Last Resort

Episode 1.07 : Nuke It Out

  • Last Resort
    • Episode Premiere : November 15, 2012
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

There have been rumors that the CIA puts a sleeper agent on submarines just in case some crazy captain ever goes rogue. The sub spy could be the person who swiped the nuclear missile launch key. Marcus lets Sam know that every crew member who was aboard the sub when it was stolen is a suspect. This includes Grace. The crew is angry about the unexplained searches, but they're not as ticked as Prosser is once he learns his men are buying drugs from someone on the island. He puts a beating on the local distributor to send the message that he's to not deal to the Navy.

The only two people who know that Booth is alive are Marcus and Sam. FYI-Booth is the leader of the Black Ops team that stormed the island in "Another Fine Navy Day." The guy claims he doesn't know who the sleeper is, but there's one other person who might. A team storms Serrat's place to haul away boxes and steamer trunks. Meanwhile, Sam searches Sophie's office space. He finds the vials of green liquid we saw her collecting in "Voluntold." He also watches video of himself beating on Booth while in a drugged state. Later, he sees the footage of him kissing Sophie.

Booth says the terrorist threat the government used regarding Pakistan was just a false flag to validate the first shot. He lets Sam know that he and his crew are the good guys, but his team is, too. Booth believes the Colorado needs to remain the symbol of resistance, but not with Marcus in charge. His people want Sam to take command. He even offers to bring Christine to the island. Later, Sam lets Marcus know that crew morale is low. This doesn't really concern the captain. He just wants to find that key.

James is enjoying his relationship with Tani, but he's also dealing with a complicated, contentious relationship with Grace. He wonders why she's not part of the security effort being enforced by her captain and XO. He also wants to know what happened to the fifth member of the Black Ops team. Grace has no idea what he talking about. James has her wondering if Marcus and Sam are keeping her in the dark. Grace gets a little break from her worries when Cortez invites her out for a night of drinking with the other lady crew members.

Kylie Sinclair secretly purchases a high-tech listening device from someone who works for her family's company. Later, a woman named Forrest approaches her claiming to be a friend of the now secretly-incarcerated Admiral Shepard. This mystery lady provides photographs of deceased White House advisor Amanda Straugh. The president is saying she died in a plane crash. These pictures prove she was shot during the failed negotiations that took place in "Skeleton Crew." Christine shows them to the world during a TV interview to prove the government is perpetuating a massive cover-up.

Christine calms down Paul Wells, who is furious over the stunt she pulled. She holds him close to thank him for all that he's done, but ultimately pulls away when he moves to kiss her. That's because she's only trying to keep him busy while Kylie plants the listening device in his car. The two of them later hear a conversation with Defense Secretary Curry, who wants Paul to continue with his mission if he wants to see Daniel again. Christine and Kylie learn that Daniel is Paul's son.

Serrat is furious when his drug dealer returns from a bloody beating at the hands of the COB. Elsewhere, Sam assembles his crew in the middle of town to tell them some jokes. Most of them are at the expense of the U.S. Army. It's his way of loosening up a bunch of tense sailors. The good times continue as cases of beer are delivered. A makeshift movie screen is set up for a viewing of the 1991 Army-Navy game. The crowd goes wild, and we're not talking about the one at the stadium.

Away from the action, Cortez seeks out Marcus to assure him that she's with him all the way. Sam also sneaks away from the game to bring Booth a beer. This doesn't sit well with James and Hopper, who would rather interrogate the man who killed their SEAL buddies in a different way. Booth lets Sam know that the sleeper will be communicating with Langley via a communications site somewhere on the island. All he has to do is find it. He also needs to consider the option of taking over command from Marcus.

A female sailor, Reynolds, is tossed from a pickup truck near the area where everyone is watching the game. A crudely-made bomb has been strapped to her body. James and Grace rush over to help. They work in perfect harmony to diffuse the device. It's an incredibly tense moment that ends with everyone in one piece. A short time later, Grace finds James on the beach. Adrenaline is still flowing inside them. They give in to a fiery passion to have raw, intense sex on the beach. Grace lets James know this was a one-time thing. They both thank each other for their time. As we said, their relationship is complicated.

Marcus takes a team to seek justice for what went down with Reynolds. Serrat says he captured the thug who was solely responsible for the attack. He assures the captain that this individual will be dealt with accordingly. Marcus is onboard with this. That's why he hands his pistol to Brannan, who shoots the thug dead. Marcus then punches Serrat, who is left with a scar on his face from the captain's ring. Sam is in disbelief that they've just become executioners. Later, he learns from Sophie that the soil samples prove that the island is worth a lot of money. This is one person he can truly trust.

Serrat is seething about all that has happened. He and his men kidnap Prosser, who is revealed to be a recovering addict. Serrat exploits this knowledge by burning the soles of the COB's feet. He then injects Prosser with drugs to take the pain away. Serrat shoves refills into his pockets. He leaves Prosser alone in the jungle struggling with his pain and the temptation to keep using. On another part of the island, we see Cortez looking for a place to bury something. We realize the item she's hiding is the same thing her captain and XO are desperately trying to find: the missing nuclear launch key.

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