The Glades

Episode 4.10 : Gallerinas

  • The Glades
    • Episode Premiere : August 05, 2013
    • Distributor : A&E
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2013
    • Production Company: Fox TV Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • Ed Asner,
    • Matthew Le Nevez,
    • Josie Loren,
    • Jelly Howie

The Story

Jim and Manus talk about the situation with Jeff and Ray. According to Ray's deal with the feds, he can only see Jeff until he's 18. If they want to have a relationship after that, either Jeff has to join Witness Protection or Ray has to opt out of the program. It looks like Jeff might be in regular contact with his dad, which puts himself, Ray, and Callie at risk. Manus says she can get copies of Jeff's phone records, but Jim is hesitant because he doesn't want to start off his relationship with his future step-son on bad terms. Daniel says they have a new body to investigate.

At the port of Miami, Carlos, Daniel, and Jim hover around their victim, who fell out of a crate that was supposed to contain valuable artwork. They identify him from the initials on his shirt and an article Daniel read. He is Richard Harris Crawford, a Texas oilman and venture capitalist, who became a patron of the arts; his collection worth is about a half a billion dollars. He died from a puncture wound to the chest. His ankles were bound with a steel wire, so he was likely restrained and then killed. It is probably not a coincidence that he was murdered during the start of Art Basel, a week-long gathering of the rich and famous to party and purchase artwork. Last year the festival generated over eight hundred million dollars in art sales in just five days.

Dr. Hardy, who is back from his conference in Madrid, is upset with Callie for treating Darius Locke, but not as upset as Callie is with herself. She apologizes, saying she should have known better.

Carlos and Jim investigate Richard's home and find many of the paintings he owns are nudes of the same woman, all in a similar style, by an artist named Alexander Barnes. He is represented by the Koski Gallery, which is where Richard's body was shipped from.

Jim checks out some of Alexander's artwork at the Koski gallery. They aren't nudes, they are more abstract. He talks to Hanna Koski about Richard's death and she says he was an old family friend and was like a father to her. She just saw him recently. She was his exclusive art buyer and they were discussing which of Alexander's new works he would be purchasing. Jim isn't impressed with the artist's new work, but Hanna thinks it's brilliant. And because he's Alexander Barnes, he paint whatever he wants. She won't let Jim have access to her shipping room without a warrant because there is millions of dollars' worth of artwork in there. She is stressed out because Jim's investigation is causing her to lose customers. She says Sasha Graham is responsible for shipping, but her father, who is running their London gallery, fired her three days ago. Hanna admits she fired Sasha because she has no self-control. Sasha had an over-the-top argument with Richard in front of Hanna's clients.

Carlos says Richard died of fully penetrated wound to the heart. They should look for a hard metal object with an abraded edge; it's not a knife. It sounds like a tool they'd use in the shipping area of the Koski gallery. Richard was probably drugged. Daniel says Hanna's father has been in London for past few months. Hanna's phone records indicate she's been getting a daily automated call from a pharmacy saying her order was ready. Daniel informs everyone that most gallery assistants are women in their early twenties, and are called "gallerinas." They make minimum wage, have prestigious degrees, and party with the rich and famous. Daniel says tomorrow Sasha is having a pop up event, which is usually at a small venue like a cafe or bar. Jim thinks Sasha blames Richard for losing her job.

At Sasha's event, Jim discovers she's the woman in Richard's nude paintings. Richard was her sugar daddy and paid for her expensive lifestyle. She says she broke up with him because he was too needy. Jim doesn't buy that at all. She says she posed nude for Alexander because "he is a genius."

Manus says Richard gave Hanna access to a bank account designated just for art purposes. He cut her off two weeks ago and froze the account. Daniel found a video online of Hanna throwing a drink in Richard's face. It's all the art world is talking about.

Jim talks to Hanna in the shipping room at the gallery. Richard was angry at the gallery's high commission, so he froze Hanna's account to punish her; he had plenty of money. Carlos finds a tool that might be the murder weapon. They also smell bleach in the room and find a spool of wire - the same kind that was wrapped around Richard's ankles - with blood on it. It's the crime scene. Hanna says Richard embarrassed her in front of prestigious art buyers, so she threw a drink in his face. Richard despised Alexander's new creative direction, and refused to buy any of it, but Hanna loved it.

Jim talks to Alexander as he works on a new piece, randomly splattering a canvas with paint. Jim thinks his paintings look depressing. Alexander says he would never kill the single biggest collector of his work. Jim thinks he couldn't handle losing Sasha to Richard. He denies it. He did sleep with Sasha, though.

Carlos says the blood from the spindle of wire doesn't match the victim's, but it is the same wire used to subdue him. Manus finds Richard had a slush fund of $5 million. He cut a $400,000 check to Sasha and then immediately put a stop payment on it. She gives Jim Jeff's phone records, which indicate he gets a call from Tacoma, Washington every day.

