Episode 1.05 : You Lost Me With the Cinder Block

  • Mercy
    • Episode Premiere : October 21, 2009
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2010
    • Production Company: Universal Media Studios, Berman Braun
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Even though the house isn't quite finished, Mike and Veronica gather family and friends for a barbecue. Veronica's brother Tim notices their fireman brother Ryan making time with Chloe - maybe Chloe wants to come for a ride along, since of their calls are medical? Chloe agrees, it sounds interesting. Mike has just let slip to Jeannie that he and Veronica are trying to have a baby when there's a knock at the door. The cops want to question Veronica about a cinder block, which found its way through Dr. Harris' windshield...

In bed with Nick, Sonia definitely doesn't want to go to work. When she reluctantly pulls out her toothbrush, Nick offers to clear a shelf in the medicine cabinet, but Sonia won't hear of it. What she does want is for Nick to deal with yappy Crystal, a meth dealer's dog he's taken in for the time being. Little Crystal needs to find a new crib, or Sonia might just develop an allergy to dogs.

Sonia takes a seat at the bus stop, salivating. As she's about to dig into her Cinabon, she spies a naked guy, walking all fancy free down the street. When sirens screech up, Sonia runs over, as the naked guy climbs up a fire escape ladder on the side of an apartment building. Acknowledging that he already called paramedics, a cop warns Sonia to step away as the naked guy jumps off the fire escape into a pile of garbage. Trevor is able to tell Sonia his name, and she promises to take him to the hospital.

At work, Veronica confronts Harris with a head full of steam. The cops interrupted her housewarming party. Harris reminds Veronica that she threw a cinder block through his windshield, and now he's driving a rented GEO, yuck! Sands wheels in Derek Whitlow, car accident victim, who's refusing surgery until he finds out what happened to his pregnant wife, also in the accident. Veronica knows the wife has probably been turfed to OB and promises to find her.

Sonia warns Chloe to cover up her boobs before going on the fire department ride along, then checks on Trevor. Trevor insists he wasn't trying to commit suicide and apologizes for his nakedness. He's a somnambulist who can't sleep with any clothes on, too constricting. He could have been an astronomer, but since he couldn't attend sleep away college, he's stuck as a docent at the local planetarium. Refusing to get bitter, Trevor asks to be left alone. On the way out, Sonia notices an odd scar on his back.

Veronica finds Dr. Jelani with Derek's wife Carey. Jelani wants to perform surgery to make sure Carey's liver has stopped bleeding, but Carey is wary of the effects of the anesthesia on the baby. Veronica assures that the baby won't be harmed, explaining that Derek is holding the OR hostage until he gets the good word from Carey. Veronica tries to leave, but Carey begs her to stay, tired of being passed from nurse to nurse. With a look to Jelani, Veronica agrees to escort Carey to the ER.

Veronica sprints to the OR to give Derek the news about his wife. Klowden pulls Veronica aside to talk about her Harris problem. When Veronica claims she knows nothing about his car, Klowden suggests that they stop insulting each other. Klowden has wanted to throw a brick through Harris' window but she suppresses the urge; it's called impulse control. Harris filed a complaint with Risk Oversight - not about his car, but Veronica going behind his back to get Gerald Petit into the Interferon Program. Veronica's disciplinary hearing is scheduled for that evening. If Veronica likes her job, she should attend.

Ryan welcomes Chloe to the fire house, introducing his handsome co-worker Petey Boswick. Meanwhile, Veronica tells Sonia and Angel about her hearing, to be presided over by the legendary Dr. Hammaker, aka The Dark Helmet, known for firing people. Sonia's totally behind Veronica for standing up to Harris over her patients, but she got lost at the cinder block. Veronica should check herself: this is about responsibility, which she needs to think about, now that she plans to have a baby.

The nurses' conversation is cut short by Trevor, who's sleepwalking naked through the hallway. Angel warns Sonia not to touch him, even though they can't wake him up. Suddenly Trevor's mom, Mrs. Simanski appears, banging two bedpans together; the loud noise does the trick. Veronica wheels Derek into see Carey, who reluctantly admits that she's in a lot of pain. When Veronica explains that Carey's water has broken, she panics. It's too soon - she's only 31 weeks pregnant! Veronica pages OB.

Jelani explains that OB Dr. Melvoy put Carey on magnesium sulfate to stop her contractions; Veronica is to check on her every half hour. Veronica points out that Carey's not her patient; besides she has a disciplinary hearing, so she has to stay on the right side of the law. If she could, Jelani would give Carey a sedative, but she can't, so that leaves Veronica. Carey trusts her.

Mike stops by, having made lunch for Veronica. He suggests boogie time in the supply closet, but Veronica's not into making babies right now; she's concerned about Carey. Mike promises that Veronica's day will get better, but she's not so sure, anticipating that she'll get fired. If Veronica doesn't want to work another day in her life, it's okay by Mike. Meanwhile, Chloe entertains the firemen with tales from her hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, surprised to find that Petey hails from the same place.

