The Glades

Episode 4.04 : Magic Longworth

  • The Glades
    • Episode Premiere : June 17, 2013
    • Distributor : A&E
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2013
    • Production Company: Fox TV Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Donna Deitch
  • Screenwriter Matthew J. Lieberman
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • Ed Asner,
    • Sam Upton,
    • Kristen Miller,
    • Brooke Langton

The Story

Callie drops Jim off at the station and reminds him they're going to see the Marina Bay Bistro as a potential wedding venue that night. As they kiss goodbye, they notice a big commotion in the parking lot, with cop cars quickly leaving the area. Manus tells Jim that one of their own is down.

Jim and Manus arrive on the crime scene, where they see their victim, a uniformed police officer. Carlos says the cause of death was a small caliber bullet to the chest, shot at close range. Daniel tries to run the badge number, but isn't getting any information. But Jim notices something. The cop is wearing easily removable Velcro pants - he's actually a stripper dressed as a cop.

The victim doesn't have a wallet, keys, or a phone on him. Carlos shows Jim some red flakes he found; it isn't blood. Daniel gives Jim the gun found by the crime techs, a .38 caliber. He also pulls out some flyers from inside an old Camaro at the scene for La Bare, a strip club. One of the strippers on the flyer, Judd the Stud, is their victim. His cell and wallet were found in the car.

Jim goes to La Bare to talk to the manager, an older guy named Dean Lawrence, who dances under the name Disco Dean. He is surprised to learn his headliner Judd is dead. Jim asks Dean if he was jealous of Judd, since he was obviously a moneymaker and Dean is past his prime. Dean says plenty of women like his routine. He also says being a stripper is great, aside from jealous husbands. Dean reveals Judd had a rich girlfriend, Lisa Schultz. His alibi is that he was doing a private bridal shower and a dozen "very satisfied" women can confirm it. He says Judd was probably working a private party too.

Carlos says the bullet from the victim was definitely a .38, but he needs to confirm it was from the gun that was found at the scene. Also the serial number was partially filed off. Daniel is waiting for an update on Judd's phone records, but from Judd's website he discovered that he did have a private party booked the night he was murdered. The party was at 310 Sunshine Lane, but Judd never showed up for it, because the address doesn't exist. Judd's mandatory, non-refundable $100 deposit was paid with a pre-paid, untraceable credit card.

Lisa tells Jim she loved Judd, even though they met at a strip club. Lisa reveals Judd was always nervous he'd get attacked by a jealous boyfriend and wanted out of the stripping world. She claims she's not jealous of the women who throw themselves at Judd, since he felt like those women were "empty and sad."

Daniel tells Jim that Lisa owns a company that is a large importer of beauty supplies. She is worth millions. Also according to Judd's phone records, the two numbers he called often were Lisa's and one for someone named Nicky Halloway. He got Nicky's photo from the DMV. She owns a .38. Jim finds a photo of her in Lisa's house, so they obviously know each other.

Jim asks Lisa about Nicky and she says they were best friends, but had a high school rivalry, which started up again recently. Nicky was jealous of Lisa relationship because Nicky wanted Judd for herself.

Carlos and Jim go to Nicky's house and find she's hosting a lingerie party on her patio. She's a party planner. Nicky is surprised to hear about Judd. Jim asks to see her gun. She seems concerned about Lisa, but Jim tells her Lisa hates her. Nicky says they just had a little fight - the same one they've had for 15 years - and it will all blow over. Nicky also says she has no interest in Judd; she'd rather be alone than with a man like him. Her alibi is that she was at a silent auction in Boca Raton.

Callie and Jim both like the Marina Bay Bistro but as they talk about the wedding, they realize they both have different ideas about some of the details, like how many guests to invite and what time of year to have it. Callie reminisces about an old high school friend, Laura Jordon. They had a big falling out over Ray and haven't spoken in years. Laura didn't think Ray was right for Callie.

Carlos discovers Nicky's gun was not the murder weapon. She has a .38 Special and the bullet that killed Judd came from a .38 Long Colt, which was the gun found at the crime scene. Carlos is still trying to get the serial number off the gun, but says the red flakes came from the soles of a pair of Emily Fontaines, a sexy, high-end high heel.

