Go On

Episode 1.08 : Videogame, Set, Match

  • Go On
    • Episode Premiere : November 13, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment, NBC
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/go-on/

Cast and Crew

The Story

A nationwide search has culminated in the final selection of Steven's dream K-BAL Girl. She's the perfect woman to represent the station at promotional events, handing out foam fingers and shooting the T-shirt cannon. Steven can barely contain his excitement as he introduces this "beacon of happiness in a dark, dark world," also known as Kimmie, a gorgeous blonde with a heart of gold, and a jersey-clad bod to match. She's very grateful to meet the gang and, upon seeing Ryan, remarks that he's even more attractive than his voice. Ryan accidentally fires his T-shirt cannon, shattering an office window. Kimmie's already making quite the impression, that's for sure.

At the Transitions meeting, Sonia expresses her woes about her cat, Cinderella, who's been ignoring her. Ryan is glued to his phone, now addicted to Halo, claiming the exciting game has turned him into a gamer. Owen can relate. When he plays Halo, hours go by without thinking or feeling anything. Lauren interrupts to announce that Yolanda is ready to graduate - a ceremony is in order! Yolanda claims she's over the man who left her at the altar, a realization that came to her as she was watching him marry another woman from her hiding place in a janitor's closet in the church. After the meeting, Ryan and Owen make plans to get together to play Halo. Lauren compliments Ryan on taking Owen under his wing; Owen's in need of an older brother figure to guide him through this confusing time in his life. Ryan assures Lauren it won't go that deep. Owen's the only member of the group who talks less than he does.

Ryan and Owen play Halo all through the night at Owen's house. Owen's mother Joyce walks into the living room at 6:00 a.m., disturbed that an older man she doesn't know is playing videogames with her son. To her, this is rock bottom. Not only does Owen refuse to go to school, get a job or visit his brother who's been in a coma for the past four months, but also now he's hanging out with some stranger playing Halo every waking second! Ryan assures her he isn't rock bottom: he has a radio show and recently spoke at a high school graduation ceremony! By way of response, Joyce offers to take a picture to show them what she sees, prompting Ryan to agree - Owen really has hit rock bottom.

The next day, the K-BAL office has a new intern: Owen! Ryan assures him it'll be a fun place to intern, and sure enough, Owen is introduced to legendary basketball player Chris Bosh within minutes of getting to the office. Mostly Owen is just happy to get out of the house, so he can avoid dwelling in his family's deep-rooted issues. Ryan dispels his worries: this is a shallow zone, and diving in with emotional issues will result in a cracked head. The newly minted bromance goes well; Ryan and Owen end up spending the entire day playing Halo in Ryan's office, and once again, the session lasts all night long.

It's the day of Yolanda's graduation from Transitions. Although everyone will miss her, Lauren is thrilled to see her go. She's proof the work they do here really makes a difference! When Lauren goes to light the candles, Yolanda begins to panic. What if she's not ready? She still needs Lauren! And her friends! Anne and the rest of the group convince her to get on with it. They'll always be there for her, and more importantly, someone graduating from the group means a great deal to Lauren. Yolanda should do it for Lauren! Terrified, Yolanda grits her teeth and walks hand-in-hand with Lauren through a hallway lined with candles. With a final shove from Anne, Yolanda is out.

The next morning, Owen arrives at the office looking fresh in a suede jacket. This and the unprecedented scent of cologne floating around him do not go unnoticed by Ryan and Steven. They want to know who Owen's trying to impress, and they guess it's Carrie. They scare the daylights out of him while encouraging him to go for it! Meanwhile, Yolanda has gathered the group for the fourth day in a row. Sonia asks if she has any other support system, like family or alcohol, but Yolanda claims she does not. Yolanda tells the aggravated group she's worried Lauren has found a new favorite. She wants her to move on, sure, but not so quickly! The attending members dwindle day by day until it's just Yolanda and Mr. K.

At the office, Ryan and Steven figure out that it's Kimmie Owen's interested in, not Carrie! Actually, they don't figure it out, Carrie tells them. Owen asks Kimmie out, a beautiful bouquet of flowers in hand, but she thinks he's kidding and laughs in his face. Owen's embarrassed and upset, while Kimmie, who's sad that she hurt the "coma kid," winds up in tears. "This is what happens when you bring your bummer people in here!" Steven chastises Ryan.

Worried that Owen isn't returning his phone calls, Ryan drops by his house. Joyce accuses Ryan of taking a vulnerable boy and setting him loose in an adult world, hazing him like he's "pledging some sort of idiot old-man fraternity." Owen's mother understands that for reasons beyond her, Ryan matters to Owen. They have a similar sense of humor, and Owen feels better when he's around Ryan. As such, when Owen is ready to talk, Ryan should start making a difference in Owen's life, or just get the hell out of it.

During the following group meeting, Yolanda comes storming in to accuse everyone of being terrible friends who purposefully ignore her phone calls and Halloween plans, which include dressing up as characters from "Alice in Wonderland." Yolanda tells Lauren the only reason she graduated was because the rest of the group pressured her, wanting Lauren to have a personal victory. Lauren's appalled; she never would have hit the ceremonial graduation gong had Yolanda not been ready to leave. Spiteful, Yolanda tells Lauren that Transitions is B.S. just like her gong.

While playing a game of Halo over the network with Owen, Ryan apologizes. Owen really does need an older brother figure, so Ryan volunteers for the job. The following morning, Ryan and Owen visit Owen's comatose brother. Owen convinces Ryan go into his brother's hospital room to put his class ring on his finger and say Owen's thinking about him. Trying to be a good friend, Ryan does exactly as he's told, but it turns out this is a random patient taking a nap, and Owen's just punked him. Ryan ends up singing to, and putting a ring on, a strange man who has no idea what the heck's going on or who Owen is. Owen's cracking up; this is exactly what he's missed, joking around with his older brother. For what it's worth, being at the hospital makes Owen realize he does need to visit his brother.






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