The Glades

Episode 3.10 : Endless Summer

  • The Glades
    • Episode Premiere : August 12, 2012
    • Distributor : A&E
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2013
    • Production Company: Fox TV Studios
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Cast and Crew

The Story

A large sand sifter drives down the beach, picking up seaweed and debris. The driver hears the shifting grate get caught on something, so he hops down from the cab to investigate. Twisted in the tines of his rake is the half buried, bloody body of a bikini-clad woman.

At Atlanta General Hospital, Callie Cargill is finishing up the night shift. As she briefs the incoming on-call resident, Jim Longworth calls her and immediately senses that she is busy and stressed out. Too busy to chat because she needs to get home and study, Callie promises to call him after her board exams when things have calmed down a bit. Slightly unsettled, Jim hangs up. He's about to reach for his coffee, just as his cell phone rings. He smiles and grabs it, expecting it to be Callie calling a lot sooner than she said, but it's FDLE Bureau Chief Jennifer Starke, who tells him to get down to the crime scene.

At the beach, Jim and Jennifer trudge towards Medical Examiner Carlos Sanchez and the victim. Jennifer rolls the kinks out of a stiff neck from a bad night's sleep, telling Jim that the cheap hotel room the FDLE has put her up in has the most uncomfortable bed. She wakes up every morning feeling like she got hit by a truck. Jim says she certainly doesn't look like she did. After an awkward moment Jim focuses his attention on the victim. Carlos says that she was already dead when the sand sifter hit her. According to her liver temperature, time of death was between 7 and 9 a.m. She has a nasty gash in her upper leg and some scrapes and bruises. The sifter dragged the body a little ways down the beach, so the exact point of attack could be anywhere on the shoreline. Daniel Green is checking the beach to see if he can find the victim's ID or cell phone. Jim pokes around the sand by the sifter with his golf club and finds a sandy, blood-soaked towel wedged in the undercarriage. Jennifer reads the words embroidered in blue on the towel: Wyndermere Grand Resorts. Daniel reports that there is no sign of the victim's wallet or phone on the beach. Jim tells him to go to the hotel with a photo of the victim and ask if she was a guest. Jennifer suggests that the victim's death is related to the recent rash of tourist robberies happening up and down the coast. Carlos says that going from petty theft to murder is a big leap but Jim points out the cuts and bruises on the victim could be signs that she was being robbed and fought back. Jennifer mentions a recent case in which a tourist was brutally assaulted, so it doesn't seem like such a big leap anymore.

Jim and Jennifer join Daniel in a plush hotel hallway and he escorts them toward the room of the victim, who the hotel manager identified as Brenda Jackson from Denver, Colorado. She checked in alone and was planning on staying for two weeks. She was due to check out tomorrow. Jim rummages through a suitcase and pulls out a rash guard with a distinctive blue wave logo and some other sportswear. It looks like Brenda was into surfing. Jennifer spots an expensive camera sitting on a table and says she must also be into photography. There's still no sign of the victim's cell phone or wallet, so whoever killed her must have taken them. Jim tells Daniel to put a fraud alert out on Brenda's credit card, just in case anybody tries to use it. He also wants surveillance footage from the entire duration of Brenda's stay because the killer may have stayed at the hotel and followed her onto the beach. Daniel heads out and Jim clocks Jennifer taking another seat on the bed. Jennifer takes in the original artwork, ocean view, and comfortable bed. She says the firmness of the mattress is perfect and jokingly asks Jim to help her take it back to her room as "evidence." He smiles, mentioning that she should use her big shot title to get a room upgrade at her hotel. She says since she's going to be in town for a few more weeks evaluating Jim's performance, she might as well be comfortable. Jim asks how he's doing and she says "good," actually "great." After Jim asks if she's "pleased" there's an awkward tension in the room, but it's eventually broken by Jim's ringing cell phone.

