My Name Is Earl

Episode 4.11 : Nature's Game Show

  • My Name Is Earl
    • Episode Premiere : November 20, 2008
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2009
    • Production Company: Amigos de Garcia Prod., Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

When Earl can't figure out which list item to do next, Randy suggests doing anything else. Randy's not the only one on edge. Joy argues with Darnell: how can he say that MacGyver wouldn't make the best president ever? Darnell insists that MacGyver is a fictional character and he's not going to argue about it. Joy hates when Darnell refuses to argue; it makes her think Darnell thinks she's too stupid to argue with.

Earl can't figure why tensions are higher than normal. Is it something in the air or a coincidence? As it turns out, it's a tornado! Joy ties the kids to her and runs for the tornado ditch. After the storm, it becomes obvious why Camden calls tornadoes "Nature's Game Show." Anything on the ground is finders keepers.

At the motel, Randy is delighted to find some transplant organs which he mistakes for steaks and barbecues in a boat he finds in the pool. Unfamiliar with the rules, Catalina is shocked when Patty grabs her purse and someone else takes her shoe. Catalina finds a gun, and decides to get all her stuff back and more. Gun rules trump tornado rules.

When Joy finds a Bible, she asks Darnell if he thinks it's a sign. Darnell claims that in times of stress people assign random meaning to events of physics. Joy argues that things happen for a reason, but Darnell refuses to argue, infuriating Joy. Darnell tries to explain that just because he's smarter, he's not better than Joy. After all, she's stronger than him, and knows all the words to "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

Earl's list gets blown away in the tornado. He figures karma did it, so he would realize how it felt to lose something. Randy doesn't get it. Earl always loved finders keepers -- that's how he got the blue door for his Ranchero. Earl resolves to write a new list including the blue door. Another tornado comes along, blowing away Catalina's gun and leaving her with the Bible. Randy refuses to come inside, and is blown away in his boat.

Randy reappears on the roof of the motel, convinced that he flew there. He finds a gun and throws it to Earl. Joy and Darnell continue their smart argument. Joy claims that she's street smart. Darnell counters: that's something dumb people say when they want to use the word smart to describe themselves. Joy wonders how smart Darnell will feel when he doesn't have a place to sleep tonight.

Catalina and Patty both feel that the Bible is a sign from God meant to change their evil ways. Another tornado sweeps in, taking the Bible and leaving Catalina and Patty with the boat, which they think is an ark -- floods must be coming next! When Randy refuses to come inside, Earl shoots him in the leg twice, but nothing happens. When the Bible flies through the window, Earl thinks God has made Randy invincible.

Randy and Earl decide to spend one day doing Earl's list, and every other day doing Randy's superhero stuff. Dodge finds Earl's gun and Joy grabs it. She's stunned to find that Darnell has been blown through the side of the trailer. Panicked that the smart one in their relationship might die, Joy loads Darnell into a wagon and heads for the hospital. When another tornado threatens, Joy points everyone to the cellar behind the church.

The storm cellar is locked, so invincible Randy dives at it, but only manages to hurt himself. Joy tries to shoot the lock off, but the gun doesn't work. Luckily, she's learned plenty from MacGyver, the King of Street Smarts. With a pack of a gum and a hose, Joy fashions a bomb which blows the door off the cellar, where everyone rides out the storm.

Darnell congratulates Joy on her street genius. Even though Randy isn't invincible, he's able to take solace in the fact that he flew. Having found Earl's list, he returns it. Now Earl doesn't know what karma was trying to tell him by taking the list. Joy suggests that maybe it all means nothing. In stressful times, people ascribe random meaning to events of physics. She heard that from a very smart man...

Earl considers what Joy said -- maybe some things are just random. He is amazed to behold the owner of the gun, hooking the boat up to his blue Ranchero, which is missing a door. The guy's kids run up with a couple of funny-looking steaks, along with their dad's Bible and his gun.






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