The Glades

Episode 4.12 : Happy Trails

  • The Glades
    • Episode Premiere : August 19, 2013
    • Distributor : A&E
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2013
    • Production Company: Fox TV Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Gary A. Randall
  • Screenwriter Shaz Bennett
  • Main Cast

The Story

While going over their wedding seating chart, Callie tells Jim that her sister, whom Jim has never met, will be coming to the wedding. She also expresses gratitude for Ray's mother, Jody, for helping her with Jeff. Jim gets a call from U.S. Marshall Tony, who says Ray is still on the West Coast; his ATM card was just used in Portland. Jim thanks Tony for not telling Callie about Ray leaving the Witness Protection Program and leaves to investigate his latest murder: a dead cowboy with a shotgun wound to the chest.

At the ranch where the cowboy was found, Carlos says the victim wasn't carrying a wallet or cell phone so they haven't identified him. The ranch hands who found him do not know who he is, either. Jim spots a brand on the victim's chaps - a circle with a "G" in the middle. Manus reports that the ranch owner Willa Garbett didn't see or hear anything. The Garbett ranch is the second largest ranch in Florida. They own all the land west of the Kissimmee River. Willa will ask her ranch hands if anyone is missing. The victim's horse appears, with the Garbett brand on the saddle. He must have gotten scared off from the gun shot.

At home, Callie gets a visit from someone from her past, Diane, who has blood on her shirt. She says her husband, Rich, slipped while cutting some branches and needs Callie's help. Callie, who knows the wounds aren't from a branch, says he should go to the ER, but Diane says "We can't do that and you know it" and that Ray and Rich were like brothers, so Callie has to help them. Reluctantly, Callie helps her bring Rich inside and bandages Rich's superficial wound. Callie instructs Diane to change the bandages every day and keep Rich off his feet. She also shoots down Diane's idea of "hanging out" at Callie's house for a while, which she knows really means "hiding out."

Jim brings the victim's horse back to Willa Garbett. She says the horse would have known how to get home - a well-trained horse knows where his cowboy bunks at night. She informs Jim that the first cowboys are from Florida and are called "Crackers" because they used whips to run cattle through gator infested swamps. She's a proud, fifth generation Florida Cracker and brands her property with a "G" to keep track of what's hers. Willa identifies the victim as Lane Kneedler. She doesn't know much about him except that he gave notice a week ago. They have a few regular ranch hands, but mainly hire by the week. She has over 600 cattle, so she needs a lot of land. She suspected her neighbor was knocking down fences on part of her land to steal cattle, so she sent Lane and Moses Clearwater, a day laborer, to go fix it. He was the last person to see Lane alive. Since it is pay day, he's probably at a bar.

Jim arrives at a local roadhouse and sees Moses having a fight. Jim notices he has an envelope with Lane's name on it. But Moses said Lane owed him money for equipment, so he had to hand over his pay. He also owes him next week's paycheck, which he obviously won't be getting. Moses says Lane never showed up to mend the fence. He didn't kill him; he barely knew him. He reveals that Willa and her neighbor, Holly Harper, hate each other. Willa accuses Hailey of cattle rustling and land grabbing. As a day laborer he didn't take sides in the dispute; if he did, he wouldn't work. Jim sees Moses wears a half-heart necklace, but Moses says that he's Quaqua Indian and one day he'll marry someone from his tribe.

Manus informs Jim that Moses is a champion bull rider. He's also Quaqua Nation, one of the original Florida tribes. All his files are on the reservation and the Tribal Police won't send them over; they need to go and pick them up. But they specifically asked Manus not to send Jim over due to his last interaction with them. Carlos says it looks like the victim was tied up before he was shot from above; maybe the shooter was on horseback. Carlos thinks Lane Kneedler may have been a made up name. There are no police or social security records on him. And it doesn't look like he's been ranching long - his hands are smooth. He also found soil on his chaps which doesn't match the dirt where the body was found.