At the lab, Carlos updates Jim and Jennifer as they stand over Brenda's body. Official cause of death was exsanguination. He points to the wound on her thigh and says that her femoral artery was severed and, based on the wound, the murder weapon is a slightly curved knife with a serrated blade that is approximately five to seven inches long. She bled out in less than three minutes. Because the wound wasn't in the chest, it suggests someone killed her accidently or in a fit of rage. The scratches and bruises suggest she went down fighting, but there was no DNA found under her fingernails. FDLE Regional Director Colleen Manus reports that she just got off the phone with Brenda's ex-husband, an ad executive in Seattle. He was distraught because they were still pretty close. When Jim asks if he has an alibi, Manus says that he was running a half marathon that was broadcast on the local news. He said that Brenda owned a successful line of women's snowboarding apparel called "Border Girlz" and that she was vacationing in Florida. Recognizing the name of the company, Carlos adds the company was investigated for breaking child labor laws. Manus says once Brenda found out about the sweatshops, she shut down the factory and started a foundation for abused and at-risk youth. Daniel runs into the lab and says they just got a hit on Brenda's credit card.

Jim and Jennifer rush into a beach merchandise store, ready to nab Brenda's killer. Two FDLE uniforms guarding the suspect step aside, revealing Blake Ryder, a tough-looking 10-year-old boy. Jim and Jennifer exchange a look. This isn't what they were expecting. Blake says it's his mom's credit card and she gave him permission to use it. Jim tells Blake that isn't possible because the owner of the card had no kids and was found dead on the beach this morning. Because Blake has Brenda's card, he's now their main suspect. This catches Blake off guard, and he immediately tells them that he didn't kill anyone; he found the card on the street near the hotel where he goes every morning to hand out flyers. Jim notices a necklace Blake's wearing, a gold medallion with a white pearl dangling beneath it. He asks for it and Blake says his dad gave it to him and he can't take it off. It was made just for him: the pearl is his birthstone and the gold represents family unity. Jim says he needs to bring Blake and his necklace to the station for questioning. As Jim leads the boy out of the store, an older teen comes to Blake's rescue and tells the detectives to let go of his little brother. Identifying himself as Dane Westing, he asks what's going on. Jim tells him that Blake was caught using a dead woman's credit card. Jennifer adds that they think he also stole the necklace he's wearing. Dane assures them that Blake had nothing to do with a murder and that the necklace was made by their father; everyone in the family has one. Noticing Dane doesn't have one on, Jim asks where his is. Dane reaches for his neck, and finding it's not there, says he doesn't wear it when he's surfing. Jennifer informs him of the rash of robberies up and down the coast, but Dane says he and his brother had nothing to do with them. Dane thinks the fact that his 10-year-old brother is a murder suspect is "hilarious." Jim agrees, saying that Dane is a much better suspect. He grabs him by the arm and drags him to his car.

On the beach outside of Eddie's Surf Paradise shack, Jim and Jennifer question Dane while Blake sits in the back of Jim's car. Dane says he was out surfing that morning. His dad, Eddie Ryder, is a retired surf champion. The family travels up and down the coast giving surf lessons to tourists. Jim shows Dane a picture of Brenda on his phone, asking if he's seen her before. Dane tries to not react, but he can't hide it. He admits to seeing her before and tells Jim that they gave her a few surf lessons but that doesn't mean anyone in his family killed her. Jim says it does mean that Eddie was probably the last person to handle Brenda's credit card. Jim looks over to the surf shop, where he sees a weathered-looking man with a hard muscled body and intense eyes surrounded by a bunch of what he calls, "a rag tag group of kids, running around unsupervised." But Blake is offended and says that Eddie is an awesome dad and denies the kids are unsupervised. Jim notices children going up to Eddie and handing him money. It looks like they are his little group of petty thieves. Eddie looks up and spots Blake in the back of Jim's car. He sprints toward the group, asking what the hell is going on. Jim grabs Eddie's arm and Eddie shoves him, trying to grab the car handle. Jim grabs him, identifies himself as a detective, and slams him hard onto the hood of the car to cuff him.

