The Glades

Episode 4.11 : Civil War

  • The Glades
    • Episode Premiere : August 12, 2013
    • Distributor : A&E
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2013
    • Production Company: Fox TV Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Kelly Makin
  • Screenwriter John J. Sakmar, Kerry Lenhart
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • Rick Fox as Darius Locke,
    • Jordi Vilasuso,
    • Jay Paulson,
    • Ellen Woglom,
    • Daniel Bess

The Story

Jim and Carlos are at a crime scene with their new victim: 31-year-old Ethan Russell, who died from a severed carotid artery. Jim finds a button that says "CSA." Manus says Ethan was an assistant state's attorney. He was tough on crime, so they should have a long list of potential suspects. Carlos reports the murder weapon is something with a lighter blade: a sword or a saber. Confused as to who uses those weapons anymore, Jim soon spots a Civil War reenactment starting. He realizes the letters on the button stand for "Confederate States of America."

Separately, Jim tells Manus he hasn't filled Callie in about how Jeff is contacting Ray outside of the Witness Protection Program, but he will check in with Tony.

Jim approaches the leader of the reenactment, a man who gives his name as General Beauregard Finegan. Daniel says some of these reenactors are hardcore and embody the historic person they are impersonating. Finegan says Jim has his support during the murder investigation. Jim talks to a guy tied to a wagon wheel, wearing sunglasses and listening to music from ear buds. He says he's doing time for "farby," which is anything inauthentic to the Civil War years. His name is Rick Marston and his band plays a lot of local bars. He's a musical reenactor; musicians were big during the War. They would keep the men's spirits up. He doesn't have a sword.

Jim meets with Finegan, who continues to remain in character and voices his concern that Jim is going to disrupt his battle. But Jim says the battle can go on. Jim spots an old well on one of Finegan's maps. He thinks it might contain the murder weapon.

Callie's is at the hospital on her way to Dr. Hardy's office to complain that six weeks of the fellowship isn't enough, when Jeff calls to report that he found his phone under his bed, even though he had looked there a number of times. When Callie arrives, she finds Dr. Hardy on the ground, dead from a heart attack. Soon after, a broken-up Callie tells Jim that the hospital is having a memorial service for Hardy.

Manus tells Jim that divers will be searching the well for the murder weapon. There were no prints on the button and no one at the reenactment was missing one. There's a BOLO out for Ethan's wife, Maddy Malone. She and Ethan were in the process of a nasty divorce. Daniel shows Jim a roster of all the people at the reenactment and a list of all the people Ethan has prosecuted. One name is on both lists: Carl Stewart, better known as General Finegan.

At the camp, Jim talks to Carl, who refuses to talk as Carl until Jim threatens to arrest him. Jim reveals Carl owns the land where they found Ethan's body and he knows Ethan had sent Carl to prison after prosecuting him for digging up Civil War artifacts. Carl maintains the artifacts were on his own land. Ethan didn't have to prosecute him; he just did it to set an example. But Carl insists he didn't kill Ethan. He was at work during the murder; he works security at the Palm Glade Mall. Anyone who goes off camp has to sign out on a clipboard. Jim sees someone else also signed out at the time of the murder: Private Uriah Jones.

On the battlefield a soldier eventually directs Jim to Private Jones, who is actually Maddy Malone, pretending to be a man. She is skilled with her saber.

Maddy is emotional when she learns from Jim that her husband was murdered, but Jim thinks Maddy was the person who killed him. Maddy denies killing him and denies that their divorce was nasty. They were still friends. Maddy says she dresses up for reenactments to honor the women who fought "bravely, yet invisibly," during the Civil War. Women have never been recognized for their contributions, but they were patriots, just like her brother Tommy. He did three tours in Iraq, just like Ethan. That's how she met Ethan. Maddy says she was working the graveyard shift at Cake & Steak at the time of the murder. Jim finds a flyer for barn dance in Maddy's jacket for a band, Rebel Yell.

Carlos shows Jim the murder weapon, which was found in the well. There's trace evidence of blood on it, which may be Ethan's. Daniel says it is a "musician's sword" and was used by members of the Fife and Drum Corps. They didn't fight with the solders, but they needed something to defend themselves with.

Jim talks to Rick, who claims he wasn't lying about the sword; he lost it. Jim spots a Tampa Tech sticker and Rick says he went there and that Ethan may have lived in his dorm. Rick didn't tell Jim about the missing sword because he doesn't want Carl finding out because it's his sword; he collects old Civil War artifacts, including buttons, and rents it all out to the reenactors. But the bandages Jim spots in Rick's tent are farby. Rick likes to keep his ankles wrapped on the field. The night of Ethan's murder he had a gig with his band, but he didn't sign out.

Jim meets with U.S. Marshall Tony about Ray's communication with Jeff. Tony says the damage may already be done. They will probably need to move Ray. Jim says making Callie and Jeff go through that again is punishing the victims. Tony will let things know if Ray's status changes.

Carlos says the blood on the sword matches Ethan's and the width matches the wound. He found two partial prints, one belonging to Carl (not surprising, since it's his sword) and the other to Rick. Daniel says in college Rick and Ethan lived in the same dorm and played in the same band, Rebel Yell. He was also able to confirm Carl and Maddy were both at work for their shifts.

