Episode 1.17 : There Is No Room For You On My Ass

  • Mercy
    • Episode Premiere : March 17, 2010
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2010
    • Production Company: Universal Media Studios, Berman Braun
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

On the way into work, Sonia warns Veronica that there will be repercussions for beating up her patient's pimping mother last night. Chloe ironically wonders why Veronica just didn't call the police as the nurses walk through the ER. It's St. Patrick's Day, and the waiting room is full of drunken Irish and Italian teens a la "Jersey Shore." When someone throws a green bagel a fight breaks out. Angel calls for help, so an infuriated Chloe grabs a fired extinguisher and turns it on the crowd, calling them the champions of stupid.

Veronica gives Sonia her condolences on the loss of Lauren. Now she has to see Klowden to find out how much trouble she's in. If she were a man, none of this would matter. Citing Veronica's history of acting out, Sonia reminds her that calling the police would have been the right thing to do. The girls step off the elevator to find Briggs with a TV crew in tow, shooting for Bravo's new reality show, "Cutting-Edge Medicine." They're doing a piece on Briggs and he wants Veronica to join him on camera, hoping for more fireworks. As Veronica runs off, Briggs tells her to preserve her anger -- it's the only thing that will save both her and Mercy Hospital.

Klowden struggles with a hefty surgical patient and Veronica runs to help. The board and legal are meeting to discuss Veronica's "incident." Klowden feels responsible, having put Veronica back to work after the Valentine's Day shooting. She hands Veronica a card for a PTSD specialist and urges her to call. If she's on the record as seeking help, it will look better. Veronica should forget about losing her job; if the woman she beat up decides to press charges, she could go to jail.

A bunch of doctors hang out in the nurses' lounge, gossiping about Veronica. Everyone goes silent when Sands steps in. Realizing he doesn't know what Veronica did last night, Gillian spills the beans. Meanwhile, Veronica and Harris tend to serial exerciser Brooke Sullivan, who has a hairline fracture in her hip. Still, Brooke is determined to run the Boston Marathon in 33 days. When Veronica asks why it took Brooke three days to come in after she was hit by a car, she maintains that pain is in the mind. And does she have to have dextrose in her IV? Brooke quit sugar three months ago.

Veronica asks Harris if he saw the hair growth on Brooke's arms. They agree that she's probably anorexic and Harris orders a psych consult. Veronica asks if they can let go of last night's incident, but Harris refuses, still furious over Veronica's reckless refusal to take care of herself. Down in the ER, Dr. Megan Adams tends to brawl victim Larry, a muscular guido with a broken wrist, while Chloe tends to Irish Sean. Briggs enters with the film crew, looking for some action. One of the Italian girls, Gina, starts mugging for the cameras, and within minutes the brawl starts up again, delighting Briggs.

In the middle of the fight, Larry pukes green, then falls to the floor unconscious. Briggs and Chloe quickly figure he's having a heart attack. When Chloe asks how a kid his age could have an MI, Briggs names cocaine as the culprit. Sands runs into Veronica in the hall, calling her out for not telling him about last night. Veronica insists that she wasn't trying to hide anything; she just didn't want to ruin a beautiful evening. Sands begs her to call the therapist and makes a dinner date so they can talk about it. Veronica agrees to dinner, after she attends the annual St. Patrick's Day street fair, a Flanagan family tradition.

The film crew follows Briggs and Chloe into the Procedure Room. Larry's got a giant clot in the main artery to his heart, so Briggs is going to pass a metal wire though it and inflate a balloon which will deploy a stent to clear the clot. Struggling with the procedure, Briggs tells the X-ray tech to switch the views on the monitor. When the procedure appears to be successful, Briggs dismisses the film crew, who are thrilled with their great footage. As soon as they're out the door, he starts barking orders. Larry's not out of the woods yet. Briggs had the tech upload video playback from last week to make good TV. Chloe is stunned.

Veronica finds Brooke trying to get some exercise by running up and down the stairwell. Veronica insists Brooke get back in bed, but she refuses, then falls hard on her already broken hip. Back in the Procedure Room, Chloe lays into Briggs. He could've asked the film crew to leave instead of wasting time putting on a fake show. Briggs explains that it's all about PR. They have to make cutting-edge procedures look effortless to attract more money to their crappy hospital. After shocking Larry back from V-tach, Briggs puts Chloe in the driver's seat. Terrified, Chloe succeeds in threading the wire into the clot, saving Larry's life.

After work, the nurses walk through the street fair. Veronica explains that she's on probation and Klowden wants her to see a therapist. It doesn't matter; as long as she keeps her act together, she'll be fine. When Sonia voices her doubts, Veronica asks if she's going to be on her ass too, because her ass is too crowded and there's no room. Sonia bumps into Nick, but he doesn't want to talk to her; she's burned that bridge. Chloe claims that it was merely a naked mistake as the girls near the step-dancing stage, where all the Callahan men are drunk and dancing. Bobby pulls tipsy Chloe into a game of ring around the shamrock, and Tim insists that Veronica call Sands to join them at Delaney's.