Jim and Jennifer question Eddie in front of his shop. He claims he didn't know they were cops. All he saw was his kid in the back seat of a strange car. He thought they were people his ex-wife sent to pick up Blake. He says all his kids work hard, go to school, and contribute to the family. When Jim suggests the kids are all working for Eddie so he doesn't have to, Eddie says that the money they're giving him is for surf lessons they've given. They make $60 per hour, less the $15 Eddie gets for booking the lessons. Blake is his biological son. The rest of the kids, who are 15 or older, are emancipated minors from troubled homes whom he's taken under his wing. He says the kids love surfing and it gives them a purpose. When he was younger, he was headed down the wrong path until he found surfing. He claims some of the kids are so good that they are making noise in the pro-circuit. But knows firsthand how money and the temptation of a big endorsement can make people lose their purpose, so that's what he's protecting them from. Jim theorizes that Brenda caught one of Eddie's kids stealing her credit card, so that's why he killed her. But Eddie swears he had nothing to do with her murder and has no idea how Blake ended up with the credit card. Jim studies a wall of photos, where he notices a young blond girl in several of the pictures. She's even with Brenda in one of them. He takes the photo. Eddie tells him that the girl is Katie, one of his best instructors. She's not his biological daughter, but she's still his "little girl." She gave Brenda surfing lessons. When Jim asks Eddie for his alibi for 1 to 9 a.m. that morning, he says that he was in his shop shaping a surfboard. He teaches all his kids how to shape and design their own boards. Jennifer says they're going to need the real names, social security numbers, and dates of birth for all Eddie's kids. Eddie finds this upsetting and says the kids have all had tough lives and he won't allow them to be questioned. He'll do anything to protect them. Jim says that's one way to get their loyalty, or their silence.

Katie Payne is teaching a group of tourists how to pop up on a surfboard as Jim and Jennifer walk over. Jim flashes his badge and Katie leaves her class. She already knows why they are there — word travels fast on the beach. Jim tells Katie that she was the last person to see Brenda alive and asks for an alibi. She tells them that she didn't have classes that morning and was busy shaping her new board. When asked if she saw her the previous day, she says no. She doesn't see her every day; she only gave her a few lessons. They weren't friends. Jim whips out the photo of Katie and Brenda and points out that they look "chummy." Katie says, "Tips are better when you're chummy." Jennifer notices a huge gash on Katie's arm and asks if she got that while fighting with Brenda. Katie says she got it from wiping out while surfing. there was no reason she would fight with Brenda; besides, fighting goes against all of Eddie's principles. No one in her family had anything to do with Brenda's murder. Jennifer asks her where her real parents are. She says her mom is in Kansas and she doesn't know where her dad is. Her mom knows where she is. Katie asks to rejoin her class and the detectives oblige. Jennifer says Katie can't be as tough as she seems and Jim agrees.

Jim strides into the lab as he leaves a voicemail for Callie. Carlos senses that Jim's annoyed with the fact that he hasn't been able to talk to Callie in a while. He says he's been in her shoes before and third year boards are the worst. But this doesn't seem to satisfy Jim, who asks about the case. Carlos grabs a glass vial containing tiny white granules and tells Jim that he found the inorganic compound in Brenda's nasal passages and lungs. It's not sand, but it's some kind of inorganic compound. If they find out what it is they can determine where Brenda was right before she died and possibly who she was with. Daniel reports that he got the photos from Brenda's camera, some of which were from that month. He brings up a series of photos of teenage surfer girls from various beaches. Some of the photos are of Jada Watson, a 14-year-old surfing phenom from Australia. But the most recent photos she took were of Katie. There are a lot of them. Jim tells Daniel to find out why Brenda had so many photos of Katie and to dig a little deeper into Brenda's background. Manus walks in with Eddie's financials, confirming that his kids do pull in big money on the surf circuit. Last year Dane won $80,000 in championship money. Since Eddie is his legal guardian, all of his winnings are under his control. There's nothing to suggest that Dane has any professional sponsorships, but if he does, Eddie probably wants to keep that under the radar. But Dane does have a juvie record that Manus has requested to have unsealed. Katie won $40, 000 for placing first in a tournament in New Zealand. Carlos suggests that perhaps Brenda found out about Eddie exploiting his "kids" and was planning on exposing him, which might have made Eddie mad. But enough to push him over the edge and kill her? Eddie does have one arrest on his record from his teen years: public urination at a concert.

