Episode 1.15 : I Did Kill You, Didn't I?

  • Mercy
    • Episode Premiere : March 03, 2010
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2010
    • Production Company: Universal Media Studios, Berman Braun
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Sonia wakes up in the hospital's crash room -- alone. Remembering she slept with Paul last night, she sneaks into the hall, where Angel snags her, demanding to know what happened. Sonia drags him into the nurse's lounge, claiming she's in control; Paul is merely a means to an end. When Angel points out the Nick is nice and sexy and treats her like a queen, Sonia breaks down, admitting that she panicked and lit the whole thing on fire. Angel thinks Sonia has to tell Nick, and she ruefully agrees.

Hung over after her wild night with tequila, Chloe runs into Sands, who's looking for Veronica. He tells Chloe to take the day off, but she's determined to get through her ER shift. Sonia hasn't seen Veronica either, and can't believe she would have blown off Chris. Just then, Mike and Tim rush in looking for Veronica. They know all about what happened at the donut shop, having seen the security tape. Mike leaves Sands his number, instructing him to call if hears from Veronica and rushes off to search for her.

Meanwhile, Veronica sleeps in her car at a gas station. When the attendant wakes her up, she uses the bathroom and buys herself a load of junk food. When she gets back into her car, she's surprised to find the robber she shot dead, Tommy, sitting in the passenger seat. Despite Veronica's best efforts, Tommy won't go away, laying into her for shooting him. Veronica insists she had no choice. Tommy doesn't want to argue the subject, and suggests that they go get a drink instead.

Worried about Veronica, Chloe is unsure that she can get through the day. She and Angel are surprised to find the ER deserted, as all personnel are gathered around the radio desk. A bomb has exploded on a city bus, causing a multi-vehicle crash. About to be inundated with the wounded, everyone scrambles into action. Chloe spies Sands leaving the hospital to go look for Veronica and convinces him to stay put. No one's better equipped to handle these types of injuries than Sands. Taking off his coat, Sands gets right to work, explaining his color-coded triage system to Chloe.

Veronica drives, quibbling angrily with Tommy. She made it through two tours of duty in Iraq without shooting anybody and now this. Why was he robbing a donut shop anyway? How much money could have been in that safe? When Tommy shows off his bullet wounds, Veronica realizes he never had a chance, as one of the bullets went right through his aorta. Tommy pops the glove box open, asking why Veronica still has the gun from the donut shop. Veronica tells him not to worry about it, so Tommy suggests a good bar where a ghost and a crazy lady can get a peaceful mid-morning drink.

Back in the ER, chaos reigns as triage moves into high gear. Sonia tends to 15-year-old Everett Cone while waiting for Sands. When she questions Everett about some burn wounds on the palms of his hands, he blanks out, staring out into space. Sands performs an ultrasound to find that Everett has a small amount of blood in his spleen, which should heal on its own. Still, they're going to do a CT scan to be sure. As Sonia turns to leave, Everett calls after her. The people who got hurt on the bus were doomed, having lost the right to be redeemed.

After stitching up hot housewife Becky's arm, Harris is stunned when she pulls him in for a hot kiss. Becky can't understand why she did it, claiming that she smells someone making soup. She has no nausea or double vision, but she does have a tiny scrape over her eye which feels itchy. Harris decides on a skull X-ray. Meanwhile, Nick gives orders to a group of uniformed cops. The hospital is on lockdown. Only immediate family of the victims is allowed in, and no one gets discharged.

Nick runs into Sonia. What happened to her last night? She could've called. Stressed, Sonia prefers to talk about it later. Nick wants to start interviewing patients. The bus explosion was caused by a small pipe bomb, the type anyone could make if they looked it up on the Internet. Does Sonia have any contenders? Remembering the suspicious burns on Everett's hands, Sonia brings Nick to the CT room where Everett is about to get scanned. Everett admits that God told him the people on the bus were doomed -- it was a sacrifice...

Veronica and Tommy belly up to the bar at the Red Fox Saloon, a total dive. Despite the fact that Veronica is talking to the bar stool next to her, the bartender serves her a big glass of whiskey. Back in the ER, Chloe mans the triage window, awash in people desperate to find their family members. Teen Abby pulls Chloe aside. Even though high school hockey champ Scott seems fine, Abby thinks he's not. She was sitting behind him on the bus, and he took a mighty hit. Since he's used to getting hurt, he may be covering something up.

Chloe and Briggs examine Scott, who insists that he's fine; all his tests are negative. Scott's dad wants a clean bill of health. Despite the fact that Scott already earned a hockey scholarship, there's an important tournament coming up. Besides, Scott doesn't know anyone named Abby. Briggs notices Scott wriggling his foot, which he admits feels a little tingly. Concerned, Briggs orders a lumbar spine, just to cover all the bases.

Sonia rushes up to Sands with Everett's scan, which shows that he blew a clot and has a lot of blood wandering around. Suddenly, alarms sound in Everett's room. Sands decides to prep for immediate surgery to try to repair Everett's spleen, if he can. Gillian bumps into Briggs in the hallway, asking him if they can forget that they ever had sex last night. Briggs scoffs, then shows Gillian Scott's scan. He's got a spinal hematoma compressing his spinal cord, and the aspirin he's been taking is making his blood slow to clot. They need to operate to drain the hematoma and repair the blood vessel stat. Gillian informs him that all the surgeons are busy; Briggs and Scott are going to have to wait.

