The New Normal

Episode 1.02 : Sofa's Choice

  • The New Normal
    • Episode Premiere : September 11, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: Ryan Murphy Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Rocky reveals to Bryan that a smiley face drawn in permanent marker has tarnished his antique leather couch. There's only one clear answer: this is obviously the work of Shania, Goldie's daughter. This is a shock to Bryan's system: is this what he's in for if he has a baby? He's flooded with doubts, as he questions if he's ready to give up his old, glamorous life for a completely different journey. David enters, and we learn that Goldie's pregnancy test came up negative. But it may be too early in the process to be sure, and the guys decide to do a blood test just in case.

On a much less glamorous side of town, Shania and Goldie are settling in to their new apartment. Shania channels eccentric heiress Little Edie from the documentary "Grey Gardens" after watching the film. Nana makes an appearance, trying to convince Goldie to get out of this mess while she still can. But Goldie holds her ground, and Nana takes off on a mission of her own. She gets Goldie's deadbeat husband on the phone, and she tells him to get his lazy ass on a plane to Los Angeles.

While enjoying a game of basketball with his straight male friends, David tells them the big news. The guys are immediately confused and upset by David and Bryan's decision to have a child; how are they supposed to live vicariously through him now? The guys mourn the lost of their freedom, and tell David that he's lucky to be baby-free. It looks like both Bryan and David are having their doubts!

Bryan and David decide to hit the clubs to try to get back their youth - they met in a club after all! But the guys feel out of place; no matter how much they try to recapture their youth, they're inevitably still getting older. David tells Bryan that change doesn't have to be scary and that he wants a future with him and their baby. Reinvigorated with a new zest for their future child, they drop into Goldie's place with some exciting news: they want her and Shania to move into their guesthouse instead of staying in this decrepit apartment. That way, all of Goldie's money can go towards her dream of attending law school.

Shania's Little Edie routine backfires when the kids at school give her a hard time. She vents to Bryan, and he tells Shania that she shouldn't be afraid to be who she is. Being normal is boring, and her weird, eccentric self is spectacular! Bryan does have a bone to pick with her though... that couch vandalism! Shania finally tells Bryan that she isn't responsible for the couch; it was Nana! It was all part of her ploy to turn Bryan against kids and get him to give up on this baby endeavor.

As Goldie packs up to move to the guesthouse, her husband surprises her by arriving at her doorstep. He tells her that he wants to be a family again, and he almost sounds genuine. But when Goldie asks him about trust, he trips up because this wasn't a part of his rehearsed speech, apparently fed to him by Nana! Goldie catches on and tells him that she wants a divorce.

Goldie arrives at Bryan and David's to find them watching "Grey Gardens" with Shania. Goldie delivers some surprising news: they're not moving into the guesthouse. Though it's an extremely generous offer, this is the life that Bryan and David earned. Goldie and Shania have to make a path of their own. It's important for Shania to see Goldie as an independent woman, so someday she will become one.

After Goldie makes her decision, David gets a call about the blood test results. Goldie's pregnant... they're having a baby! The gang comes together in a group hug, ready to embark on this crazy adventure together!






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