Sands has his misgivings, but heads off to Delaney's. Tim greets him at the door with a pitcher of green beer, as Veronica arm wrestles a guy and wins. Since Veronica's drinking beer out of the pitcher, Sands decides to join in the party, heading to the bar for a shot. Veronica runs to the stage for a beer drinking contest as bartending Mike lays into Sands. It looks like his love has healed Veronica right up. In fact, Sands should bottle his love, since it cures mental problems. After winning the contest, Veronica stumbles off the stage, lighting her sleeve on fire. She recovers quickly, pouring a beer over her arm as Jim watches with Sands and Mike. He's worried about his daughter.

The next morning, Jim serves coffee to Mike and Sands, kicking off a discussion about Veronica. Pretty soon the whole family's in the living room, including Chloe, who demands to know if she had black-out sex with any of the Flanagans. And where are her clothes? When Veronica pops in, she immediately suspects an intervention -- why is everyone sitting in a circle? Tim's wife Heather pipes up. What Veronica did is perfectly normal. What about Tim's chronic masturbation? It's ruining their marriage.

When brother Ryan enters in a soiled leprechaun suit, Veronica gets ready to bail, having had enough. Jim steps up, urging her to listen. He was scared when his only daughter was born, but he resolved to make her his little princess and tried hard to never let anything bad happen to her. But Veronica's life has been so rough... Now she walks around late at night, jumps when he says her name, and drinks too much. Veronica has to admit she's at sea, and he wants to shoulder her load, but can't. It's breaking his heart. Veronica's eyes well up, but she can't give in, and leaves, claiming she has to go to work.

After meeting with Brooke, psych resident Dr. Waters checks in with Veronica. Brooke doesn't meet the criteria for a psych hold, but she's not going anywhere anyway. She did sign a contract to eat more and get outpatient therapy, but he's doubtful. Veronica takes a different tack with Brooke. She's not going to unload the truth on her, but simply be her nurse. Having just been dumped by her boyfriend, Brooke admits that she was a fat kid and has been on and off lots of anti-depressants since then. Even though she's a little obsessed, she's determined not to repeat the past, while trying to find balance.

Harris and Sands stop by Brooke's room for a consult. The fall in the stairwell shattered her hip socket. Sands will have to operate in an attempt to put the pieces of her hip back together with wire, screws and plates. Brooke is too anemic for surgery, so she'll have to undergo transfusion first, and her recovery will probably be rough, lasting for about a year. Stunned, Brooke claims she's up for it.

Briggs and Chloe examine Larry after his surgery as Barb regales them with the story of how they fell in love. Larry finally noticed her after her boob job, then accidentally shoved her down the stairs at the health club. Despite her concussion, Barb's been taking care of him ever since. When Larry passes out, Briggs yells for a bedside ultrasound to discover that Larry is bleeding like crazy from his liver. Larry must be on steroids. When Barb reluctantly confirms this to be true, Briggs pages Sands to the OR.

Sands and Gillian are scrubbing for Larry's surgery when Briggs pokes his head in to make a stupid comment. Sands complains that Briggs is an ass; Gillian admits that he's good in bed. Meanwhile, Sonia tracks Nick down at a popular cop lunch spot. She confesses to missing him terribly, and apologizes for stupidly and selfishly losing the best man that ever happened to her. Is there a chance Nick would even consider getting back together? Not only is there no chance, but Nick has a hot new partner named Evie.

Chloe finds Briggs in the Procedure Room, combing through video of Larry's stent procedure, trying to figure out how he failed. Chloe can't understand why, since everything turned out okay. Briggs admits that his father died of a heart attack in the waiting room of a mediocre hospital. That's what made him want to revolutionize cardiac care, and what happened with Larry was not revolutionary. Sands runs into Veronica in the hall, apologizing for the intervention train wreck. He loves her and he's worried, that's all.

Veronica doesn't care about the intervention, understanding her family's concern. She loves Chris too, and feels like everything's going to be okay as long as they're together. Sands points out that they were together last night, and she set herself on fire. Veronica swears never to do it again, promising to meet Sands at his place after work. Dr. Waters walks up to give Veronica some pamphlets for Brooke. Veronica tries the door to Brooke's room, but it's barricaded shut and the shades are drawn. Panicking, Veronica yells for an orderly to help her bust into the room, where Brooke has hanged herself. Everyone races to cut Brooke down.

Later, Brooke is intubated and unconscious but alive. Veronica can't understand what happened; she thought Brooke was going to be okay. With an ironic look, Harris agrees that it's really frustrating. Gillian and Sands check on Larry, now out of his second surgery. Relieved that Larry's awake, Barb explains that he's her flower. Dr. Phil says that in every relationship, one person is the flower and the other is the gardener. In the hall, Sands asks Gillian about Briggs, but she maintains it's none of his business. And Sands should be sorry for the way he treated her. If he had stayed with her, he would have been the flower. Now he's a gardener with a lot of weeds to pull.

Veronica drinks scotch at a bar as a friendly woman sits down next to her with a glass of water. When Veronica laments that she should switch to water herself, the woman asks why. Veronica admits that her parents drink scotch, and they're alcoholics. Still, it helps quell her mind, which she can't turn off. She doesn't really want to talk about it, and would prefer if everyone would leave her alone, since they already think she's crazy. The trouble is, when she's alone, it's worse. Dr. Denise Cabe, the PTSD specialist, thanks Veronica for calling. Next time, they should meet at her office.






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