Last Resort

Episode 1.02 : Blue on Blue

  • Last Resort
    • Episode Premiere : October 04, 2012
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Dozens of warships from various countries are bearing down on the new island home of the U.S.S. Colorado. Marcus gives the order to engage the Perseus prototype which will hide the sub's electronic signature-if it works. Sam believes they should be calling D.C. to sort through this mess. Marcus announces to the crew that there will come a time to talk. Right now, they show strength.

The Perseus is engaged. Lights dim for a moment, and then power is restored. The Colorado vanishes off all monitors. The prototype works. The U.S.S. Illinois searches for its target as the Colorado rises behind it. WHOOSH! A torpedo rushes toward the Illinois. DINK! The disabled warhead hits one of the sub's stern planes before falling harmlessly to the ocean floor. The Illinois hightails it out of the area. Marcus wants the crew to be sure the next torpedo is armed just in case.

The contrail of a large aircraft is seen in the sky. Sophie identifies the plane as a 747 passenger jet from Taiwan. The craft exits the 200-mile perimeter, but Marcus and Sam know that a Delta Force team could have very easily executed a HALO (High Altitude-Low Opening) jump on the other side of the island. Highly-trained Special Forces operatives are likely headed their way. Sam assembles a team to intercept. Grace, who is looking to make others believe in her, volunteers to be his second.

James continues his favorite pastime of getting drunk at the local island bar. Tani gives him a hangover cure that promptly causes the disenchanted SEAL to throw up. James barely has time to pop a breath mint before Sam and Grace arrive to ask for help regarding the Deltas. That's not going to happen. Sophie isn't inclined to offer assistance either. Sam's frustration about this gets put on hold when he gets a phone call from The States. It's his wife.

Christine Kendal is calling from a sparsely-decorated room under the watchful eye of her interrogator, Dodds, and a tightly-wound man named Pilgrim. She lets Sam know that he'll get full amnesty as long as he surrenders the sub, as well as Marcus. Then Christine knows what she has to do. She tells Sam to not trust these people before her phone is confiscated. Sam is visibly shaken. Marcus lets him know that they'll be attacked with what hurts the most. That's not always missiles and bullets. Sam gives Marcus a letter that's addressed to Christine should the worst occur when he intercepts the Deltas.

Prosser is not serving his time locked up in the makeshift island jail cell quietly. He lets Marcus know that he is no longer captain of his boat. There are others who completely support the COB. Without saying the words, Prosser encourages two sailors, Redman and Hawkes, to make sure Grace doesn't make it back from the Delta intercept alive. James believes they are all dead anyway. Tani selects him to be a peacemaker by marking his face, as is the island's tradition. These marks are an honor.

Sophie offers the team a fighting chance by going along as their guide. Sam and his group, which includes sonar officer Cameron Pitts, find a field where they look to get an upper hand on the Deltas. Grace, Redman and Hawkes set up a kill zone away from the others. Several heavily-armed soldiers step out from the jungle. The Colorado team has a lock on them, but Sam doesn't give the order to fire. Instead, he steps into the open field unarmed. He wants to talk.

Back at the NATO center, Marcus has a phone conversation with Secretary of Defense Curry, who has been promoted from the Deputy Secretary position he held in "Captain." He wants know about the Delta team, but Curry denies they are on the island. He's telling the truth. The soldiers in the field are not Deltas. They're Russian Spetsnaz. Once Sam realizes this, he keys a detonator. BOOM! A hidden charge blows back two Russians. A deadly firefight ensues.

Marcus contacts a Russian general named Viktor. He vows to attack the base where this man's sons are stationed. He gets the general to basically admit that they are making a play for his submarine while Curry listens in. The Secretary of Defense demands that Viktor pull the men back. The captain's plan worked, but the firefight continues. A Colorado crew member is hit. Grace is pinned down. She orders Hawkes to give her cover, but he turns and runs.

Sam wants his team to hightail it out of there while he stays to fight. Grace also wants to battle for a better position with Redman, who is too scared to follow her lead. Sam rushes into the open field. Grace is hit as she does the same. A Russian soldier is about slit her throat with a knife when... THWIP! A bullet takes down the Russian. THWIP! Another Spetsnaz goes down. And another. We see that James has taken them out sniper-style from a spot high in the hills. The remaining Russians bug out.

In Washington, Kylie Sinclair verbally beats down a blowhard beltway jerk at a bar who believes they can take out the Colorado with a cruise missile. This is something that will never happen. Moments later, Kylie meets up with her favorite deep cover mole in the Defense Department, a nervous fellow named Linus. She wants the guy to find out who gave the order to fire on the Colorado. A short time later, Linus is brain dead from an alleged allergic reaction. Kylie rifles through Linus's pocket in his hospital room to find a piece of paper that reads "Order 998." We don't yet know what this means.

Pilgrim shows Christine video of a debriefing Sam endured awhile back. It's from a time when he was held captive in North Korea for 17 days. Marcus put his career on the line to force his release. This is an event Christine knew nothing about. Sam never told her. Later, Christine is informed that the U.S. government has exceeded their authority by a lawyer named Paul Wells. He's an old friend of Sam's and he's come to take her home. He's also secretly in cahoots with Pilgrim.

When Sam's team returns to home base, Redman wants to kill the two Russian prisoners they captured. Marcus reminds everyone of who they are. His message is received, but skepticism arises when Prosser informs everyone that Marcus confided in him that his son, Jeffrey, was killed two weeks ago by friendly fire. This could be the captain's payback on the country that took his son away from him. Marcus calmly replies that they all know him. Enough said.

Sam lets Marcus know there are two teams looking for missing sailors Brannan and Cortez. He then recalls a story about how happy the captain once was when Jeffrey showed up to watch his old man pull out to sea. Marcus breaks down at this memory. Sam assures him that the things that hurt us most will give us our strength. Grace is also summoning some inner fortitude as evidenced in a video message to her dad. As for Sam, we learn that the reason he never told Christine about North Korea is because she's the one good thing he's got left in the world. This way he gets to keep that.

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