Go On

Episode 1.09 : Dinner Takes All

  • Go On
    • Episode Premiere : November 20, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment, NBC
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/go-on/

Cast and Crew

The Story

At the end of a session, Ryan confesses that an old college buddy is coming to town for a job interview, and she'll be staying with him. The group instantly suspects romance. There was one night when they kissed, but really, Ryan assures the group, he, Amy and Steven are just friends. Mr. K wants to know whose house they're all having Thanksgiving dinner at, but Laruen assures him they're not doing that. Ryan comments that setting the precedent of spending holidays together could be dangerous; after all, they're not the Brady Bunch. Within seconds, the group has assumed the identity of their favorite Brady Bunch characters, making Ryan Alice the maid by default...

Steven and Ryan return to the college bar of their youth to relive old times and await Amy's arrival. Back in the day, the guys used to play a game called Booze Rodeo, and Amy liked to play a specific song over and over again on the jukebox. When the searing guitar notes of "Love Hurts" fill the air, the guys know Amy is in the house. It's not long before she and Ryan are teaming up to get Steven's goat, but all he can see is how sexy she is. When Amy goes to the bar to get another round, Steven tells Ryan what he's thinking, so Ryan tells him to go for it. But once Steven leaves to get more drinks, Ryan finds himself attracted to Amy too...

Later at the house, it's bedtime, and Ryan's feeling awkward. He gives Amy his bed, intending to sleep on the fold out couch, but he yanks too hard and breaks it. Thus Amy and Ryan share the bed - she sleeps; he doesn't. Ryan tells Carrie the whole story the next morning, interrupted only when Steven comes in, happy about the Thanksgiving day trip he's taking with Amy to Santa Barbara. Acting fast, Ryan claims he's hosting Thanksgiving at the station since he has to work, which will be hosted and cooked by Carrie - who has plans to go to Kentucky to see her parents. Ryan pooh-poohs her and effectively thwarts Steven's plan - he'll just have to come to Thanksgiving dinner at the station with Amy!

Later, Ryan invites the entire group to Thanksgiving, but Anne is immediately suspicious - what's Ryan's angle? Ryan admits this is about Amy; he needs the group to create as desexualized an atmosphere as possible to throw Steven off Amy's trail. Owen begs off - he has to go to angry lady Thanksgiving, where the female members of his family sit around and bitch about the men. Lauren insists Owen bring his family to dinner at the station. His mother Joyce can be "like a deputy in his healing journey." Ryan climbs on board with this plan - Joyce could scare the sex out of anybody, which Owen admits, has worked for him so far.

Ryan's in the booth doing his show as the group sets up for dinner. When Steven arrives with Amy, he excuses himself, and the group descends upon Amy like a pack of mad dogs. They lead her off to give her the 10th degree, as Ryan complains to Carrie about the raisins she decided to put in the stuffing. Anne arrives with her two kids Nate and Abby, who are African- and Asian-American. Anne is disgusted to discover that her son has been listening to Ryan's podcast every night, and moreover, her kids like him. Yolanda, Fausta, Sonia and Mr. K hijack Ryan. They've interrogated Amy; she's good people, and she just left the building with a very attractive Asian man. Ryan runs outside and down the street to catch up with them.

Thrilled to meet Owen's mom, Lauren gives Joyce a big hug. Joyce isn't a hugger, but she's ready to see what Lauren's got in terms of healing. Put on the spot, Lauren further embarrasses herself, and Joyce heads off to get some wine. Finally everyone sits down for dinner. When Steven makes a move to sit next to Amy, Ryan puts the bowl of yams on the chair. Didn't Steven grow up with a Thanksgiving yam chair? Ryan thought everyone did. Smelling a rat, Steven pulls Ryan aside for a talk, while Lauren steps into the danger zone, offering Joyce a piece of parenting advice. Joyce confronts Lauren head on, making her tendency to control her son a major topic of dinner conversation.

Steven confronts Ryan - why is he blocking? Ryan admits he may have feelings for Amy; he'd like to keep his options open, so Steven needs to step back. When Steven refuses, the guys decide the only way to settle the matter is the way they used to in college. The guys head off to a bar for a game of Booze Radio - whoever drinks more drinks belonging to other people before getting punched in the face wins. Steven is already out of the running by the time Amy arrives, just in time to see Ryan make history, passing the ten-drink barrier. He waves hi to Amy before getting punched and passing out.

When Mr. K offers to become Owen's daddy, Joyce decides it's time to go. But Owen stands up for himself and refuses to leave. He's allowed to have Thanksgiving with his friends, and no, he's not choosing them over her. The people from the group are weird, but Joyce wins every single time. Joyce thanks Lauren for helping her son get to this point. Anne tells her kids that they don't have to take the same journey. "You choose me too," she says. "Now hug me."






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