Miranda sits across from Callie on Callie's couch, quizzing her with questions from medical flashcards. Miranda tells Callie that she's gotten 50 out of 50 correct and assures her that, despite her nerves, she's going to do great. Callie says she does well when she's on her couch in her jeans, but she's bad at taking tests. Callie's phone rings and she glances at the number on the caller ID. Realizing Jim's on the other line and knowing that she can't just have a quick conversation with him, she ignores it. Miranda says Callie deserves a break and should call him back; she can spare 10 minutes. After getting resistance from her, she he gets up and says she's heading out to get them lattes. Miranda says she has no excuse not to call Jim back.

After calling Callie, a sad-looking Jim plugs in his cell phone to charge. Manus works into his office and says that she just got Dane's record unsealed and it showed that he was busted for assault on Coco Beach when he was 14. Then he was arrested again last year during a competition in Oahu. Daniel managed to get actual footage from the event. Manus says Jim's going to want to see it. He follows Manus out of the room. Just as he leaves, his phone goes off.

Back at Callie's house, she uses her study break to call Jim back, but it goes straight to voicemail. She leaves him a message, apologizing to him for not being around the last few weeks. She knows he's probably mad, but she hopes it is at the situation and not at her. She thanks him for pushing her to go to Atlanta to follow her dream. She just hopes their sacrifices were worth it. By that time the following night, the insanity will be over. She promises to call him the next day, the second her tests are over.

At the station, Daniel, Jim, and Manus watch the video Daniel found of Dane's surfing tournament. On screen, Dane sees another male surfer and charges at him. In an instant, he's got him on the ground and pounds him with his firsts until security breaks it up. Daniel says apparently the guy dropped in on a wave Dane thought was his, which is a huge act of disrespect in the surfing world. Jim realizes that Dane might be the loose cannon they're looking for.

Passed out on her dining room table on top of her books, Callie is woken by her cell phone ringing. She picks it up and smiles when she hears Jim's voice on the other line, but realizes that she overslept and has only 24 minutes to get to her test. Luckily Jim served as her alarm clock. Freaking out, she rushes around the house, getting her bag and car keys. Jim says he got her message and he's definitely mad at the situation and not at her. He wishes her luck on the test. But Callie isn't really paying attention. She hangs up on Jim.

At the station, Jennifer calls Jim a "genius" for his suggestion of using her title to get the hotel to upgrade her room. He jokingly says he hopes that is in his professional evaluation. Jennifer says that not only is her bed heavenly, but she has a Jacuzzi, stream shower, and an amazing view. Jim is happy that his suggestion worked. The two turn to walk down the hall, when Manus goes after them, saying she just got off the phone with the Coco Beach police department, who gave her more information on Dane's arrest. A few summers ago, Eddie and his family were giving surf lessons in Cocoa Beach when Eddie's ex-wife came by with a social worker hoping to get Blake back. She didn't think it was safe for Blake to be "bumming around" with his father and his crew. Dane didn't take too kindly to this situation and when the social worker came to do a home study, he ran her off with a baseball bat and said he'd kill her if she ever came back. Eddie had to hire a lawyer and take Dane to anger management classes.

Jennifer and Jim head into the lab where Carlos says the granules he found in Brenda's nasal passages and lungs is a Styrofoam fiberglass mix, the same stuff they use to make surfboards. Jennifer will handle getting a warrant.

Music blasts from speakers at Eddie's Surf Shop as Jim, Jennifer, and Carlos find a bare-chested Dane shaping a Styrofoam and fiberglass board. Jim hands Dane the warrant as Carlos collects evidence. Jim says they know about his record and the show he put on at the surfing tournament the summer before. Dane says the guy was out of line by dropping in on his wave; he broke the code. Jim asks if Brenda broke the code too, by sticking her nose where it didn't belong. Jennifer suggests maybe Dane thought she was another spy sent by social services, like what happened with Eddie's ex-wife in Coco Beach. That might explain why white substance was found in her nose and lungs: it means she was probably right there in Eddie's shop before she was murdered. Carlos takes a piece of evidence, saying that if it matches the partials found in Brenda, it will prove she was there. Dane admits to having a temper, but says that surfing has helped him channel his anger; thanks to Eddie, he's a better person now. He assures the detectives that Eddie puts all of his kids' winnings in trusts and has never touched a dime of it. He wanted them to learn from his mistakes because when he was younger, he blew through all his money. Thanks to Eddie, Dane's life has purpose now. Jim asks why Dane never gave Brenda any lessons and he tells him it's because she only ever wanted Katie. But their lessons were less about surfing and more about talking for hours. Jim's phone rings and he and Jennifer leave.