Sonia checks in on Trevor, who's upset. He tried living in his own apartment for 90 days, but now his mother wants him to come home. Sonia's surprised to learn that Mrs. Simanski locks her son into a windowless bedroom every night. Mrs. Simanski explains: when Trevor was 12, he walked into the house across the street during one of his episodes. She and her husband woke to the sound of a gunshot. Now Trevor is all she has, and she can't bear to hear about so-called solutions.

Jelani finds Harris talking to his wife Elena on the phone, asking her to stop by their house to sign for a package. After a lovey-dovey goodbye, Jelani points out that Veronica is a good nurse, and it would be a shame to lose her. Harris tells Jelani that she should reconsider her hairstyle - wait a minute! Jelani didn't ask for his opinion, so what he just said was rude. Sonia interrupts to ask Harris if he knows anything about sleepwalking, and takes him to see Trevor.

Harris runs through a list of drugs and possible causes, but Trevor's tried everything. Harris decides to try Trazodone again; Sonia still thinks pajamas would do the trick. In the hallway, Sonia asks Harris if there's anything else they can do. Harris claims that it's not really a medical issue; his hands are tied. Sonia gets a bright idea. As soon as Trevor's asleep she wraps him in a sleeping bed and uses bungee cords to tie him to the bed.

On a call, Chloe asks Ryan if he's ready to be an uncle. Ryan thinks Mike and Veronica should slow down, seeing as they had such a rough go when Veronica was in Iraq. Chloe can't imagine what it's like to be at war, desperate for human connection; it's not really surprising. Smelling a rat, Ryan presses Chloe until she lets the cat out of the bag, stunning Ryan. Veronica had an affair?! Back at the hospital, Sands confronts Veronica with the rumor that she's trying to get pregnant. With a kid in the mix, he goes from the man waiting in the wings to an obsessive homewrecker, and that's something he just can't do.

Jelani summons Veronica. Carey's baby's heart rate is dropping, and they need to do an emergency C-section now! Jelani and Veronica attend Dr. Melvoy in birthing the tiny baby, who's immediately whisked off the NICU. Worse news, Carey is hemorrhaging. She begs Veronica to stay with her. Meanwhile, Angel and Sonia discover Trevor's bed - empty! They follow a trail of discarded bungee cords to find him naked and ready to jump off the balcony. Angel lets out a piercing scream, waking Trevor, and allowing Sonia to knock him to the floor. Trevor cries, beyond frustration.

Jelani informs Veronica that Melvoy is scrubbing in to do a hysterectomy on Carey. Knowing the baby isn't out of the woods yet, Veronica insists there must be a better way. In Iraq, they used to do arterial embolizations. Jelani agrees this might work, but Melvoy is old school, and won't know how. Veronica offers to find Sands, while Jelani runs off to delay Melvoy. Sands suspects Veronica is trying to use him to do another end run around a doctor she doesn't agree with, but Veronica explains - this is a case of hysterectomy or death. Klowden reminds Veronica that her hearing is in 5 minutes, but she runs off with Sands, despite the fact that technically, Carey isn't her patient.

Trevor fills out his discharge papers. Sonia suggests that he might try keeping his apartment, but Trevor knows it will drive his mother crazy, and he can't do that. Trevor's just on his way out when Sonia gets another bright idea. Asking Trevor to wait, Sonia has Nick bring Crystal the dog to the hospital. Now if Trevor tries to sleepwalk, the dog will certainly bark and wake him up! Meanwhile, Harris and Klowden wait in the hearing room with Hammaker. Veronica is already 15 minutes late...

The embolization procedure is successful, and Veronica reunites Derek, Carey and tiny baby Wesley. Sands reminds Veronica about her hearing, but she can't see the point of going. Sands knows that her job is the only thing keeping Veronica out of a padded room; she'll never get the same juice from raising kids. Veronica needs to apologize to Harris for the cinder block incident, and if she's not sorry, she needs to fake it - just like Sands did when he wished her good luck having a baby with another man. Smiling, Veronica thanks Sands and heads to the hearing.

In the fire truck, Chloe is trying and failing to convince Ryan to keep Veronica's affair a secret when a call comes in, robbery and assault. When they get to the home, Ryan and Petey get to work on an unconscious woman, whom Chloe recognizes as Harris' wife Yelena. Chloe screams for the ambulance driver to go to Mercy, pages Harris, then gets to work as Yelena goes into V-fib. Meanwhile, a fight breaks out in the hearing room. When Harris accuses Veronica of obfuscating, she admits to throwing the cinder block through his windshield - it was wrong.

When Harris claims that Veronica is going to get someone killed, she realizes he doesn't even understand her job and stalks out of the hearing. Veronica is just on her way home when Yelena is wheeled in. Everyone converges on flatlining Yelena, and Veronica hands the paddles to a stunned Harris. After several tries, Veronica wants to keep going, but Harris calls the time of his wife's death. Later, Veronica finds Harris sitting in shock on the terrace. He's not sure what to do, but thinks he should take Yelena back to her family. Veronica offers to call the Russian Consulate, but Harris asks her not to leave him yet. Veronica takes his hand, and they sit together quietly.






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