Go On

Episode 1.10 : Back, Back, Back... It's Gone!

  • Go On
    • Episode Premiere : November 27, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment, NBC
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/go-on/

Cast and Crew

The Story

At the beach, Carrie and Ryan make their way towards the volleyball game, where a handful of tall, beautiful women are playing. Ryan's crippled with nerves so Carrie reminds him that he talks for a living. Yes, collectively these women are intimidating, but all he needs to do is attract one. Misty introduces Ryan to the rest of the girls and they begin to play. Ryan tries to talk to the different women, first about Twitter, then about "Twilight." He's met with blank stares. When Ryan's wedding band slips off his finger, he takes his back out trying to catch it. Carrie finds the ring and asks the girls to give Ryan a little space. A downtrodden Ryan admits to Carrie that he hates this. He just wants to be married. Carrie smears sunblock across Ryan's face and runs to get help. Paralyzed and pathetic, Ryan calls after some attractive women. He's Ryan King and this is how he is now.

Determined to find Puddin', Sonia enlists Danny's help, not because he's search and rescue trained, but because he's bland and willing to take orders. They come across a tree, and Sonia attempts to speak cat to it, as Danny looks on in admiration. Later at group, Ryan shows everyone photos of the volleyball women. He thought he absolutely blew it, but this morning he woke up to six emails! Once they found out he was a widower, his vulnerability proved absolutely irresistible. Anne nods in agreement; she calls it the "Sleepless in Seattle" effect. Anne and Ryan muse about how great women are; the more damaged a person is, the more they want to heal them! Yolanda interrupts; George still hasn't arrived and she's worried. The group take out their phones and play George's voicemails on speakerphone in unison: he pocket dialed all of them last night, and we hear tidbits of odd conversation. Looking frustrated, Danny asks about Puddin'. Why is this group always all about the people? Sonia smiles and they agree to look for Puddin' again later.

The next day, Ryan brings his question to the group: is it too soon for him to date? After all, Anne went crazy when she tried it, but of course, Ryan's not as nuts as she is. He'll be tested sooner than everyone thinks; Olympic champ Misty May-Treanor has invited him to play beach volleyball, so Ryan will be mingling with some of the most beautiful human beings on and earth. Yolanda reminds everyone about George's upcoming "I'm Not Dead" party. Although doctors predicted that the combination of all George's diseases left him with only a year to live, tomorrow they will celebrate George's victory. A flustered Sonia storms into the room holding up a flyer, written hastily in Spanish. It was Fausta's turn to watch the group cat, Puddin, and she lost him! It's time to mount an all-out search.

On air, Ryan ponders when is too soon to get back in the dating game. Later, Ryan announces to Carrie that he's ready to put himself back on the market; his weight is low, his tan is strong, and his gift for saucy banter has returned! Sure, terrible mistakes are most likely up ahead, but Ryan's got to try. Following orders, Carrie and Ryan begin to make over his Facebook page. While having his status as "Widowed" may be a bit dark, Ryan perks it up with a goofy profile picture. He also makes sure that Porsches and Mumford and Sons are to be found somewhere on his profile. Crazy, Porsche-driving widower is the bait. Let's see who he reels in.

The gang strolls into George's apartment, ready to get the party started with cookies and soft drinks. But this isn't the party George had in mind. His bucket list includes Mexico, Vegas, Fausta and a boatload of whiskey shots. It's not long before he's restless with boredom. Ryan hobbles into the apartment, hunched over with back pain. Anne hands Ryan George's itinerary, and Ryan admits it doesn't look safe. Mistaking Ryan's sensitivity for ageism, George throws a few wild punches. Sonia squeals with delight at the "old man fight" she's witnessing. The room is in such a commotion that an orderly intervenes, mistaking Ryan for a patient. George steps out the door, ordering the group not to follow him. He'll have his wild night all on his own.

