The Firm

Episode 1.17 : Chapter Seventeen

  • The Firm
    • Episode Premiere : May 26, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Action
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2012
    • Production Company: Entertainment One TV, Paramount Pict, Sony Pict TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director David Straiton
  • Screenwriter Alyson Feltes, Ben Lee
  • Main Cast

The Story

Mitch sadly takes Abby and Claire to the train station for their visit to Abby's parents. He tries to put up a good front for Claire's sake, but he can't understand why Abby needs to fix this on her own. They've always been able to fix things together. Mitch still has no idea about Abby's continued reliance on anti-anxiety medication. On their way to the station, a college-aged woman gives Claire back the neck pillow she dropped as she entered the station. As he's leaving, Mitch sees this same woman being arrested by two police officers. When Mitch asks what she's done, the cops say they saw her soliciting for prostitution (i.e. scoping out cars) which she vehemently denies. When Mitch claims to be her lawyer, the cops arrest the girl.

Curious about this woman, Jenny LeFleur, Mitch heads down to the precinct to talk to her, surprised to find her looking quite ill. Jenny's from Montreal, and her father has a debt with an international drug cartel, MX9. The cartel agreed to forgive the debt if Jenny carried drugs across the border for them - by swallowing them. The reason Jenny was looking in car windows? She was searching for the hand-off person. Mitch believes the drugs inside Jenny are making her sick, but she believes that if she's caught, MX9 will retaliate against her father. Jenny implores Mitch to get her out of jail.

Ray calls up Russell, an old prison buddy who now sells diamond rings. While Ray may not be sure which ring to buy, he's finally ready to pop the question. Later, Tammy rambles about Mitch and Abby's marital problems. Tammy's afraid that she wouldn't get along with Abby's wealthy parents and isn't sure Mitch and Abby will make it through this rough patch. For some reason, the sound of Abby and Mitch's struggle inspires Ray to ask Tammy to marry him right then and there. Overjoyed, Tammy says yes. Later, she searches the office for her divorce papers, which she needs in order to get a marriage certificate. When she finally finds them, she's horrified to discover her ex Elvis never signed - technically, Tammy's still married.

Mitch is successful in reaching a reduced sentence allowing Jenny to walk free immediately. Before she can plead guilty or not guilty to the charges, Jenny passes out in court and is rushed to a hospital. The doctor finds four balloons of heroin in her large intestine. One of the bags leaked, causing her illness. While she's in recovery, the D.A. cuffs Jenny and charges her with possession with intent to distribute. Mitch claims there are extenuating circumstances. Besides, the hospital should not have contacted the police about this issue. It breaks doctor-patient confidentiality.

Prior to dinner with Abby's parents, Claire asks why she's never met her grandparents before. Abby starts off blaming their time in witness protection, then realizes the real story has more to do with her parents never liking Mitch - for reasons having to do with his economic station in life at the time of his marriage to Abby. At dinner, Abby's father Harold is genuinely excited to see both of them. To Abby's disappointment, her mother Maxine "caught a bug" and couldn't make it. Harold allows that Maxine is stubborn and needs a little time. Everyone has a wonderful time anyway. After dinner, however, Abby notices her father waiting for a car outside. The car he climbs into is being driven by none other than Abby's mother Maxine. When Maxine catches sight of her daughter, her mouth sets in a grim line, and she drives away.

Figuring it's his last day at Kinross and Clark, Mitch packs up his office. The founding partner, Mr. Kinross, stops by to ask Mitch to stay with the firm. Kinross always had his concerns about Alex. He believes she was handed too much too early, as opposed to Kinross and Mitch, who had to pull themselves up the ladder by their bootstraps. Appearing to be the type of person Mitch would really like working for, Kinross invites Mitch to the partners' meeting later that night.

Abby apprehensively knocks on her parents' door. Keeping her distance, Maxine excuses her absence at dinner, claiming she wanted to be there to meet Claire, but she wasn't ready for the emotions. Struggling to keep her composure, Abby mentions that Claire would really like to meet her grandmother. As if it's no big deal, Maxine invites them over for dinner that night. When Abby turns to leave, her mother asks why she came back - why now after all these years? Is Abby having trouble with Mitch? When Abby denies any problem, Maxine sends Mitch her best, then closes the door on her daughter.