Jim visits Sasha at another one of her pop up shows. There are a lot of nude sketches of her hanging around the room. Jim shows her the cancelled check for $400,000 and asks if Richard cut her off when she cut him off in the bedroom. She says the money was for three new pieces for him by an artist she discovered. She was upset that Richard didn't take her seriously as an art buyer; to him she was just another gallerina. Alex appears out of nowhere, in a rage. He rips down the sketches, which he gave to Sasha, but not for her to sell in a bar. He calls her a whore and lunges at her, but then says he loves her.

At the station Alex tells Jim he spent a year painting and loving Sasha. He wonders how someone so beautiful can be so heartless and cruel. Without Sasha, his genius was gone. He was angry that she was with Richard and went to talk to him. He says he behaved "like an animal" but he would never kill him. His life's purpose is to create, not destroy. Carlos has a match on the blood from the wire; it's Sasha's.

Sasha says it's not surprising her blood was found in the shipping room because she did all the gallery's hangings and most of the framing. Jim says she's his prime suspect. Sasha says Richard was Hanna's client and she has "daddy issues." Jim believes Sasha also has daddy issues; Richard was more than twice her age. Jim takes a photo of a framed photo of Sasha from when she was three with her dad.Carlos reports Richard was dosed with a large amount of diazepam, an anti-anxiety medication, which knocked him out. He didn't have a prescription for it. Jim remembers Hanna received calls from a pharmacy about a prescription. Daniel will get a warrant to find out what kind of drugs she takes.

Jeff can't find his phone. He seems anxious, like he's expecting a call. He tells Callie that Darius Locke is out for the rest of the season. He collapsed at practice and his career might be over. Callie looks upset.

Jim tells Daniel the photo of Sasha and her dad was the only personal item in her apartment. Carlos says Sasha was taking lithium and diazepam. The pharmacist told him the automated call was specifically about the lithium, which is used in the treatment of bipolar disorder. If someone goes off of it, he or she can experience a manic episode and be violent. The chisel from the gallery matches the diameter of the puncture wound in Richard's chest. It was cleaned with bleach, so there are no fingerprints on it. Callie tells Hardy that she understands why he is disappointed with her. She should have realized Darius was fishing for drugs. Hardy tells her to stop beating herself up over it and that Darius is an idiot. Hardy needs Callie to give him the keys to his office. She isn't fired, but her six-week fellowship is over. There's nothing more he can teach her; they are in different fields of medicine. Callie looks sad.

Jim arrests Sasha as she eulogizes Richard at a memorial for him at the gallery. At the station tells Sasha that her father provided him with information about her six-month stay three years ago in a psychiatric hospital. She attacked a curator with a nail file when he caught her dry humping a Rodin. She says she doesn't remember this, which is common with manic episodes. Richard thought she was losing control and contacted a facility in California about getting a room for her. But Sasha says she had everything under control. She stopped taking her medication because they make her gain weight and she wanted to look good for Art Basel. She swears she didn't kill Richard. The idea of going back to a hospital terrified her, so she started taking her meds again.

Callie tells Jim that Hardy let her go because her fellowship was over. She asks him if he's seen Jeff's phone. He says he'll look for it at home and get back to her. Manus tells Jim that Richard's will reveals that he had no heirs and is leaving his estate to three charities. All of his art, including all of his paintings from Alexander Barnes, is going to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Although the value of Barnes' paintings is on the decline, if his work is displayed in MOMA, he'll be rich and famous.

Jim drags Alex from his studio. Alex says Richard never told him where his art was going after he died. Alex says he's young and at the beginning of his career. He says his art would eventually make it into MOMA anyway, which Jim thinks is funny. Jim says the painter's current show is bombing. Alex says Richard was like a father figure. All he ever really wanted was his approval. He would never kill him.

Daniel tells Jim that the photo of Sasha and her father was taken at a company once owned by her father. The painting hanging in Richard's bedroom, one of the only non-nudes in his house, was done by an artist popular with first time collectors, and isn't worth much. Daniel gives Jim the minutes from Sasha's father's final board meeting and tax filings.

Jim gives Sasha the painting from Richard's house, which is the same painting hanging in the photo of her and her father taken in his commercial real estate office. Sasha's father was starting to get into art collecting, but stopped once Richard, who was a corporate raider, took his company and everything in it, including the painting. Sasha's father slipped into a depression and drank himself to death. It wasn't enough for Richard to take Sasha's father's business, and eventually her father from her. He wanted her to complete his collection. So she slipped him some of Hanna's diazepam to knock him out and then waited for him to wake up so she could tell him why she was killing him. She drove a stake through his heart, just like he did to hers. Sasha tries to stab Jim but he subdues and arrests her.

Jim tells Manus he knows he's crossing the line by checking Jeff's phone records, but he can't just sit back and do nothing to prevent Jeff and Callie from getting hurt. Callie calls Jim and reminds him to swing by his house to check for Jeff's phone before coming over. But Jim has Jeff's phone. He looks at the phone's contact list and sees a listing for Tacoma. Suddenly, Jeff phone gets a call from Tacoma. Jim answers it, "Ray?" The person on the other end hangs up without speaking.






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