Jim meets with Daniel, who followed Lane's horse to see where Lane slept at night, and says it went to Holly's house, where Jim finds her on horseback, practicing her target shooting for the rodeo. Jim says if she's that good at shooting on horseback, shooting Lane while he was tied up must have been easy.

Miranda visits Callie at home; it's Callie's bachelorette party weekend. Over wine Callie tells her that Dr. Hardy left her money to finish medical school. Miranda sees Callie's suture kit and asks her if she's practicing on fruits. Callie lies and says her neighbor hurt himself doing yard work and she helped him.

Jim talks to Holly, who denies sleeping with Lane, but later admits it. The two met on the rodeo circuit and "knocked boots" a few times. Tomorrow's rodeo has a good purse, which will help Holly's ranch. Jim says he knows it isn't doing well. But Holly says everything is fine. She plans to have the ranch go organic soon because she'll make more money with less cattle. The land has been in her family for five generations and she doesn't want to let it go. Jim says Holly killed Lane after he refused to help her steal Willa's cattle, but Holly says Willa is the one who steals land and cattle. His alternate theory is that Willa couldn't have been happy that her ranch hand was sleeping with her enemy, so maybe Willa told Lane to stop seeing Holly and he agreed, so Holly shot him. Holly says she didn't kill Lane.

Willa tells Jim she didn't kill Lane. Jim checks out an old map on her barn's wall. Her ranch has tripled in size since the 1930s, which could be in line with what Holly told him about Willa stealing cattle. Jim suspects Willa killed Lane for double crossing her by telling Holly that she had been cattle rustling. She sent Lane to go mend a fence alone and then shot him.

Callie gives Miranda a driving tour of her old neighborhood. They pass by a big, beautiful house for sale. Callie reveals when she was a kid, she used to daydream of one day living there with her husband and children. Callie says after the wedding she and Jeff are going to move into Jim's house; it's bigger and has a pool. Miranda suggests they go to her hotel and hang out at the pool bar.

Daniel tells Jim the dried mud found in the chaps is pulverized shell. He also found algae embed in some of the rock, which is only found in high ground near water. The only place in the area that would have algae in the rock is miles from where the body was found.

Because there are no roads in the area, Jim and Carlos ride on horseback to the area Daniel pointed out on the map. The two find a big tent; it looks like a remote geological field office. Outside Jim spots a horseshoe mark on the ground, although it looks like someone altered the horseshoe with lines so they could be tracked. There are soil samples inside with corresponding sites along the river that's on a map of the area. He also finds a water bottle with a horseshoe logo on it. Carlos finds a locked iPad mini and Lane's ID, which says his last name was Chatelaine, not Kneedler. Moses appears with a gun, but Jim is able to get him to drop it and cuffs him. Moses thought they were cattle rustlers. He denies killing Lane. He had no idea Lane had a tent out there or had an alias. He was tracking him because Willa hired him to make sure he wasn't stealing cattle for Holly. But he would never do that to Holly. Jim now knows Moses has a thing for her, which Moses admits. They grew up together. But she was a rancher's daughter and his people worked the land. Jim thinks Moses killed Lane because he was sleeping with Holly, but Moses denies that. Moses doesn't know what Lane was doing with soil samples. Moses just thought Lane was trying to steal cattle. He also doesn't know anything about the water bottle with the horseshoe logo.

Callie and Miranda relax at the pool bar at Miranda's hotel. Callie mentions that Dr. Hardy taught her a valuable lesson in keeping emotional distance from patients. She receives a frantic call from Diane and tells Miranda that there was an emergency at Well-Core. She will see her later at the party. Callie helps Diane bring Rich to the hospital. She tells the emergency room staff that he has an abdominal perforation and is complaining of severe chest pain and difficulty breathing. He needs surgery or he'll die. Diane reveals that Rich had "something to do" after Callie left them. Callie tells Diane she doesn't want to be involved in any of what they're doing - she divorced Ray to leave his criminal past behind them. Diane begs Callie not to go, and although Callie wants to leave, she stays and comforts Diane.