Mitch proves to be very popular with Jenny LaFleur as his client. The DEA drops by to offer immunity and witness protection for Jenny and her family if she agrees to be a witness against MX9. They're not interested in the mule; they want the cartel. A representative from said cartel, Marcus Montaigne, bumps into Mitch as well. His employer believes Mitch isn't being compensated enough to take care of Jenny and offers a briefcase full of money for his trouble. All they ask is for Jenny to show... discretion. Once Mitch declines, Montaigne corrects his original message: Jenny should now show caution... as should Mitch. Claiming he refuses to respond to threats, Mitch kicks Montaigne out of his office.

In a session held in Jenny's hospital room, a judge listens to arguments for the admissibility of the heroin found inside Jenny. Mitch argues the hospital had no right to contact police after they retrieved the drugs. It's about privacy. After hearing both sides, the judge reserves his decision until the following morning. Later, Mitch advises Jenny to take the DEA's offer to enter witness protection. When Jenny wonders what Mitch would choose, he explains it's what he did choose 10 years ago. It was the hardest decision he ever made; however, he knew it needed to be done.

Abby finally gets a chance to talk to Maxine alone after dinner. Abby just wants to reconcile, though her mother refutes the claim. Maxine saw the news; she saw what happened to Abby, and she can tell Abby is running... and she finally ran home. Abby attempts to deflect the blows and stick to her story: she loves Mitch; all she needs is some time to think. Maxine hopes Abby isn't expecting an apology; furthermore she doesn't have to say she was right, or "I told you so," because Abby's presence in her home says it all. Her mother's iron will does nothing for Abby's nerves. Abby runs upstairs and takes some prescription pills prescribed by a Dr. Ben Wilson from Maxine's bathroom cupboard.

At the partners meeting, Kinross immediately brings up the truckload of clients they've been losing since the Stack case. When Alex diminishes his statement, her father Alan backs her up, telling everyone it's time to move on. He doesn't want to hear any further accusations unless there's real evidence. Mitch enters the room with that evidence, video footage Ray secured from Stack's apartment building showing Stack and Alex in a compromising position. While Alex insists it's not criminal to be involved with a client, Kinross points out that it's certainly against firm policy and dismisses her as managing partner. When Alex turns to her father, he backs Kinross up, hoping to save what's left of his good name. Mitch finally earns some amount of payback.

Just as Jenny is about to sign the witness protection agreement, Mitch has a change of heart and advises against it. Everything he's done since entering the program has been a reaction to that choice. Mitch did it to save his family, but maybe his decision is what is now destroying it. Jenny takes the risk of four years in prison as opposed to running for the rest of her life and doesn't sign. In court, the judge agrees with Mitch's argument and finds the drugs the hospital confiscated inadmissible. Without the heroin as evidence, the case against Jenny is dismissed.

Russell calls Ray to say he needs the ring back; the people to whom it belongs don't have a well-developed sense of humor, and various threats have been made. Later, Ray and Tammy meet, both claiming to have bad news. Ray explains he needs to return the ring, and Tammy admits she's still married. Ray realizes this means the whole time they've been together, they've been cheating and thinks that's kind of hot. Tammy gives Ray back the ring, allowing that he gets a do-over. They laugh, knowing these petty obstacles won't stand in the way of their marriage.

Although she's off the hook, Jenny doesn't know what to do next. Her father is still in danger: she never delivered the drugs, so his debt still stands. Spying Montaigne in the court's hallway, Mitch approaches with a deal in mind. For his services in keeping Jenny from cooperating with the government, Mitch would like the briefcase of cash Montaigne offered him. Montaigne hands over the briefcase, with the stipulation that the money will secure Mitch's services in the future as well. Once Mitch has the briefcase, he hands the briefcase back as full payment for Jenny's father's debt. Montaigne is thrown off but agrees to the deal and promises Jenny's family won't be bothered anymore. Jenny can go home now without ever having to look over her shoulder.

Abby enters Dr. Wilson's office to request a refill on Maxine's prescription. It's clear this medicine is for Abby. When Mitch calls, Abby silences her phone. It seems the McDeeres are much further apart than Kentucky and D.C.






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