The Firm

Episode 1.08 : Chapter Eight

  • The Firm
    • Episode Premiere : February 25, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Action
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2012
    • Production Company: Entertainment One TV, Paramount Pict, Sony Pict TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director George Mihalka
  • Screenwriter Vincent Angell, William Rotko, Lukas Reiter
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • Alex Paxton-Beesley

The Story

Detective Corbett tells Mitch he's free to go - he's got a damn good lawyer. Confused, Mitch replies he doesn't have a lawyer, then picks up the belongings the police confiscated, including the briefcase he left in the hotel room - Moxon's codes are still inside. In the lobby, Andrew, acting as Mitch's lawyer, asks Abby and Ray why Mitch met with the now-dead Moxon. Mitch thanks Andrew for his help, then heads home, where Abby demands to know what's going on. Mitch is just as confused as Abby. The couple questions Andrew who admits he represented Martin Moxon for the firm. He only knew Moxon's productivity at Noble Insurance was dropping due to unknown problems. Andrew believes Moxon may have been acting out of fear for his job. Maybe Alex knows more? More importantly, Andrew wants to know why Mitch met with a firm client. Mitch says he believed Sarah Holt hacked into Noble Insurance's computer system to find victims to rob, but he was unable to get confirmation from Moxon.

Andrew returns to the office to update Kevin Stack and Alex. They're good; Mitch still doesn't know the truth about Sarah Holt. Clearly unimpressed with Andrew's naivete, Stack and Alex dismiss Andrew so they can reconvene alone. According to Alex, Andrew only knows what she tells him. Thinking Mitch is lying, Stack wants to dispose of him, but Alex believes it's a dumb idea that might just heat up the investigation. She knows Moxon gave Mitch a document he can't understand. Alex is bringing Mitch in and spinning a plausible explanation for the whole situation, a story she hasn't come up with yet. When Stack reminds her Mitch is smart, Alex insists she's smarter.

Abby is clearly scared and unhappy with the idea of waiting for Mitch's pursuers to show up. Mitch believes they have no alternative. He theorizes that asking the Noble execs about Sarah Holt sparked the pursuit. Moxon was "blowing the whistle" on Noble Insurance's connection to Sarah. Abby demands Mitch talk to Sarah, who's obviously lying, but he maintains he needs a few more pieces of the puzzle first. Coleman intercepts Mitch on the way to work. Clearly, something's going on; Mitch should let him help. Mitch insists he has to handle this situation on his own, insulting Coleman in the process. Mitch rushes to the office, commanding everything be dropped until they find his pursuers' identities. Tammy is in charge of tackling Moxon's list, while Ray is dispatched to crack the hotel's security camera system. Unfortunately, Tammy was unable to completely clear Mitch's schedule - he's due for a hearing in court.

Slipping on his tie, Mitch hurries into the courtroom to apologize to his client, Richard Keller. He planned on putting off the case for a few days, but Judge Casey sternly reprimands his behavior. The case proceeds, beginning with Richard's testimony. Richard is the CEO of RKR Inc., a company researching a cure for Alzheimer's, who claims to have discovered how to increase brain function by means of a new drug. Richard's former girlfriend and CEO of rival Garland Pharmaceuticals, Cynthia Reed, knew about the drug and began testing it at her company - Richard's life work was stolen. While she cared for Richard, Garland always came first. Though her company discovered the crucial protein for the drug, Garland Pharmaceuticals has been less successful than Richard's company. Judge Bennett orders Garland to discontinue their research. Mitch and Richard congratulate each other on the victory, but Cynthia quells the celebration: Garland Pharmaceuticals is buying RKR Inc.

That night, Mitch, Abby, Ray and Tammy discuss the next steps for the Sarah Holt case and decide she needs to explain her actions. The next day, Mitch waits to speak with Sarah at the jail. Sarah's relieved to see him; she thought Mitch forgot about her. Mitch questions her about her first meeting with Margaret Whitaker, the woman she allegedly murdered. Sarah confirms her previous story until Mitch pulls out the shredded paper with the list of nurses fired by Margaret. How does she have a list of people she never met!? When Mitch demands to know the truth right now, Sarah says, "I'm sorry I got you into this," then calls for the guard. Mitch hammers her with questions about Moxon - why would he take his own life? - but Sarah's done with questions for today.

Ray searches for the security office at the Parkview Hotel. Ignoring a housekeeper's directions, Ray lights a cigarette and drops it in a garbage can. Distracted, the hotel staff runs around trying to put out the fire, as Ray slips into the security office. He doesn't know exactly what a "C-drive" or a "root directory" is, so Ray grabs the computer tower. With employees still fighting the fire, Ray calmly steps onto an elevator, unnoticed.

