My Name Is Earl

Episode 3.22 : Camdenites, Part 2

  • My Name Is Earl
    • Episode Premiere : May 15, 2008
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2009
    • Production Company: Amigos de Garcia Prod., Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Earl thinks he's cracked karma's answer to him and Billie having a happy life together: He has to make up for his bad behavior towards women over the years and make amends for the worst thing he's done, number 204 on the list: Seduced seven virgins. Each year, the Camdenites, a splinter group from the Amish community, let 21-year-old virgins explore the outside world for twenty-one days. Each year Earl and Randy would be ready and waiting to show the virgins the ways of the world, so to speak.

Earl and Randy go back to the Camdenite settlement to speak to the community leader Ruth to see if Earl can make up for his wrong-doing. Ruth tells them that none of the girls he seduced ever came back from the outside world as they had such a good time. With the news of the girls' happiness, Earl has an epiphany: karma has sent him back to help the Camdenites keep their daughters, which will ensure the next generation is born. Ruth tells Earl that as penance, he must chaperone her 21-year-old niece Bretta on her visit the outside world, but he must ensure she will return.

As Earl takes charge of Bretta, karma seems to be happy: Billie returns home with flavored body gels, handcuffs and carrots; she's ready for some good loving. No sooner have things started than they quickly revert. As Randy flirts with Bretta, impressing her with modern technology like bubble gum, Billie returns to her nasty wife role again. The more Randy flirts, the angrier Billie gets. Launching into another argument, Billie gives Earl an ultimatum: what's more important, her or his list?

Earl's logic tells him if he picks Billie he'll never be happy as she'll always be angry. If he picks the list, karma will make things right and stop Billie being angry, which will make Earl happy. Earl comes to after Billie knocks him out and realizes he's made the wrong choice. Earl returns to showing Bretta that the outside world is a bad place, but his attempts are short-lived when Joy calls him at the Crab Shack to complain about Billie, who has turned her trailer back on its side. While Earl is at the trailer park, he learns Billie has stolen his list and has set out to undo his good deeds one by one.

Earl and the gang set up a command center in his motel room to find Billie and stop her sabotage efforts. But when Billie burns down Pop's Hot Dog Cart, things get serious. Amidst the chaos, Randy continues flirting with Bretta. Soon everyone Earl ever helped is packed into his motel room, demanding he do something about Billie. Earl's phone rings; it's Billie. She tells him since he likes his list so much, now he gets to start it all over again.

Billie continues on her rampage by kidnapping Bretta and showing her the fast and fun side of the outside world. Threatening to keep wreaking havoc on the rest of the people on Earl's list, Billie gives Earl an ultimatum: it's her or the list. Earl negotiates Bretta's return from Billie, but when he waits to rendezvous with Billie at the Camdenite settlement, he discovers he's been double-crossed: Billie's alone. No sooner does she say "screw karma" than Joy turns up with a cop to arrest her. When they are told the Camdenite settlement is not under the police's jurisdiction, Billie is able to get away.

There are only five days left to find Bretta and return her to the settlement. Earl searches high and low; he's almost out of time. Earl learns that Randy is hiding Bretta, showing her how Alka-Seltzer turns water into champagne. When Earl confronts him, Randy complains that everything is always about Earl. When Earl sees that Randy and Bretta are happy together and that Bretta is still "intact," he realizes Bretta has been sent by karma for Randy.

With Billie on the loose, Earl spends a sleepless night in fear of his life. He soon begins to hallucinate. He imagines Billie shoots him, then stabs him and then he imagines her walking in with an ax. But wait, that last hallucination was real. Scared and frightened, Earl and Randy huddle in a corner, pretending to be pillows as Billie walks in. It turns out Billie has converted to be a Camdeinite and now lives on the settlement. She's just carrying the ax for protection in the outside world.

While Billie was hiding out from the law on the Camdeinte settlement, the community embraced her - that is, until she refused to do her share of the workload or pitch in with chores. Billie reverted to her old self and began to steal from the Camdenites. Then she realized that the Camdenites share everything, so in fact, she was stealing from herself. In her new-found haven, Billie discovered field work is a great way to release her anger, and she quickly adopted their ways and became part of the community.

Learning of Billie's new life, Earl finally understands karma doesn't want him to turn Billie into another Earl, but to help her find her real self. With everyone happy at long last, Billie produces a set of divorce papers and Earl happily signs them. They can both live happy lives now. Before she leaves, Billie gives Earl an envelope containing a check for $72,000 - the remainder of her insurance settlement. Earl is now back where he belongs - solvent and happy.






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