Go On

Episode 1.20 : Matchup Problems

  • Go On
    • Episode Premiere : March 26, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment, NBC
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/go-on/

Cast and Crew

  • Director Beth McCarthy-Miller
  • Screenwriter Jon Pollack, Scott Silveri
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • Courtney Cox

The Story

Yolanda enters the therapy group with a tight dress, cutlets and a scowl. Her parents feel her window of opportunity for marriage is closing quickly and they want to marry her off, so they're sending her on an Asian Christian singles cruise. When Ryan enters, he immediately takes a never-before- shown interest in Yolanda, until he finds out about her fake breast inserts. He's suddenly less enthused, though he agrees it's really hard to meet someone new; everyone should take help where they can get it. Anne tells Ryan she has a woman that might be perfect for him... The only wild card? Anne's not sure this woman likes dummies.

Ryan's confused when Anne takes him to the grave of her dead wife, but she's really in the process of setting him up on a blind date. Anne points Ryan over to a widow laying flowers on her dead husband's grave. When Ryan approaches Talia the widow, she surprisingly eats up his lame gravestone joke. Snowballing off the good vibes, Ryan asks her out, but Talia thinks he means all three of them... including Anne. Ryan panics and doesn't correct her.

Later, in therapy, Anne tells the group she'll be accompanying Ryan and Talia on their first date, but promises to leave as soon as Talia gives Ryan a "sign." Yolanda reports in via Skype from the single's cruise and asks the group for help finding a guy at an onboard mixer. Carrying her laptop around, the group helps her decide which guys to approach, only when she does, one of them takes a liking to Lauren, who creepily flirts back.

On the three-way date, Talia shamelessly uses her widow status to guilt-trip the waiter into giving the table free drinks and buffalo wings. Ryan likes Talia's spunk, but when Anne reveals Ryan is sensitive and cries a lot, he puts on a tough exterior. Of course, when Talia says she likes a sensitive man, Ryan does a complete 180, then starts boasting, a nervous habit. Talia affectionately rubs his arm, and Ryan looks at Anne. Was that the sign she was referring to?

Later on, the date takes a bewildering turn when Talia seems to be giving "signs" to both Ryan and Anne! When Talia goes to order more shots, Ryan and Anne try to figure out what's going on and develop a plan of action, but Anne's a terrible wingman. When Talia returns, Anne just blurts out the question: "Which one of us are you hitting on?!" Talia explains she was hitting on both of them and that she wants to explore life following the death of her husband. She doesn't know what direction her love life is going, so she gives Ryan and Anne the choice. Talia will be back at the restaurant tomorrow, awaiting whichever of the two shows up...

In therapy, the group confronts Lauren about her weird flirting over Skype with the cruise ship guy. Lauren's getting married to Wyatt, who's wonderful, and she needs to cut it out! Anne shows up dressed to the nines, and Ryan realizes she's going to make a play for Talia. If it's a competition she wants, Ryan won't back down... game on. Yolanda skypes in and confesses she's terrible at meeting guys. She always thought she was single because she worked too much, but this cruise has caused her to give up on love.

Talia is flattered when both Ryan and Anne show up at the restaurant the next night, but she doesn't want to make it a competition; they should just enjoy each other's company. Ryan and Anne don't pay any attention and begin flowering Talia with compliment after compliment. Naturally, Talia likes this much better and encourages them to continue. Anne's slam-dunk looks nearly complete when she convinces Talia to accompany her to the ladies' room.

Meanwhile, Sonia confronts Lauren about her Skype-flirting with the guy from Yolanda's cruise ship (Russ). Lauren assures her it's innocent and fun, but when she abruptly receives a video call from Russ - and he's naked - she realizes she was sending the wrong signals. It's no excuse, but Lauren admits she never felt attractive when she was younger, so getting attention still feels like a thrill. Wyatt deserves better, she needs to tell him everything. George and Fausta strongly suggest she keep the secret repressed, as she'd only be confessing to Wyatt to soothe her own guilt. Lauren wrestles with the decision.

Back at the restaurant, the waiter tells Ryan the kitchen's overheard what's going on at his table... and they're all rooting for him. When Talia comes back from the bathroom, the waiter spills a drink on Anne, and Ryan tells them he's going home. Talia says she wants him to come home with her. What? He won! Talia thinks they have a real connection. But when Ryan gets inside Talia's Corvette, Anne seems unnervingly serene. From outside the car, Anne tells Ryan that Talia initially chose her in the bathroom, but Anne declined. She got a weird vibe. Talia puts on the song "Get Your Freak On" and drives off with a petrified Ryan.

Talia admits she stole the Corvette - the perks of being a widow! When she tells Ryan she's not ready to be physically intimate, he's beyond confused. Talia runs a red light and bails as the cops pull her over. Later, on the radio, Ryan talks about free agency in sports and how you really have to assess what you want out of a partnership before making a commitment. Lauren asks herself the same question in bed as Wyatt sleeps. In therapy, Ryan says he's off "set-ups" for a while. Mr. K somehow boarded the cruise ship, determined to find Yolanda a mate. Maybe she'll find one after all. As for Anne and Ryan, well they both learned they've still got game, but they'll have to be more selective about their mates in the future.

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