Episode 1.21 : Too Much Attitude and Not Enough Underwear

  • Mercy
    • Episode Premiere : May 05, 2010
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2010
    • Production Company: Universal Media Studios, Berman Braun
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Briggs sits in a hotel room where a mob-inflected poker game is in progress, waiting for Dom. Gambling junkie Briggs is persuaded to join in, and by the time Dom arrives with his beloved mastiff Enzo, he's up $10,000. After cashing in, Briggs tells Dom that the failed hit on Francisco was out of his control. Dom's more concerned about Enzo, who's having digestive problems. Briggs bristles; he's a cardiologist, not a vet! Dom explains that his sister Jules is the only reason Briggs isn't dead, and she's over him. Rather than shoot Briggs, Dom threatens to insure the loss of his medical license. And since Briggs already owed him $100,000, he'll take the $10,000 he just won at the poker game.

Veronica's car is in the shop. Sonia's promised a ride to work, but she makes Veronica walk to her apartment. They're stunned to find the window of Sonia's car smashed, and the word "murderer" spray-painted across her windshield. When Veronica demands to know what's going on, Sonia admits her patient Lauren Kempton didn't exactly die. Meanwhile, Andy dines on five bowls of cereal at Chloe's apartment. When she notices a giant bruise on his back, she knows he's still playing football, despite Dr. Harris' dire warnings. Andy's anger flames. He tells Chloe to lay off and leaves.

Sonia tells Veronica all about Lauren while walking to work. Veronica assures Sonia that Lauren would have killed herself no matter what; Paul's crazy to blame her. Has Sonia talked to Nick? Sonia admits she did, but Nick's over her, so now she's thinking about turning herself in. What she did wasn't legal, but it was right. Veronica makes Sonia promise she won't turn herself in just as Angel walks up to lecture her about the danger of secrets. Suddenly a car speeds past, and a woman is tossed out. The nurses run to the woman's side, only to discover that it's Angel's high school girlfriend Camila, who's been badly beaten.

Veronica and Sands are totally surprised to find their old commander from Iraq, Dr. Nathanial Ramsey has sought them out. He's in need of total knee replacement, and has scheduled himself for surgery with Sands first thing tomorrow morning. Tonight, he's taking them both to dinner to tell them his good news. Angel talks to Camila, promising to call her teenaged daughter Michaela, who's in Chicago with her grandmother. Harris and Sonia insert a tube to fix Camila's collapsed lung. Angel pleads for morphine, but Harris keeps it limited, threatening to take Angel off the case if he can't keep his emotions in check.

Chloe catches Harris in the hallway to ask him about Andy. She's sure he's still playing football. Having sent the coach a copy of Andy's ImPACT test, Harris thinks it's impossible, but Chloe knows Andy never signed the release forms. When she suggests sending the results to the coach herself, Harris reminds her that would be a violation of patient confidentiality, which translates to a year in prison and $100,000 in fines. He recommends persuading Andy to sign the papers, but Chloe knows he won't, especially with his bursts of anger. Harris points out this is yet another symptom of brain injury, and leaves Chloe to figure it out by herself.

Ramsey, Veronica and Sands have a great time reminiscing at dinner. When Ramsey comments that they seem like an old married couple, Sands admits they're no longer together, and Veronica fills in the backstory. Ramsey announces his news: he's going back to war, this time to set up a hospital in Afghanistan, and he wants both of them to come work for him. Veronica's refusal is immediate and instinctual. Ramsey puts the screws to the couple, recalling all their best saves. Sands has to admit it was horrible in Iraq, but also great. Everything he did made sense.

On the phone, Camila tells Michaela she loves her "to the moon and back," their own special catchphrase. Everything seems calm until alarms sound. As Angel grabs the crash cart, Sonia rushes in with lab results: Camila is in rhabdo, which means her muscles are so badly damaged that toxins from inside her broken cells are damaging her kidneys. Angel grabs the paddles when Camila passes out and goes into V-tach. Luckily, one shock stabilizes her pulse. Knowing the situation is grave, Harris asks about Michaela, who's scheduled to arrive by bus tomorrow night.

Since both Sonia's and Veronica's cars are in the shop, Chloe picks up fast food breakfast and meets them at the Flanagan's. She wants to discuss her situation with Andy. Does she tell his coach and he lives, or play by the rules and he dies? Veronica clarifies what little wiggle room there is. Chloe cares about Andy, and he might die, so she has to tell the coach, but there might be repercussions. Veronica tells the girls all about the reunion dinner with Ramsey. When Sonia asks if she wants to be in a relationship with Chris, Veronica admits she kissed Mike. She's just a confused whore. No one disagrees with this assessment, though one thing is clear: Veronica has to choose.

Chloe's busy stuffing papers in an envelope for Andy's coach when Gillian calls her to help out with feverish patient Bliss, who's just returned from Amsterdam. Gillian schedules the usual battery of tests, but Chloe's not paying attention. Meanwhile, Sands begins the procedure to replace Ramsey's knee. Having forgone general anesthesia, Ramsey tries to convince Sands to come to Afghanistan, then asks what happened with Veronica. Sands blames their breakup on PTSD and Mike, then asks about Ramsey's wife Diane. Ramsey claims Diane's too busy with their kids to attend his surgery.

