Episode 1.01 : The Blood Is the Life

  • Dracula
    • Episode Premiere : October 25, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2013 - 2014
    • Production Company: Flame Vantures, Callender's Playground Ent.
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/dracula/

Cast and Crew

The Story

(Excerpts from The London Inquisitor, 1896) Extra! Extra! Smashing News from the World of Archaeology! A Romanian exploratory team has stumbled upon a mysterious crypt unearthed within the last 15 years. The crypt contains an ornate sarcophagus; the former prison of what appears to be a demonic creature.

Drenched in blood and accompanied by the remains of an intrepid Dutchman (who appears to have played a part in the unearthing of the mysterious crypt), the empty tomb offers few clues as to the identity of its sinister prisoner. What will science make of the unfathomable find? Only time will tell!

Mysterious Grayson Is the New Chap About Town Meanwhile, back in jolly ol' London town, mysterious American entrepreneur Alexander Grayson has made a splash in British high society shortly after taking up residence in the lavish Carfax Manor with his chief solicitor, a formidable gentleman by the name of Renfield. Our sources report that the handsome and debonair Grayson wasted no time introducing himself to the cream of the high society crop, though he was greeted with mixed reviews.

Grayson seems to have taken a particular interest in The Inquisitor's shining star reporter, Jonathan Harker, along with his fiancee, the young and precocious medical student Mina Murray, with whom Grayson seemed particularly taken. Grayson scheduled a personal call with young Harker the following morning, but mum's the word on the details for now.

The festivities offered more than an introduction to London's most enigmatic new man about town. Grayson offered a demonstration of his amazing new wireless power technology, distributing loose electric light bulbs to his guests. Moments later, after firing up his revolutionary (and as-of-yet unseen) machinery, the light bulbs flashed to life, lighting up the grand ballroom with a magical golden glow.

Grayson was seen later in the week alongside the beautiful Lady Jayne Wetherby in attendance at the season opening of the London Opera. The two reportedly exchanged brief pleasantries before retreating to the shadows of Lady Jayne's private gallery. Is love in the air? Has Grayson stolen the heart of London's most independent damsel? One thing seems certain: Grayson definitely has his eye on London's most powerful business leaders, but for what reason?

Return of the Ripper? London has fallen prey to yet another murderous crime wave! Wellies on the ground have reported a flurry of unusual deaths in the city. Most notable on the list is the prestigious Sir Clive, a key councilman in the British Imperial Coolant Company, who was found torn to pieces outside of his London home.

Sir Clive's body was further defiled during a break-in at the morgue the following evening. During the intrusion, Sir Clive's head was forcibly and hastily removed from his body and has yet to turn up. In the days following the incident, the young newcomer Mr. Grayson graciously purchased Sir Clive's Imperial Coolant shares from his new widow, securing a foothold in the world of British commerce.

Additionally, the body of a German immigrant was discovered on a nearby rooftop. Witnesses on the scene reported seeing a scuffle on the rooftop the night before, possibly involving the German and an unidentified assailant. Who is the mysterious mad assassin lurking in London's shadowy recesses? Fear not, brave readers. The Inquisitor is on the case!






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