The New Normal

Episode 1.03 : Baby Clothes

  • The New Normal
    • Episode Premiere : September 18, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: Ryan Murphy Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Fashionista Bryan can't keep himself from stocking up on designer baby clothes, despite David's insistence that they wait until all the necessary tests are finished before they get too excited. David claims that it's far too soon for shopping; they're not out of the woods yet. Later, at the doctor's office, the doctor and David rattle on about the seemingly endless things that could go wrong, leaving Goldie and Bryan nervous to say the least.

Shania swipes one of Bryan's many articles of baby clothes and turns a baby dress into a crop top. When she struts into school, hoping that this new "older" look will make her popular, she wins over the attention of one classmate, Wilbur. Shania's thrilled; she's finally made a friend thanks to this new look!

Excited to hear that Shania's new clothes helped her out at school, the guys accompany Goldie to an outlet mall to do some more shopping. But things go south when Bryan and David share a kiss and an onlooking family takes offense. The father asks if they would mind doing that elsewhere; there are kids around! Bryan takes a stand, stating that they're having a child of their own. When the father retorts that he feels bad for that poor child and walks off, the guys recoil and give up on the fight, deciding it isn't worth their time.

When Nana goes to pick up Shania at school, she catches her with her new friend Wilbur kissing in the coatroom. Disgusted, she (literally) drags them to Planned Parenthood, demanding contraception. They may look like kids, but their private parts have gotten into some very adult conversations.

Later, Bryan is clearly still very bothered by the incident at the mall. David does his best to comfort him, telling Bryan that there will always be stupid jerks in the world. Bryan gives an impassioned argument, telling David that he's been ignoring people like that his entire life, and it's a dead-end solution. They're bringing a child into the world; they need to stand up for themselves instead of taking the hate lying down.

Later, David vents his nervousness about all the tests still ahead for his baby to his friend at the smoothie line at the gym. Meanwhile, at the front of a line, a mentally disabled customer is holding things up, causing another guy in the line to get pretty worked up. When his insensitive heckling gets out of line, David reaches a breaking point and punches him in the face. Imagine David's surprise when the guy holding up the line calls David a fag and tells him he can fight his own battles.

David arrives at Goldie's sonogram appointment and explains to her and Bryan how he flew off the handle at the gym. But his nerves are finally under control when the sonogram reveals a heartbeat! They may not be out of the woods, but this is definitely a huge step!

Later, Nana explains to Goldie what with down with Shania and her new love interest. She warns Goldie that her daughter is about to wade into the deep end of the sexual pool without even know how to swim. Goldie's incredulous; Shania's only nine! But Nana makes a valid point, stating that this is their chance to do better for Shania and stop the cycle.

David arrives home with a gift for Bryan in tow: baby clothes. It may still be early, but David also admits that he's been a bit too uptight. He needs to learn how to celebrate the wins and enjoy the ride.

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