Bent in two, Ryan arrives at Lauren's house, despondent. He can't move on; he can barely move! Rubbing his back, Lauren assures Ryan that one day soon he'll find a woman who he feels comfortable with, one who admires his humor and good looks. Caught off guard by her kindness, Ryan leans in for a kiss. Lauren recoils. Caught mid-lunge, Ryan falls to the floor. Clearly the woman of his dreams will not be Lauren. Elsewhere, Danny and Sonia continue to look for Puddin'. As Sonia skips ahead to check out a tree, Fausta comes out of her house holding Puddin'. It's a good thing she only microwaves, because he's been in her oven the whole time! Danny tells Fausta to keep Puddin' on the down low. He's been having so much fun with Sonia, and he doesn't want it to end now. When he's ready, he'll pick up the cat from Fausta and appear as a hero in Sonia's eyes.

After the session, Lauren admits she's a little jealous Ryan is dating. Sure, everything is great with Wyatt and all, but a new person could be anything! It's exciting. On cue, Wyatt strolls in and gives Lauren a kiss. Noticing Ryan's back pain, Wyatt gives him a big squeeze, adjusting his back. Ryan's terrified at first, but as the pain fades he turns to face Wyatt with adoring eyes. Handing Ryan his card, Wyatt explains there's a real spiritual component to his work as a chiropractor. If Ryan's ready to enter a healing relationship, he should call. A few hours later, Ryan's driving to his favorite Italian restaurant where he'll be having his date. On speakerphone, he tells Carrie he's wearing the suit "Cloons" wore at the "Ocean's Thirteen" premiere; everything's bound to go smoothly. Upon driving up to the restaurant, Ryan is greeted by a valet, who cheerfully asks if Janie will be joining him tonight. Ryan's back immediately seizes up. Groaning, he climbs back in the car and drives off. So much for smooth sailing.

Back at Lauren's, Wyatt has dragged Ryan into his home office and onto the chiropractic table. As Wyatt examines his back, Ryan tries to feel him out. He's in major panic mode; he's sure Wyatt walked in on Ryan's inappropriate attempt. As Wyatt jerks Ryan's head for a final adjustment, Ryan screams his confession about the almost-kiss. Wyatt's totally cool with the whole ordeal; Ryan's hardly the first. Everyone falls for Lauren. First it was the cute chubbies at Weight Watchers, and now it's the saddies. Anne, Danny, even George, they've all tried the same thing! Wyatt leaves Ryan and Lauren to talk it out. Ryan can't believe that on top of everything, he's a big ol' cliche. Lauren assures him that it's good that he's like other people - it means he's healing! Besides, she was a little flattered. Ryan's probably the cutest of the chubbies and the saddies.

Ryan picks up George from a motel downtown and escorts him back to the home. Ryan asks George for some advice. He's not ready to be with a woman, but he's tired of being without one. What should he do? George advises him to relax and take his time. Life is long, after all. Ryan should let the right moments come along naturally, and when they do, he should go after them. It's as simple as that. Smiling, Ryan agrees to take a photo with George to end his night. Scrolling through a series of photos, Ryan sees George out dancing at a club, playing the drums, and clinking champagne glasses with some attractive ladies. George achieved his wild birthday after all! The following morning, Ryan once again spots his jogger crush. Seeing an opportunity, he decides to jog after her.

As Ryan walks into the group room later that day, everyone's all atwitter about his attempt to mack Lauren. George has proven to be quite the gossip! Unwilling to go down alone, Ryan informs everyone he knows about all their gifts to Lauren; Anne's erotic vase, George's painting of nothing, Yolanda's repeated invitations to her parents place in Napa, even Fausta's sexy sweater with very large arm holes! Fausta admits she very much likes sideboob, but Sonia's disappointed in the group. Really, who falls for a caregiver? That's just sad. Just then, Danny enters the room, cradling Puddin'. Overcome with admiration, Sonia steps up on a stool and plants a huge kiss right on Danny's lips. Looks like there's a hot new unlikely couple to watch out for!






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