Veronica meets with Nick on a break. Sonia needs his help. Everyone knows she made a terrible mistake with Paul, but now it's time for Nick to stow his ego and talk to her. Paul's stalking Sonia, hoping to intimidate her into confessing to Lauren's murder, and she's so freaked out that she's considering it. Meanwhile, all Bliss' tests come back negative. Gillian grills her: has she had unprotected sex? Intravenous drug use? Bliss' stunned answer is no. Gillian orders tests for hepatitis and HIV, then leaves Chloe to reassure her patient.

After Briggs starts Camila on dialysis, she thanks him for saving her boyfriend Francisco. Briggs pulls Angel into the hallway to ask what happened, then realizes that Dom must be behind the whole thing. When alarms sound, everyone rushes to Camila's side. Now she's bleeding from every needle stick, a new complication; her blood's not clotting. Even though Michaela just got on a bus, Harris tells Angel to get her on a plane. Now. In the hallway, Sands runs up to Veronica with news that Ramsey has disappeared. Apparently he took a private ambulance back to his home in Larchmont, but he's not answering his phones. Offering his car, Sands asks Veronica if she'll go find him.

Angel scrambles to find a plane ticket for Michaela, while Harris is forced to intubate. When Angel reports that the only available ticket costs $1,500, Harris slaps down his credit card. If Michaela doesn't make it in time, she'll regret it for the rest of her life. Even though her tests come back negative, Bliss goes from bad to worse and starts hallucinating. Gillian thinks it's either meningitis or encephalitis, and disregards the small pustule Chloe points out on Bliss' ankle. Even if Bliss mentioned an insect bite, tropical diseases are unheard of on the European continent.

Finding Sonia in the lounge, Nick tells her to get her coat, they're going to see the DA. As long as Sonia has been sticking to her story, she's going to tell the DA the same thing, then file a restraining order against Paul. He can't prove anything; it's his word against Sonia's. And one last thing: if anyone finds out that Nick knows the truth, he'll never be a cop again. Meanwhile, Veronica struggles with a map in the parking lot when Mike and Jim pop up. Their medical business is finished, so they offer to drive her to Larchmont.

Briggs is online checking out the gambling sites when sultry Jules Fattore slips into his office, bringing the heat that never left. After they split, Jules retired to South Beach to look after her father's real estate interests, until the market went belly up. Now she's back. Not only has she brought Enzo's stool sample, but there's an envelope, containing a toxicology report. Apparently Briggs was high on blow after a night with Jules and inadvertently killed a patient. Briggs thought the incident was erased, but according to Jules, Dom still wants him to be his bitch. With few moves left, Jules advises him to roll with the punches.

Veronica rings Ramsey's doorbell. When there's no answer, she asks Mike to help her break in. Surprised to see the house is empty, Veronica finds Ramsey passed out and gets him into an ambulance in no time. Ramsey admits he had chest pain and couldn't reach the phone; it's probably a pulmonary embolism. He left the hospital because he had too much to do for Afghanistan and he's the only guy who can do it. Veronica challenges Ramsey. He's not the only guy. She jumped into work after returning to Iraq and she wishes she didn't. Ramsey admits he took his family on vacation after returning from Iraq, and his wife left him a week later.

Back in the Procedure Room, Briggs finds Ramsey's embolism and makes quick work of it. In the meantime, Veronica fills Sands in on what happened. When Bliss' tests again come back negative, Gillian wants Chloe to set up for a spinal tap. Chloe pulls out some lab results - Bliss has malaria. Her flight from Amsterdam originated in Cameroon, and she got bit by a mosquito on the plane. Gillian congratulates Chloe. At least one of them was thinking like a doctor.

When Michaela arrives, Camila is passed out and near death. Harris orders Sonia to stop compressions and give Camila a final dose of epinephrine. Briggs complains this technique is too old school; all it will do is give Camila a pulse for a short time. The medicine does its work, and Camila opens her eyes for one last glance at her daughter before she dies.

After work, Sonia goes shopping with Nick at a neighborhood bodega. She's curious as to what this all means for their relationship, but he doesn't have any answers. When Nick spies Paul high on smack and lingering around the corner, he smashes a tomato into his head, warning him to stay away from Sonia.

Briggs talks to Dom's father, the big boss Charlie Fattore, telling him all about Camila. Dom's out of control, and Briggs will pay whatever it costs to gain his freedom. Charlie claims he can't put a price on his daughter's heart, but $750,000 might help. Jules pops in, and tries to talk her father out of his ridiculous price tag. After all, what happened with Briggs is no big deal. Charge him $100,000 as a spanking. Charlie reconsiders, then agrees to charge $100,000 for Jules' heart, and $900,000 for saving Briggs' license, payment due in one week.

Sands runs into Veronica in the hallway. He doesn't know what she said to Ramsey, but he's decided to stick around for a while. Later, Ramsey confides in Sands. He's worried that life in the States is too slow for him. And what if his wife Diane refuses to come back? Sands tells him to take things one step at a time. When Ramsey asks Sands if he'll do something for him, Sands promises anything. That's when Ramsey asks if Sands will go to Afghanistan and run the hospital in his stead.

The nurses retreat to Delaney's for a round of shots after a tough day. Spying Briggs at the bar, Chloe tries to make conversation, but he's not interested. Just then, Andy rolls up with a full head of steam. Why did Chloe tell his coach he can't play football?! She's just ruined his life! When Andy gets too intense, Briggs steps in. In the scuffle, Andy stumbles backwards over a bag on the floor, causing him to fall down and hit his head, hard. Briggs and the nurses close in. Andy's not breathing!






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