Episode 1.22 : That Crazy Bitch Was Right

  • Mercy
    • Episode Premiere : May 12, 2010
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2010
    • Production Company: Universal Media Studios, Berman Braun
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Mike tours Veronica through the new apartment he found for her. It's great, the price is right, but she's still not sure. Not only does she make excuses to Mike but to Dr. Cabe as well. Veronica outlines her reasons, which Cabe translates: Veronica doesn't want to accept help, she's afraid of change, and she's never lived alone. After her session, Veronica spies a cute pink chair abandoned on the street. She takes a seat and makes the call, agreeing to rent the apartment.

A 10-year-old kid named Jonah calls to Veronica from the window of an abandoned building. His friend Patrick is hurt and needs help. Throwing caution to the wind, Veronica finds Patrick, who's in pain, having broken his kneecap in a fall through the floor above. While Veronica fashions a splint, the building starts groaning and creaking. Jonah wants to go back for the boys' dirty magazines, but Veronica insists he help her carry Patrick out. Unfortunately, the floor collapses, plunging all three of them under a pile of rubble.

Patrick's arm is pinned beneath a beam in the fall. Jonah has already established there's no way out, so Veronica enlists his help in looking for her purse, which contains her phone. Back at Mercy, Chloe watches over Andy, who's been unconscious for 12 hours. Briggs and Dr. Carlson have tried everything with no success. When Chloe suggests a craniotomy, Carlson balks. With prolonged elevation in Andy's ICP levels, his brain is already toast. Taking Chloe's side, Briggs puts the screws to Carlson; no matter what, a craniotomy will definitely lower the pressure in his brain, and if Carlson won't do it, someone else will.

Briggs leaves the room to take a call from his money guy Norm. Together they've raised $750,000 of the $1 million Briggs' owes the mob. He's going to sell his Porsche and his samurai sword, but Norm has to keep liquidating. Briggs passes some electricians up to their elbows in an exposed circuit breaker and proceeds to his office, advising Norm to turn his mom upside down and shake out her gold fillings.

Jonah hands Veronica his flashlight. She tries to free Patrick, but he screams in pain. When her phone rings they scramble to find it. Mike's calling to see whether Veronica decided to take the apartment. Despite a bad connection, she manages to explain her predicament, asking him to call Mercy and send Sands over. Back at Mercy, Sonia's put off to discover that quirky Evelyn has decided to check herself into a room. Evelyn's going to have a heart attack later in the day, and she knows this because she's psychic.

Ramsey corners Sands in the doctor's lounge, asking him one final time to take the job running the army hospital in Afghanistan. Sands explains - he has ties. Allowing that he's got at least one tie, Ramsey shakes hands and leaves. Overhearing the last bit, Gillian asks Sands what he's turned down. Sands waxes poetic: over there, life has purpose and makes sense. Gillian points out that it sounds like he wants to take the job - what's keeping him here? A nurse's aid rushes in to tell Sands about Veronica's predicament.

Sands stands outside what's left of the collapsed building, talking to Veronica who jokingly asks him to throw down a handful of Xanax. Trying to keep Veronica's head in the game, Sands has her report on Patrick, as firemen drop an air hose down into the rubble. Patrick's arm is crushed, with no circulation to his lower arm. Sands knows he's about to lose his arm - Veronica should amputate. If they wait until they're rescued, the arm will be dead forever. If she amputates now, they can replant later.

Veronica's terrified, but Sands talks her into the amputation as the building continues to creak above her. Veronica explains everything to the kids as Sands sends down drugs and a saw. Veronica asks Jonah to be her nurse - it's way cooler than being doctor - and Sands promises she knows what she's doing because of Iraq. Impressed, Jonah agrees to keep tight pressure on Patrick's arm. Veronica injects Patrick with painkillers as Sands reminds her that after incision, she'll have to clamp three main blood vessels with hemostats very quickly to prevent bleeding out.

Sonia checks in on Chloe, who's still waiting to hear the results of Andy's surgery. Chloe laments that she should never have told Andy's coach about his condition. Then none of this would ever have happened. Briggs informs her that Andy is out of surgery with eyes open, doing better than expected. He asks Chloe if she's eaten today. The answer is no, but his phone rings, so he tells Sonia to follow up.

In the parking lot, Briggs is surprised by Jules, who stands in front of his Porsche ready to buy. She can't believe he's going to sell the car that holds such memories for them. Briggs reminds her that he's trying to raise $1 million for her father. Jules counters. She's always gotten him out of trouble and still can, but when she asks, Briggs pretends he doesn't miss her at all. He's changed, even though he has to admit they did have chemistry. When Jules moves closer, Briggs can't resist her lips, which continue traveling. Suddenly, Harris knocks on the window, asking to buy Briggs' samurai sword, and is he feeling okay? Briggs shuts the window.Veronica uses a handheld saw to sever Patrick's arm. When it separates, a hemostat falls off, so Sands talks her through a procedure to quench the bleeding. Veronica puts the arm in a plastic bag just as their little area fills with smoke and her phone dies. Up top, Mike arrives on the scene as fireman struggle to put out the blaze. Back at Mercy, psychic Evelyn tells Harris that he will be the bearer of bad news. Harris assures Evelyn that she's not going to have a heart attack - her tests are all normal - and it's time to check out of the hospital.