Jim interrogates Lisa again and says he thinks she had enough of Judd cheating on her, so she killed him. But she says he wasn't cheating on her; he loved her. Jim shows off Lisa's confiscated heels and says he knows she was at the crime scene. She admits she was, but only because she thought Judd was going to see Nicky. She was also upset that he booked a private gig on their date night. She says Nicky was obsessed with Judd because she couldn't have him. Guys normally go crazy for her, but he didn't. Once Lisa realized he wasn't there to see Nicky, she left.

From the serial number on the gun found at the crime scene, Carlos tracks the purchase to a store in another Florida town. Records show Judd didn't have one that he voluntarily registered. Manus discovers Dean bought the gun.

Jim brings Dean in for questioning again and he admits selling the gun to Judd for protection. He scratched the serial number off in case Judd did something stupid. Dean says he wouldn't have killed Judd because he was his headliner and would pack the place. Jim thinks Dean was jealous of Judd because he made more money than him. Dean says he makes good money, but Jim has his financials and knows he's broke - he doesn't even have a cell phone. Dean says he had one, but lost it. Manus finds Judd gave Dean a check for $425 for the gun. But surprisingly, about a month ago, Judd deposited a $50,000 check from Nicky Holloway.

Nicky tells Jim she gave Judd, with whom she'd had a brief fling before he met Lisa, $50,000 for his exclusive services at her parties. Daniel reports that Dean was using his cell regularly up until five hours before Judd was murdered. It hasn't been used since.

Jim goes to Lisa's house with a warrant to find Dean's phone. Jim calls it and it rings in Judd's gym bag.

Callie tells Jim she made plans with her old friend Laura for that night to catch up.

Manus tells Jim she found a blank check from Autumn Tangerines in Judd's bag. Daniel says there was also a lot of surveillance footage from La Bare on Dean's phone. The footage shows Dean getting it on with drunk brides-to-be in the club.

Jim tells Dean he's seen the footage on his phone. By cross referencing the time stamps on them with the bookings at the club, he tracked down the women featured in the five videos. Four of them denied knowing Dean, but the fifth, who never got married, revealed Dean tried to extort her for $1,000 for her drunken indiscretion. But she couldn't pay him the money, so she called off the wedding. The other women paid him. Judd discovered the scam, so he stole Dean's phone and threatened to call the police. That must be why Dean killed him.

Daniel finds Autumn Tangerines is a subsidiary of Lisa's corporation, Lisa Schulz Enterprises. He looked into their accounting and found a sequence of checks that was skipped over in the ledgers. The signatures don't match Lisa's. Looks like Judd stole some checks and forged her signature.

Callie tells Jim that if they want Marina Bay Bistro as their wedding venue, they need to book it right away. She's going there for dinner that night with Laura, who she's made up with. She wants Jim to meet her. It turns out, Laura was scared Ray was going to physically abuse Callie, but Callie says she would have "cut off his nuts" if he did.

Jim tells Lisa about the forged checks. She says she was OK with it. Daniel finds there were no police reports connected to Lisa's house, but there were a number of reports from the private security firm that worked in her community of loud fighting coming from her house. Jim moves a towel covering Lisa's neck and sees a big bruise. He thinks Judd was abusing her and she killed him to make it stop. Lisa says he only hit her once, but Jim knows that isn't true. Lisa says she loved Judd; she didn't kill him. But Jim thinks once Lisa discovered Judd's gun, she was afraid one day he might actually kill her, so she killed him first. Lisa says it was Nicky who couldn't handle it. Nicky told Lisa that she was too good for Judd.

After Daniel reveals there was something wrong with Nicky's alibi, Jim tells Nicky he knows she was trying to warn Lisa about Judd's abusive ways - she had dated him first, so she knew what he was capable of. But Lisa didn't listen. She thought Nicky was jealous. Jim says Nicky tried to pay him off so he'd leave Lisa alone. But he didn't. So she booked Judd for a fake private party. She went to the auction, but left early and drove to the fake address she had given Judd. Then took the gun he kept on himself for protection and killed him with it. She covered her tracks by paying cash on the toll on the way to the murder scene, but on the way back, forgot and paid with her Sunpass. Nicky confesses. She says Lisa was the only person in her life who really loved her. Lisa was in trouble and Nicky needed to protect her before it was too late. Lisa watches all this with Manus from behind a two-way mirror.

At the Marina Bay Bistro, Dr. Hardy stops by and tells Callie, who is sitting by herself, that she did a good job on his latest project. He says she should finish med school, even if she is getting married. Jim meets up with Callie, who says she had a great time with Laura. They taste some cake that the restaurant recommends for their weddings and they both love it. They sit there eating, laughing, and in love.






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