At a performance by Rebel Yell at the camp, Jim spots Maddy, in a dress, gazing and smiling at lead singer Rick. He smiles at back at her. Jim sees something romantic is going on between the two. He asks her how she hides that she's a woman on the battlefield. She says by binding her chest with bandages, like the women who fought in the Civil War did. Even though she's in mourning, Maddy says she didn't want to be alone. Daniel tells Jim that the owner of the club who booked Rick's band cancelled at the last minute. Rick, who was at the club at the time, was angry and before he left said, "I'm tired of Ethan's shit. I'm going to take care of him once and for all." Jim arrests Rick on stage.

Rick says he wouldn't kill someone over a gig. After talking to various club owners who have booked Rick's band, Jim found that wherever Rick played, the cops showed up for underage drinking, smoking in the bathrooms, and more. Rick says it's not his fault. Jim says Ethan was using the power of the state's attorney's office to harass him. Jim says Rick is broke and Ethan probably didn't like that Rick was sleeping with his wife. Rick admits sleeping with Maddy, but she and Ethan were already separated. Rick didn't need to play local shows. He was about to sign a deal with Boardwalk Records.

Jim talks to Carl as he makes his rounds at the mall, using an electronic device to "check in" at various spots on his route. Jim says Ethan planned on shutting down Carl's reenactments. Carl said he was upset, but not enough to kill. Ethan felt the reenactments were an insult to real soldiers and those who served. Carl says you don't need to see death firsthand to understand sacrifice and the reenactments are his way of honoring those who have served. Jim reveals that Ethan took a pro bono case on behalf of some veterans who wanted to see the reenactments abolished. But Carl says he never would have been able to win that case. The community loves the reenactments; even Maddy was against Ethan's fight against them. Carl says her lack of support on the issue was at the heart of their divorce.

At Dr. Hardy's memorial service, Darius Locke, who is using a cane, is about to sit next to Callie, but stops and walks away. Shortly after the memorial, Darius approaches Callie and says he initially avoided her because he was embarrassed. She tried to help him and if he didn't listen. The cortisone just hid his pain. Darius says Hardy liked Callie a lot, even if he didn't tell her to her face.

Manus reveals Ethan and Maddy weren't fighting about the reenactments, they were fighting over money. Although he was a civil servant and she works at a restaurant, they had a quarter of a million dollars.

Jim finds Maddy in her tent, crying and listening to music. She says she's listening to one of Rick's songs. His voice brings her to tears. Jim says he knows about the money and arrests her. Maddy says the money was hers. Her brother Tommy Lee was killed in the Iraq War and she was the beneficiary on his life insurance. Ethan tried, but failed, to get some of the money. A judge ruled that the money was part of her pre-marital assets and not part of their community property, which means that it was all hers; she had no reason to kill Ethan. Jim learns Maddy's prints were on the murder weapon, but Maddy says it's no surprise, since she was spending time in Rick's tent. Her alibi only partially checks out, there's a half hour before her shift where she could have killed Ethan.

Daniel tells Jim that Carl can account for being at work during Ethan's murder, but didn't check into any of the locations around the mall. Daniel also discovers Carl had wanted to become a police officer.

Jim found that Carl was rejected from a number of police agencies because he was a convicted felon. Any sentence over one year automatically becomes a felony; Carl's sentence was 14 months. Carl feels the sentence was unjust; Ethan didn't have to push for the maximum sentence. Jim thinks Carl killed Ethan because Ethan killed his dream of becoming a cop. Carl admits that he has sleep apnea and needs a machine to help him sleep at night. But it would be farby to keep it in his tent, so he left work to sleep at home. Jim seems to believe him. He spots a jar of CSA buttons in a jar with yellow liquid. They're reproductions, but soaking them in uric acid, or urine, gives them an antique looks. Daniel reports that Boardwalk Records does have a working contract with Rick, but they hit a snag. He sends Jim the details.

When Callie goes to Hardy's office to drop off his keys, a hospital administrator tells Callie that Hardy really liked her and reveals that Hardy actually owned Well-Core. He actually owned five hospitals and three surgery centers. He never mentioned any of that to Callie.

Jim brings Rick in for questioning. Rick was actually part of a songwriting duo that included Ethan. Rick couldn't move ahead in the deal with Boardwalk Records because both he and Ethan owned the copyright to their music. But with Ethan dead, only Rick does. Rick says after Ethan got back from Iraq he needed a release from his experiences there, and he did that through writing amazing music. He really touched people. But after law school, Ethan, who also had political aspirations, felt like his songs belonged in the past and didn't want anyone to hear them again. Jim thinks this is a great motive for Rick to kill Ethan, but Rick adamantly denies this and tells Jim to listen to some of Ethan's lyrics.

Jim surprises Maddy in her tent. He knows the Tommy Lee referenced in Ethan and Rick's song is actually Maddy's brother, who was killed in Iraq. Ethan and Tommy Lee served together. Tommy Lee's death was from friendly fire and the shooter was Ethan. Maddy felt the need to meet people who served with her brother and when he met Ethan, they clicked. She didn't know he was the person who killed her brother until she heard the song. Ethan said it was an accident but if the truth got out, it would ruin him. Maddy says he wanted to bury the truth. Jim also says that he found one of the buttons on her jacket was not soaked in uric acid and was sewn on with a different thread. Maddy is arrested.

Callie is surprised to learn that Hardy left her a substantial amount of money in his will because he wants her to finish medical school. Jim gets a call from Tony, who says Ray has gone missing. Jim's heart drops. He knows Jeff and Callie are in danger.






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