Episode 5.10 : Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

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    • Episode Premiere : March 20, 2014
    • Distributor : Yahoo, NBC
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: Krasnoff Foster, Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

At the Save Greendale Committee meeting, Hickey vents about his frustrating son, Hank (not the gay one, the other one). Hickey can't seem to get along with Hank, and it's keeping him from forming a healthy relationship with his grandson. Upon learning that Hank likes Dungeons & Dragons, the gang decides to host a D&D night to help Hickey reunite with his estranged son. Hickey isn't crazy about the idea, but what choice does he have?

The next night, everyone meets for the epic role-playing adventure. Tensions immediately mount between Hank and Hickey. Nonetheless, the game begins. As Dungeon Master, Abed has created an elaborate storyline for the evening. He has assigned characters to each player and orchestrated a touching father-son character relationship designed to bring Hickey and Hank together.

Seeing through the ruse, Hank reshuffles the characters between the players. This results in Dean Pelton playing the role of Jeff's son. The Dean is thrilled, and Jeff is even more annoyed than he was when the game began.

The game begins and Hank immediately begins playing stubborn. He refuses to travel with the rest of the group, deliberately sabotages the team's efforts and attacks his own teammates. Jeff tries to subtly encourage Abed to manipulate the gameplay to bring Hank and Hickey together, but Abed doesn't get it. He's too focused on fulfilling his duty as Dungeon Master. As a result of Hank's fire spell, the group is separated into two teams. Hank and Hickey make a bet that each will be able to beat the Necromancer at the end of the adventure before the other does. It's a race! Well, it's an imaginary race!Jeff, Hickey, Shirley and Annie gather supplies and make their way toward the Necromancer's castle, but Hickey is playing sloppy D&D. He immediately attacks a clan of hobgoblins, which results in Shirley's death. Hickey is surprised by the consequences of his foolish actions, and he quickly learns that he'll have to take the game seriously if he really wants to win.

Meanwhile, in Abed's bedroom, Chang, Hank, Britta and Dean Pelton are also preparing their trek to the Necromancer's castle. Hank tries to explain to the team why he doesn't like his father, but they're interrupted by a group of sky spiders. Hank uses his magic to recruit the sky spiders as allies, shortening his group's journey to the castle.

Calling on his cop experience, Hickey captures two Hobgoblins (both played by Abed) and interrogates them for information. They eventually divulge the location of the Necromancer's castle. The heroes are on their way to victory!

The teams arrive at the castle at the same time. Jeff kills the Dean when he tries to hug his imaginary father, and war is upon them all. Hank and Hickey race to find the Necromancer while their teammates battle it out in the lower levels of the castle. The players kill each other, one by one, until Hank and Hickey are the only ones remaining. Eventually, Hank and Hickey begin cooperating in their own strange way, and the rest of the gang heads out to let the bonding ensue.






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