Briggs finds Sands in the hallway, rushing to perform surgery on Everett. Briggs wants Sands to operate on Scott first, since it looks like Everett was the bus bomber. According to Sands triage system, Everett takes precedence, since his injury is life threatening; one of the other surgeons should be available soon. Briggs lays into Sands, claiming his judgment is clouded because of his trigger-happy girlfriend. Sands throws Briggs up against the wall, warning him not to push.

Harris finds Becky and her husband Tom playing provocatively, and has no easy time drawing their attention to Becky's X-ray. A small piece of shrapnel has penetrated her eye socket and lodged in the right frontal lobe of her brain. Since this could impact Becky's impulse control, it explains her recent lack of inhibition. Harris has consulted with a neurosurgeon, and they want to remove the shrapnel, a relatively simple procedure. Becky may eventually go back to the way she was, but not immediately.

At the Red Fox, Tommy suggests that Veronica get a new credit card and pull a geographic, taking off for Australia. Even though Veronica has always wanted to go, she insists that she can't leave her family behind -- plus she's in a sort-of relationship. When Tommy asks why Veronica didn't call Sands in the first place, she decides to call right now. Tommy makes a deal: if Sands doesn't pick up, they're going to do things his way. When Veronica's call goes to voice mail, she hangs up, ready to go to Australia. Tommy gives her a look -- they both know that's not where they're going.

Sands examines Everett after surgery. Everett seems fine, but drifts off again, staring into space and not answering Sands questions. His mother admits that this sort of thing has been happening quite a bit, but their doctor said that Everett had ADD. When Everett returns to reality, he asks his mom what she's doing there. Sands rushes off to flag Sonia. They need to get a bedside EEG on Everett.

Sands' phone vibrates. There's no message, but he spies an odd number on his caller ID, and dials it, connecting with the Red Fox's answering machine. Sands calls Mike and asks him to check out the Red Fox, which is over an hour away. Mike is skeptical, but Sands presses him, intuiting that Veronica is there. Meanwhile, Nick confronts Sonia about last night. She's just saying she's not sure if they want the same things when Paul walks up to ask if she wants to go to dinner later. Nick puts two and two together, and stalks off in a huff.

Briggs and Chloe are on hand when Scott wakes up from surgery. Briggs asks Scott to wiggle his toes and move his legs but he can't. Scott may be paralyzed, but it's too early to tell. Scott's dad freaks out, unable to understand how this could have happened. And why did Briggs allow the bomber to have surgery first? Scott's stoicism breaks down as his father leaves the room in a huff.

Harris finds Becky and Tom having sex in her room. He pulls the curtain shut as they get dressed, then explains that they've scheduled surgery for the morning. Tom is reluctant -- their current situation has its merits. Harris is outraged, but Tom and Becky explain that ever since their son was born two years ago, Becky has been crippled by post partum depression. Now she's finally feeling like her old self. Harris relents to leaving the shrapnel in Becky's brain for now, barring infection or abscess.

Sands performs an EEG on Everett to diagnose him with TLE, temporal lobe epilepsy. This could be causing his messianic visions, and the ADD stimulants would be lowering his seizure threshold. Briggs steps in, barking at Sands for his triage choice -- now Scott is paralyzed. Later, Sonia explains everything to Everett. God hasn't been talking to him, it's his disease. Luckily, there's medication to help him get better. Everett is overwhelmed by guilt for all the people that were hurt in the bombing. How could this have happened? God's directions were so clear.In the ER, Chloe puts a splint on Abby, who's gotten away with minor injuries. Abby admits that she doesn't really know Scott. Although they've attended school together for several years, she's never had the courage to talk to him. Convinced that Scott needs a friend, Chloe takes Abby upstairs. Scott invites Abby to sit on his bed, flinching his leg involuntarily. Abby and Scott can't believe their eyes, but Chloe confirms that Scott moved his leg -- it's a good sign.

Spying Veronica's car in the Red Fox's parking lot, Mike rushes inside. Yes, Veronica was there acting crazy, and left behind her car keys, saying she wouldn't be needing them. Outside, Mike looks around. When he spies the ocean in the distance, he jumps in his truck and speeds off. Back at the hospital, Sonia finds Nick on the terrace, and asks to talk about what happened. She was scared and did the wrong thing. Nick tells her to stay somewhere else tonight while he moves out. And no, he doesn't want to talk about it.Sands tends to Everett as he has another small seizure, zoning out. His mom is off talking to his uncle, a lawyer, but no one can help him. Suddenly, Scott's father enters, aiming a gun at Everett. Scott is crippled and it's all Everett's fault. Spying a uniformed cop in the hallway, Sands claims it's his fault. When Scott's dad shifts his aim to Sands, the cop takes him down, sending the gun flying across the floor. Everett picks up the gun and puts it to his head. Sands is just trying to talk Everett down when Briggs barges in, angrily grabbing the gun out of Everett's hand. Sands rushes to catch Everett as he collapses.

On the beach, Veronica tosses the gun into the water, mystifying Tommy. Veronica's crazy to think she can have a normal life after all she's been through, and now she can add murder to the top of the list. Sands didn't answer the phone because he doesn't want to take care of her for the rest of her life, and no one will ever love her. Veronica protests: Mike loves her. Tommy maintains that it's only a matter of time before Mike finds a nice, normal girl. It's time for Veronica and Tommy to go to Oregon. Veronica agrees, just as she spies Mike down the beach. He comes running, as Tommy walks off, promising Veronica that she'll be seeing him later.






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