At the station, Brenda's photos of Katie are spread out on the table along with several official-looking documents. Daniel updates Jim and Jennifer, reporting that Brenda's snowboard company was about to launch a surfing division called "Curlgirl." Jennifer suggests that's why Brenda was hanging around Eddie's surf shop so much: to get ideas. Daniel also discovered that the foundation Brenda set up following the shut down of her illegal sweatshop was court mandated. It wasn't out of the goodness of her heart; she had an ulterior motive. Jennifer says she's starting to think that the murder had nothing to do with the rash of robberies. Jim spots an image on a paper, which Daniel identifies as Brenda's official, trademarked, Curlgirl logo. Jim immediately recognizes it from a rash guard he saw in her hotel room. He shuffles through photos and papers to find the surfing magazine on the table. He flips to a page of Katie with a trophy in New Zealand in front of a wall of logos. Prominently featured is Brenda's blue wave logo. Daniel says he's already contacted the magazine, who will be emailing him all of the photos they have from the event shortly. He has, however, had problems getting the security footage from the Wyndermere because they're protective of their guests. Jennifer volunteers to get it; she does have a fancy title she can throw at them.

Jim and Jennifer head towards Jim's office. He checks his cell, a little disappointed, and Jennifer clocks this, and asks him if everything's okay. He says he's just expecting to hear from Callie today, but hasn't yet. She sympathizes with him, but says that must be why cops end up with cops and doctors with doctors; sometimes the only people who can really understand what you're going through are people going through it too. Carlos interrupts the tension and says the tools from Eddie's workshop all came up negative for blood, but the substance in Brenda's lungs is an exact match to the dust found at their workshop. But the whole family had access to the workshop, so it doesn't narrow down who the killer is. Daniel says he checked the trust funds for Dale and Katie and it turns out that Dale wasn't lying. Every penny is right where he said it was, in funds set up by Eddie as their legal guardian but has no rights to the money. Katie and Dane are the only ones with access to the money, but not until they turn 21. Daniel uses Jim's computer to show them the pictures that came in from the magazine. There are several showing Katie and Brenda, arms slung around each other like long lost sisters, standing in front of the Curlgirl logo. They are a lot more chummy than Katie led them to believe and their relationship goes back over a year, which is when some of the photos were taken.

At the beach, Jim walks towards the water as Katie and Blake emerge, boards in hand, not particularly happy to see him. Jim says he wants to talk to Katie. Blake says that their dad says they don't need to answer any more of Jim's questions, but Katie tells him to go home. Blake walks off and Jim shows Katie the photos he received from the magazine. It proves they weren't strangers after all. Katie concedes that she knew Brenda, but didn't think that was important. Jim says he know that for the two weeks Brenda was in town, Katie wasn't teaching her to surf: they spent it talking privately, with Brenda pitching her the idea of becoming the face of Curlgirl. As Jim flips through his phone with this evidence, he says that the two spent a lot of time planning out the line, designing logos, and posing for photos. Jim says that Eddie would probably kick Katie out of the family if she accepted an endorsement that required her to promote rash guards and bikinis. She would be straying from her purpose. Katie finally folds and admits to talking to Brenda about a Curlgirl endorsement, but after realizing that she could never leave Eddie and her family, she turned it down. Jim assures her there's an epilogue in there somewhere. Jennifer and Manus call him from the station to report that they just finished going over security footage from the hotel and there was no sign of Katie, Dane, or Eddie. But, when Jennifer was there, hotel staff gave her a fax that arrived the previous day for Brenda. It was an endorsement contract, but not for Katie. It was for Jada Watson, the 14-year-old Aussie who beat out Katie at the Junior Championships the previous year. It was a two year endorsement deal that was signed the day before Brenda died. Jada's agent confirmed she'd been negotiating the deal for months, but Jada wouldn't sign, so Brenda threatened to sign Katie. Jim hangs up after filling in the rest of the story, telling Katie that Brenda dropped her, not the other way around. Brenda was using Katie as a bargaining chip. Brenda probably went to the surf shop that morning to tell her, and she got angry and killed her. That's why Katie has the marks on her arm; they're not from her surfboard, they're from Brenda fighting back. Katie swears that even though she hated Brenda for using her to sign Jada, she didn't kill her. The morning of Brenda's murder, Katie claims she was at the Muffin Top Cafe with Blake. Since Eddie isn't big on letting them use the internet, they if they want to go online, they go there. The people at the cafe can confirm she was there.