Evelyn is leaving the hospital when two guys with a gurney bump into her, knocking her against the exposed electrical panel. Evelyn is thrown to the floor unconscious with no pulse. Sonia runs for the crash cart and quickly shocks Evelyn back to life. It wasn't a heart attack, but it was close. The crazy bitch was right! Meanwhile, Brigs sells his grandmother's wedding ring to Tom, an anesthesiologist. His grandmother proposed just before leaving on a suicide mission to Iwo Jima, and his grandparents were married 57 years, so the ring has good juju.

Fireman pull the air hose out of the building and turn on the water hoses. Veronica and the kids are soon sopping wet and breathless. Jonah and Patrick are just passing out when a fireman axes his way into their enclave and pulls them out. Sands is eager to welcome Veronica back to terra firma, but Mike steps in first, scooping her up in his arms. When Mike asks Veronica how she always gets in these crazy situations, she explains that she saw a chair. Sands steps into the ambulance with the kids without saying a word.

Back at Mercy, Veronica finds herself in a room with Evelyn, who claims she can tell Veronica was sexually abused as a kid. Veronica protests: this didn't happen to her. Evelyn apologizes, explaining that her meds are making her groggy. Veronica presses the call button, whining to Sonia that she needs Vicodin and real food. She's just asking Sonia if she wants to get a drink after when Sands steps in to inform her that Patrick's on his way to surgery. And yeah, pounding alcohol is a great idea.

Sands is just telling Veronica she's all good and ready to go home, when Mike barges in with her favorite sandwich. Sands makes an excuse and a hasty exit. Chloe's pager calls her to Briggs' suite. Andy was doing well, but his ICP went through the roof, blowing out his eye, and causing a massive epidural bleed. Now he's brain dead. Crying and in shock, Chloe informs Andy's parents. Andy wanted to donate his organs, so his parents are hoping she'll take him through the procedure, which will result in the death of his body. Chloe agrees. Regardless of everything else, she's still his nurse.

Chloe assists during the harvest of Andy's organs, then shuts off the machines and kisses him goodbye for the last time. Sonia, Veronica and Angel are waiting to take her to Delaney's, but the alcohol is having no effect on Chloe. Veronica welcomes Chloe to her world, and reassures her that she did make things better for Andy's parents. Nick stops by to give Sonia the paperwork for her restraining order on Paul Kempton. Hoping he was visiting for another reason, Sonia can't help but be sarcastic, telling Nick to have a nice life.

Nick explains. Sonia made a chump out of him, and he has to trust that the next time she gets scared, she won't sleep with the first rich guy she sees. Stripped to bare emotion, Sonia insists that all she wants is Nick, sealing her declaration with a screen-worthy kiss. Veronica leaves to check in on the boys, as Briggs takes a terrible phone call. He owes $300,000 in taxes on everything he sold. Now he'll never have enough money to pay off Jules' dad. He fires his money manager and hangs up, just as Chloe zigzags like a zombie towards the door.

Briggs complements Chloe on her clear medical thinking, but all she knows is her strategy to save Andy didn't work. Despite Andy's parents' insistence that she meant so much to him, Chloe feels terrible because she spent most of her time trying to get away from him. She's a horrible person. Briggs insists the way Chloe cares about people puts her miles ahead of anyone else. They share a deep kiss. Chloe leaves, and Briggs calls Tom, asking to buy his grandmother's wedding ring back.

Veronica returns to the hospital, bumping into Evelyn, who apologizes again; she doesn't do negative readings. She leaves without explanation, as Harris walks up muttering about the ruined schedule. Didn't Veronica hear? Chris Sands resigned, and his plane for Afghanistan left an hour ago. A few days later, the Callahan men gather to help Veronica move into her new apartment. When the work is done, Veronica kicks everyone out, but Jim is reluctant to leave his daughter alone in a new neighborhood. Why doesn't she call that doctor guy?

Veronica explains. Sands has left her for good. Was it unreasonable to think he would wait around while she figured out her life? Jim's theory is that sometimes a man just has to do what he needs to do. Everyone wants more time, but the truth is life is unpredictable, and people come and go. You've just gotta live in the now with what you've got and be grateful for it. Besides, Veronica's new apartment is great, and Jim's sure that life has great things in store for her.

Chloe stops by Brigg's office, only to find Jules, who introduces herself as his fiancée and shows off her new ring. Speechless, Chloe has nothing to say when Briggs finally arrives besides "Congratulations." She heads for the elevator, bumping into Angel, who asks what's wrong. With new resolve, Chloe announces her intention to go to medical school. Mike calls Veronica, offering to fix the bed her brothers broke when they were moving her in. Veronica's reluctant, but when Mike throws Chinese food into the mix, she agrees, asking him to delay an hour while she takes a bath.

At Delaney's, Angel, Chloe and Sonia watch a news report with growing dread. A plane full of American health workers en route to Afghanistan was bombed in Peshawar... On the way to Veronica's, Mike stops off to help an odd-looking woman who seems to be having car trouble. Suddenly, a giant, scary tattooed guy steps out of the car, as the woman screams, "Watch out!" Mike turns to see headlights bearing down on him. Meanwhile, Veronica relaxes in the bathtub with her beer, ignoring her ringing phone.






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