My Name Is Earl

Episode 3.20 : Girl Earl

  • My Name Is Earl
    • Episode Premiere : May 08, 2008
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2009
    • Production Company: Amigos de Garcia Prod., Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Earl is strutting around like the cat that not only got the cream, he also got a new wife. However, following a frenetic night in bed, Earl is happy to let a bucket of ice sit on his "husband parts" to ease the pain from Billie's energetic endeavors. Things get even better for Earl when Billie writes her own karma list; what luck to be part of a goal-sharing caring couple.

However, Earl's love for sharing comes under scrutiny when Billie eats his chips. Not only that but she's also tracking his every move, has him dressing in super-skinny clothes and even walks into the bathroom while he pees! Randy tells Earl everyone does things others don't like; for instance, he cites Earl's habit of raising his eyebrow when he thinks. That's gross!

Earl takes his mind off things by looking at Billie's list and finds a common name: Joel. Joel is a super-bagger from the grocery store and one year, while he was at the bagging championships, everyone in town stole everything from his apartment except the TV, which they left on so they could see when he was coming home. By the time Earl got there, everything was gone, so he took some of Joel's carpet.

Earl visits Joy in her tipped-over trailer to retrieve Joel's carpet. While he's there he asks if she was annoyed by his habits. Joy tells him that's what marriage is; accepting other's bad habits. When he takes the gear back to Joel, Earl finds that Joel has become a recluse since the robbery. Earl apologizes for stealing his carpet.

Joel tells Earl that when he got back from the competition to find his house ransacked, he punched the wall and broke his hand, which stopped him from winning the national bagging championships. Billie leaves after returning the fan she stole from Joel. Earl tells her they have to help him since they made his life worse. Billie doesn't see the point and Earl is stunned that his wife doesn't agree with him about the most important thing in his life: the list.

Earl leaves Billie in the apartment and heads out to see how he can help Joel, who is now a lowly cleaner at the store. While they talk, Earl's cat-like reactions get Joel's attention and he decides that Earl should win the national bagging championships for him. As the pair begin a Rocky-style training regimen, Joel tells Earl not to see the food; feel the food.

Earl becomes an expert bagger and wins the first and second round of the nationals, beating everyone on his way to the finals, where he is up against 12-time champion bagger, Vance. As Earl prepares for the big match in his dressing room, Billie comes in and tells him she's finished her list by calling everyone and saying sorry. This is the last straw for Earl and he flips out, poking Billie as he makes his point. Billie has bad memories of being poked, so she breaks Earl's finger.

With his finger broken, the referee won't let Earl go out and bag for fear of losing his bagging license. Joel is still mad at Earl but Randy has an idea: they each have one good hand, so why don't they work together? Before Bagger Vance can be awarded the Golden Sack award, Earl and Joel step out and say they will fight, as a team, for the title. Besides, it isn't in the rules that they can't compete as a team.

Earl and Joel step up and start to double bag. Working as a team, they keep pace with Bagger Vance, but things don't go as planned - their coordination is off. Bagger Vance creeps ahead and begins showboating for the crowd, but then he cuts his finger on that enemy of the bagger: the pineapple. Earl and Joel take their chance and using all their freestyle bagging skills, snag victory from the jaws of defeat!

As Joel thanks Earl for helping him his reach his dream of being the national bagging champion, Billie apologizes to Earl for not putting her whole heart into her list after seeing how hard he'd worked to help Joel. Just when he thinks they might be beginning to see eye to eye on things, Billie tells Earl he needs to shave his mustache. There's only one thing Earl can think: "She's gotta go!"






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