Las Vegas Episode 4.05 Delinda's Box Part 1
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Las Vegas Episode 4.05 Delinda's Box Part 1

Episode Premiere
Dec 1, 2006
Drama, Crime, Thriller
Production Company
Gary Scott Thompson Prod., DreamWorks, NBC
Official Site
Episode Premiere
Dec 1, 2006
Drama, Crime, Thriller
2003 - 2008
Production Co
Gary Scott Thompson Prod., DreamWorks, NBC
Official Site
David Solomon
Mark Cullen, Robb Cullen
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • David Figlioli
  • Rico E. Anderson
  • Meredith Zealy
  • Shane Woodson
  • Reno Wilson

Two gunmen have beaten Ed and dragged him out to an open grave in the desert. Anther car arrives in the night. Two more gunmen jump out with a bound and screaming Delinda. One Mr. Chips lays out the deal: If Ed doesn't rob the Montecito of $50 million within 12 hours ' the amount of air in the coffin ' Delinda dies. There is nothing for Ed to do but agree to this most fiendish of plots.

Ed is forced to wear a tracking anklet that charts his every move and transmits everything he says. Worse, it's loaded with enough high-density C4 to blow his legs off his body if he fails to comply with any part of the plan. Once he gets the money, Ed will get the location of the grave and the codes to disarm the explosives.

Ed arrives at the casino to find Danny sporting the most flamboyant shirt of all time ' a gift from Delinda. When Danny expresses worry over a missing Delinda, Ed suspiciously tells him that she's with her sister Nessa. Ed takes off and is interrupted by Mary who pitches him the idea of creating a mascot for the casino. A distracted Ed tells her to go ahead.

Danny bumps into Ed's wife Jillian and mentions the "good news about Nessa" being back in town after a two-year absence. Jillian doesn't know what he's talking about. Moments later, Danny overhears Ed ordering more money to be brought to the casino. Danny questions him about Nessa; a call from Mr. Chips warns Ed to be careful about what he says.

Sam welcomes blue-collar whales Sid Turner and Willy Hammond to the casino. They won millions in the lottery and have each brought two million to gamble with at the Montecito. Sam is dumbfounded when they explain that for their first 12 hours, they'll be playing hide and seek. This fuels Danny's suspicion about Ed's money order since they're the hotel's only whales and they're not even gambling.

After doing a bad job of allaying Jillian's questions regarding Danny, Nessa, and Delinda, Ed goes to the cage and orders Tommy to pack up $25 million for transport. Tommy refuses, saying that if they transport that much, they'll have to close half the casino. Ed doesn't care. He fires Tommy and promotes another employee so he can do the job instead.

Mary introduces Mike to the casino's new mascot, "Monty Montecito," a wacky prospector character. Danny grabs Mike to talk about Ed's strange behavior and what he could possibly be doing with $50 million: 25 going out of the cage and 25 coming into the casino.

Danny and Mike review surveillance tapes from the casino. They see Mr. Chips stalking Ed in an elevator and a felon named Russ DeBeers following Delinda. The last time they see Delinda, she's getting into an unmarked black SUV.

Willy and Sid's game of hide-and-seek continue when Sam catches Sid sawing a hole in a door to catch Willy in the shower. Things go from bad to worse when Willy de-trunks Sid in the swimming pool, forcing Sid to walk through the hotel sporting an inner tube around his bare essentials.

Danny meets up with Mike in the freezer to tell him that he thinks Delinda is being held as collateral until Ed robs $50 million. When Mike asks Danny what they should do, Danny responds, "We help him." Danny reports back to Ed and subtly lets Ed know that he's aware of what's going on. Later, Ed slips Danny a note to order a helicopter.

Mary's Monty character gets more and more out of control by getting drunk and groping every female guest he can get his oversized mitts on. Meanwhile, Sid and Willy run wild through the casino. Sam catches them and tells them they have to game or she's throwing them out. Both take turns betting half a million on roulette and both win!

With only 29 minutes worth of air left in Delinda's casket, Ed gets the $50 million loaded onto the truck. As Ed takes the money to Mr. Chips, Danny boards the helicopter and gives the pilot the thumbs up to take to the air.

Mary fires Monty for being drunk and for groping a dozen guests. When Monty refuses to go, Mike has to step in. Things get physical and Mike is forced to duke it out with the wacky foam-rubber character. Sam uses this to her advantage by cloaking Willy in the suit and setting it up so he finds Sid, thus ending their game of hide-and-seek so they can be freed up to gamble.

Mr. Chips and a legion of SUVs escort Ed off the road to make the money transfer. Chips is satisfied and gives Ed the info he needs to retrieve Delinda. Ed punches Mr. Chips and slips a tracking device onto his jacket. With Chips and his crew gone, Ed calls Danny with the coordinates just as his explosive anklet starts counting down from five minutes.

With only moments to spare, Danny digs up Delinda's casket and diffuses the explosives. Opening the casket he's greeted with a shocking surprise: Delinda is not there. As Ed's anklet ticks down to 0, he tells Danny that he was always like a son and pleads for him to find Delinda because "I'm not going to make it... Goodbye, kid."