the plate, insisting that she's always wanted to be a producer. Bryan has some serious doubts, but Rocky is determined to prove to Bryan that she has what it takes. When she aggressively threatens one of the young actresses who wants to change her lines, Bryan steps off and tells Rocky that the ship is hers!

Bryan's first day on the parenting job is off to a rough start. He takes a Lunesta and doesn't hear Shania calling out for him in the night. After waking up late, he packs Shania a rather unorthodox lunch, and gets her to school just in the nick of time. Just when he finally thinks he's in the clear, he gets a call from the school saying that Shania is sick! He gets her home and into bed, but her demands are seemingly endless. By the time David gets home, Bryan's collapsed on the floor, a complete wreck.

Next, it's David's turn to give parenting a try. He gets Shania up and ready for school with time to spare, playing the perfect parent to a tee. The only problem is, by the time he gets her to school, he realizes it's Saturday! The only thing Shania had scheduled for the day is a princess tea party.

Meanwhile, on the set of "Sing," Rocky is taking her new position on with a vengeance. She sexes up the show, reworks the musical numbers and makes serious cuts when it comes food and water. Bryan gets wind of what's happening on set and has to take away her privileges. He tells a defeated Rocky that he gave her a shot, but she blew it.

At the last minute, David gets roped into hosting the princess tea party. Things start out innocently enough but quickly get completely out of hand, as the young girls tear apart the house. Maybe hosting a "tea party" is more Bryan's expertise after all! Later, Bryan comes home to the aftermath. David tells Bryan he was sure he had the parenting thing under control, but maybe he was too quick to judge. Those girls were dressed like princesses... but they were monsters!

Bryan and David are back to square one and decide to interview nannies again. That is, until Goldie arrives home early to put their heads on straight. Goldie comforts the guys, insisting that every parent goes through this. It will be a seemingly impossible journey, but between the two of them, they'll figure it out. They have each other after all, and together their strengths will raise an amazing child.

Back at work, Bryan watches Rocky's episode of "Sing" and is moved to tears. He was wrong about Rocky - not only was this one of his favorite episodes ever, she shaved off the show's budget! And the only thing he loves more than a great show is saving money. Bryan gifts an emotional Rocky her own producer's chair, welcoming her as an official producer on "Sing!"






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