Las Vegas

Episode 4.02 : Died In Plain Sight

  • Las Vegas
    • Episode Premiere : November 03, 2006
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Crime, Thriller
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2003 - 2008
    • Production Company: Gary Scott Thompson Prod., DreamWorks, NBC
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director David Solomon
  • Screenwriter Matt Pyken
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • Dorian Harewood,
    • Malaya Rivera Drew,
    • Charlie Koznick,
    • Jamie Sorrentini,
    • Mark Adair-Rios

The Story

In Morocco, Ed gives two CIA agents the slip by making contact with a friendly shopkeeper at a busy market. Later, the shopkeeper gets Ed on a private plane heading out of the country.

In Hawaii, Sam looks through the files on the flash drive, which contains personal information on the world's biggest whales. But Mike, while getting a massage from Shannon, struggles to break the second layer of encryption. Benny, however, figures it out, discovering a phone number that belongs to Natalie Ko, the biggest real estate broker on the island.

Sam talks to Natalie Ko about the whales and the local real estate market. Cutting to the chase, Sam asks why Natalie sent her the flash drive, and she replies, "to get your attention." According to Natalie, Brian not only killed the girl, he killed three others as well. If Sam gets everyone to dump Brian from their whale lists, Natalie promises to hand over the rest of the info on the flash drive, "the key to the kingdom."

Somewhere over the Atlantic, Ed reviews his Karim Sharif files. When he gets off the plane, Danny is there to pick him up because his secret destination is none other than Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sam has her doubts and sends for Mike. In Hawaii, Mike shows Brian's picture to a prostitute, who tells him that Brian is a teddy bear and never hurt any girls. The next day during a stroll on vacant land owned by Brian, Mike suggests that Natalie framed Brian so she could get the land because she owns property right next door and wants to combine the two.

Ed and Danny get into a cab driven by Karim Sharif! Ed warns Sharif that The Company is coming to kill him, but the amiable Karim talks up his latest business venture instead. "I thought I told you to stay dead," Ed bemoans.

Ed tells Danny that he didn't kill Sharif because he wasn't convinced he was guilty with what the CIA charged him, and he didn't want to kill an innocent man; instead, Ed hid him in Vegas. Danny reminds Ed that he's a dead man if the agency discovers this. Danny's right: at CIA headquarters, the agency discovers that Ed is really in Vegas.

By reviewing surveillance tape, Mike and Sam see that two phony maids went in and only one phony maid came out � the other phony maid was killed and replaced by the stripper. Benny thinks that's plenty of evidence to get Brian off the hook.

Mary confronts Danny: she's mad that neither Danny nor Delinda respected her enough to tell her the truth about them. Afterward, Mary confronts Delinda about the same thing, but Delinda gives back as good as she gets. Mary also confronts Mike for not telling her about Danny and Delinda. She accuses him of being insecure and warns him that, "it's not OK to be Switzerland anymore."

Danny and Ed take Mike into their confidence. They explain the situation about Sharif and ask Mike to help kill him.

Ed meets with Sharif at the Freemont Street Experience, but the CIA are also there and ready to kill. In front of dozens of witnesses, Ed fires three bullets into Sharif's stomach. Sharif crumples over in a bloody heap. Calm as can be, Ed walks away from the scene.

Ed asks Agents Lennox and Jinks why they wanted Sharif so bad. They say it's for "Van Allen and Gans." Ed is incredulous and says that Sharif had nothing to do with their deaths. Ed says that his contract is done and he's out for good, but Lennox says that they'll be back if Ed's needed again.

Vic surprises Sam in Las Vegas as a last-ditch attempt to get her back. He tells her that he likes her meanness and she fires back by threatening to have Ed kill him if he doesn't go back to Hawaii. Vic hints that Casey is selling the Montecito but he won't say to whom. Sam offers to sleep with him if he tells her and off they go to a room.






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