Back at the office, Abby and Tammy try to break Moxon's codes. Tammy suggests it might be corporate routing numbers because Moxon wanted them to "follow the money." As Abby heads out the door, she gives Tammy their company tax ID, so Tammy can investigate the potential lead. Staring at her cell phone, Abby realizes their tax ID has nine digits, just like the Moxon codes! Having cracked the nut, they compile a list of Noble subsidiaries, which correspond to the Moxon tax codes. Mitch is mildly happy with the discovery, but he continues to question why Moxon singled out those companies. When Abby asks him how the meeting with Sarah went, he confesses she didn't give away any new information. Mitch tells Abby he's going to be late for dinner because he has to meet Richard. He will not let Cynthia game the system.

After assuring Mitch he got "the footage," Ray stops a man coming out of a building, a former hacker who has transitioned into the corporate world. Dimitry owes Ray a favor, so Ray employs him to hack the hotel's computer tower. Dimitry scans the hotel computer tower, looking for the right video surveillance footage. However, someone has gotten to it first and erased the needed time frames. From the building's front cameras, Dimitry zooms in on a potential pursuer's neck to reveal an intricate tattoo of a skull interwoven with a snake.

Though Richard would rather be drowning his sorrows in scotch, he meets Mitch outside a seemingly random office building. He claims it's over, but Mitch knows that in order for Cynthia to buy RKR Inc., a two-thirds shareholder vote is needed to secure the company. Other than Richard, Brad Blake is the only one with enough power to tip the vote. They enter the building - Blake's building - to make their case to him: Mitch argues Blake will gain more money long-term if he keeps Richard's company intact, rather than join Garland Pharmaceuticals. Burke appears to be considering the idea.

Alex summons Andrew to her office. She orders him to bring Mitch in, but Andrew refuses. Why is Alex leaving him out of the loop? If she wants to talk to Mitch, she can bring him in herself; Andrew is out. As Andrew walks out, Alex reminds him Kevin Stack is extremely dangerous, and neither of them wants to be on his bad side. Alex is too deep into the operation to quit: if Andrew wants to save Mitch, he must bring him in.

Waiting in Alex's office, Mitch receives a call from Richard who informs he just lost his company. As Mitch offers his condolences, Alex arrives, followed closely by Stack. Stack apologizes for Mitch's pursuit mishap; he explains the pursuers were Noble investigators, looking into Martin Moxon's alleged cocaine problem. His addiction was only the tip of the embezzlement iceberg. Noble believed Mitch might have been involved, so they sent investigators to look into the issue. Mitch's armed pursuers, according to Alex and Stack, only wanted to talk to him. Mitch is disturbed by their story.

Outside, Mitch confides in Andrew that Stack's story doesn't sit right with him. As Andrew soothes his worries, Mitch notices Brad Blake on the curb. Upset with the decision to sell Richard's company, Mitch angrily accuses Blake of lacking heart. As Blake walks into the building, he hands Mitch a letter indicating he voted to keep RKR Inc. separate. Realizing he was played, Mitch bangs on Richard's door demanding the truth. Only Blake and Richard had enough shares to sway the vote. Richard admits he wanted the merger to happen. Cynthia walks down the stairs and suggests Richard tell his attorney the truth - anything he tells his lawyer is confidential. Richard's drug isn't safe, and with his shareholders losing patience, Cynthia's scientists began researching it as well. Richard ran out of time, so he filed a lawsuit saying Garland Pharmaceuticals stole his life's work. Due to Mitch's miraculous victory, their only choice was to merge companies so shareholders wouldn't be suspicious. Everyone wins, according to Cynthia, because she loves Richard, and now they get to stay together.

Mitch, Abby, Ray and Tammy reconvene to unpack Alex and Stack's story. Ray doesn't believe Mitch's pursuers were private investigators, judging from the tattoo Dimitry helped him recover. The story also doesn't explain the numbers from Moxon. The second company on the list is Cobalt Industries, a waste disposal company. When Tammy originally searched for the first two codes, Cobalt didn't appear. They realize someone switched Moxon's original list of numbers, while Mitch didn't have his briefcase. The camera zooms in on Mitch's briefcase to the small microphone incased inside. On the other end, Alex and Stack listen, disturbed Mitch has discovered the invalid codes. Stack reminds Alex Mitch still doesn't know who's responsible.

Fast-forward five weeks, Andrew calls Mitch in the middle of the night to tell him he has 90 seconds to get out of his house. Mitch looks out the window to see men piling out of black SUV. "You just couldn't let it go, could you?" says Andrew.






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