At the cafe, Daniel reports that the manager confirmed that Katie was there all morning. He searched through her browsing history, which showed she was looking for news on Jada Watson. According to security footage, Katie was crying uncontrollably and Blake was trying to cheer her up. At one point, he got so angry that Katie was upset that he overturned a magazine stand and left. Jim gives Jennifer a look and Jennifer asks Jim if he really thinks a 10-year-old boy murdered Brenda. He considers this, saying that it's a possibility. Not only was Blake angry at Brenda, but his height and the height of the stab wound match up.

Blake tries on a pair of shades at a boardwalk kiosk. He checks himself out in the display mirror, and sees that the cashier is distracted by another costumer. He's about to walk off with the sunglasses, but is greeted by Jim, who takes them and puts them back onto the rack. He says he's taking Blake into custody. Jennifer says they know he wasn't handing out flyers the morning of Brenda's murder. He was at the cafe with Katie and he was angry to see her so upset. Slightly hesitant, Blake admits that he walked down to the beach to cool off, and that's where he found the credit card. Jim says that if he doesn't want to spend the night in jail, he will have to show them exactly where he found it.

On the beach, Jim and Jennifer trail behind Blake as he leads them to the spot where he claims to have found the card poking out of the sand. Jim rakes his nine iron through the sand and it eventually catches on something buried underneath it. He unearths a cell phone and Brenda's wallet. He spots something in the sand a few steps away: a bloody rawhide with a familiar gold medallion and a blue sapphire. He rakes over the nearby sand and finds a blood-soaked patch. It's the spot where Brenda was attacked. Jennifer asks Blake who in his family has a sapphire birthstone. He doesn't answer, but Jim smiles and says he has an idea whose it is.

At the surf shop, Jennifer approaches Dane with an evidence bag containing the sapphire necklace. Dane looks at it, then at her, then bolts out the back. But Jim stops him and reads him his rights.

At home after her test, Callie lounges around in her bathrobe. The doorbell rings and Callie finds Miranda, who excitingly tells her that the exam results have been posted online. Callie rushes over to her computer and takes a deep breath as she scrolls down the list of names. She finds her name; she passed! They hug and Callie immediately reaches for her phone, wanting to share the good news with Jim. She calls him, but he's not there. She hangs up, telling Miranda it's not the kind of news she wants to leave on his voicemail. Miranda says that they need to go out now to celebrate and for Callie to go get dressed. Callie smiles and agrees.

Jennifer watches Jim and Dane from the observation room. Dane denies he killed Brenda. Just because he has a sapphire birthstone doesn't mean he's a killer. Jim says once they do a DNA test, they'll be able to find out who killed Brenda. This gets Dane's attention. He says Jim won't need to do a DNA test. The necklace is his and he did murder Brenda. They got into an argument on the beach and he snapped and killed her. This catches Jim off guard, but he doesn't buy the confession. He throws Dane a curveball, asking why he killed her? Dane says she was trying to break up the family and was sticking her nose where it didn't belong. Jim asks if it was also because of the deal she offered Katie, trying to get her to leave the family. Hesitating a bit, Dane says yes. Jim says that he may be a great surfer, but he's a horrible liar. Katie was never offered the endorsement deal. He heads out of the room and calls Daniel, asking him to check on a date of birth.