Jim finds a pair of spurs with the same horseshoe logo that was on the water bottle at Willa's ranch. Jim says she lied about sleeping with Lane. She admits it, but says she didn't kill him. She also never hired Moses to track Lane.

Manus tells Jim that the "C" is a logo for Chatelaine of Chatelaine Gas and Oil. Lane is the founder's grandson and he was working on a deal to buy all the mineral rights underneath Holly's property. Lane convinced his grandfather to expand their business into hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, the process used to extract oil from shale deep underground. From the maps in his tent, it looks like Lane identified a possible shale oil reserve beneath the valley shared by both Willa and Holly's ranches. He wanted to drill east of the river, on Willa's land. But according to the contracts on Lane's tablet, he was only negotiating with Holly, not Willa. He only needed access to one of the properties to get to the reserve. Jim theorizes that Lane knew Holly was desperate for money, so when she rejected his final offer, he threatened to go to Willa, so she stopped him with a gunshot to the chest.

Jim arrests Holly at the rodeo after she lassoes a calf and wins the prize money. Holly admits she was going to sell him the mineral rights to her ranch so that she could keep it. She didn't have any other options. But Jim thinks she killed Lane to prevent him from doing a deal with Willa. She denies this. Why would she kill the only person who would help her preserve her family's heritage?

Callie finds out that Rich had a pneumothorax - a small tear in his wound allowed air into his pleural cavity. But he's going to be fine. Diane thanks Callie for everything. The cops arrive; they want to talk to Rich because it's hospital policy to call the police whenever someone comes in with a gunshot or knife wound. Diane is upset but Callie tells her to tell them the truth about his injury - it is for the best.

Callie finally shows up at her own bachelorette party, and Miranda gives a touching toast about how Callie brings out the best in everyone.

Manus tells Jim that Moses has an assault record. He beat up an oil executive who was surveying the land, looking for a place to drill. But Moses doesn't own any land. Back in the day, all the land on Holly and Willa's properties belonged to the Quaqua Nation. Now they only have a 40 acre reservation. They still feel the land is rightfully theirs. Moses must have killed Lane for trying to frack on land that belongs to his people. Manus has a warrant out for Moses's arrest, but Jim goes out to bring him in himself.

Moses spots Jim in a car and speeds away on his horse. He enters the gates surrounding the Quaqua Nation reservation, where he's protected and can't be arrested by non-Tribal police. But Jim lures out his horse with an apple and arrests Moses for Lane's murder. Moses says he would have been justified killing Lane, since the land belongs to his tribe, but he didn't. Jim spots an old map on the wall with a river on it. Lane drew a line on a map where he believed the shale line was, but according to the Quaqua map, there used to be a river there. Moses says there still is a river there, but it's underground.

Jim tells Willa that Lane was determined to frack her land, which he knows actually belongs to Holly, which Lane found out when he discovered the underground river. Jim tells Willa her family has been trespassing on Holly's family's land "since the beginning of Florida." Willa's family owns a lot less land than they claim. Lane had no reason to keep negotiating with Holly. The shale line he intended to frack was on Willa's property. But Willa claims she would never sell her mineral rights to a fracking company. Jim says Lane wasn't going to buy it; he was going to blackmail her for the rights and enough land to drill. But Willa didn't want the truth coming out, so she killed him. Jim sprays Willa's horse's bridal with luminol and it glows. He has no doubt the blood will be a match to Lane's. Willa admits she killed Lane and is taken away by police. Jim informs Holly that Willa's land belongs to her and that Moses is in love with her.

At Callie's house, Jim gets a text message from Tony. Ray has been seen in Oregon. Callie spots a piece of bloody gauze on the floor from when she helped Rich. They both feel guilty that they are hiding secrets from one another.






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