Jim and Jennifer walk up to Eddie, who is packing up his RV. Jim points out that Eddie found his necklace. Eddie says it must have fallen off, but he found it on his bureau that morning. Jennifer points out that it looks like he's moving on. Dane says that a storm is causing some epic waves at Coco Beach, so the family is leaving to go there as soon as Dane turns up. Jim says that Dane confessed to killing Brenda, even though he knows he isn't guilty. But a confession is a confession. Eddie says Dane didn't murder anybody. Jim says Eddie has said he would "do anything to protect his family." Katie is still his little girl and he wouldn't stand for someone like Brenda to hurt her. Jim says he knows the kids all love him. Eddie isn't about to let his kids take the fall for him, and with all fight in him gone, he admits to killing Brenda. He says it was an accident; he never meant to hurt her. He just wanted to talk to her and tell her how he broke his little girl's heart. Jim fills in some of the story. Eddie was shaping a board when he heard Katie crying. He went to her and then caught up to Brenda, who said the kids weren't really his and that he had no right to make decisions for them. She threatened him, saying she was going to report him to Family Services and tell them he was controlling the kids and they would take them away from him. She shoved him and walked off and then he grabbed her. The next thing he remembered, there was blood everywhere. He tried to stop the bleeding, but it was too late. Jim presents the evidence bag with the sapphire necklace, pointing out that Eddie must have lost it in the struggle. Eddie and Dane both have a sapphire necklace because they were both born in September. But Eddie didn't realize he lost his necklace, so Dane gave him his because he knew how much it meant to him. Eddie hangs his head and his dragged away by two FDLE officers. Jim watches as he's put into the cruiser, but the usual grin on his face following an arrest isn't there.

He immediately checks his cell phone, but there's no message from Callie. Jennifer tells him to call her and Jim says that's all he's been doing lately. He admits he doesn't think he can do this anymore. Jennifer takes a step towards him and, feeling his sadness, and says she's sorry. Their eyes meet and Jennifer finally confesses to having feelings for him. Jim points out that she's his supervisor, but she counters that it's only while the substation is under review. She says she understands things have been tough with Callie, and she doesn't want to come between two people who really care about one another, but she can't leave Palm Glades without letting him know how she really feels. She says, "Tell me that there isn't something here?" Jim stares at her, not sure what to say or how to react.

Jennifer approaches Manus at the substation and hands her a file, telling her that it's her evaluation of the station and Jim's review. She finished early. She praises Jim's technique, but because his methods are unconventional, there's no amount of time she can spend there to fully understand how he does what he does. Her work at the station is finished. Manus asks if she wants to celebrate, but Jennifer says she would like to go back to the hotel and relax. Perhaps they could celebrate another time. Manus asks Daniel if he's seen Jim, and he says that Jim had something important to do, so he left early.

Callie sits at the bar with Miranda, enjoying a celebratory drink. Miranda says Callie should feel proud of all of her accomplishments and Callie admits that she does finally feel in control of her life right now. She says it feels amazing standing on her own two feet. As they share a laugh, Callie spots someone at the front door: it's Jim! Surprised to see him, she gives him a big hug and tells him that she passed her test. She introduces him to Miranda, who says she's never seen someone as dedicated as Callie and that she's going to make a hell of a doctor. She says Jim's a lucky man. He agrees and asks to speak to Callie alone outside.

On the street outside of the bar Jim tells Callie that he "can't do this anymore." Callie says she doesn't understand. She knows them being apart has been difficult but that things were finally coming together. Jim says he wants them to work out, but repeats that he "can't do this anymore." He doesn't know how their relationship can work with him in Palm Glade and her finishing school in Atlanta. Not believing what she's hearing, Callie stares at him. But Jim says he knows what he wants now, though, and that's to be with the woman he loves. And he loves her and wants her to be in his life today, tomorrow, and so on. He reaches into his pocket, pulls out a ring, gets down on one knee, and asks Callie to marry him. Callie looks at Jim for a few moments, her eyes welling up with tears. She knows the ring and the question behind it holds so much promise, but also so much to think about.






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