Episode 4.11 : Basic Human Anatomy

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    • Episode Premiere : April 25, 2013
    • Distributor : Yahoo, NBC
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: Krasnoff Foster, Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

The group has a final history assignment they must complete for Professor Cornwallis' class. Jeff wants to just get it over with so he can enjoy the weekend, but Annie and Shirley need a great grade to help their valedictorian candidacy. Shirley brings up the fact that tomorrow is Troy and Britta's one-year anniversary, though they seem to have forgotten. One thing Troy does remember is the third year anniversary of the time he watched "Freaky Friday" with Abed. Together the two use the high-concept trope to "switch bodies" with each other, though everyone in the group is highly skeptical of their reasons for the bit. Nevertheless, it doesn’t work. They're still themselves.

The next day, Britta is confused when she wakes up next to Troy, and he reacts awkwardly to her excited sentiments regarding their anniversary. Troy sneaks off to Abed's room, where they both discover they did, in fact, switch bodies. They try to keep it a secret, but everyone realizes their odd behavior right away. Annie, hoping to overtake Leonard on the valedictorian totem pole, has decided the group will make banners to help signify the American Revolution - each person taking responsibility for their own.

All Jeff wants to do is complete the project so he can go home, but everyone else has other plans in mind. Troy and Abed - convinced they've switched bodies - need to find the "Freaky Friday" DVD they misplaced so they can reverse their spell. Until then, Troy (in Abed's body) will go on the anniversary date with Britta as Abed (in Troy's body) searches for the DVD. Annie and Shirley set out to understand how decrepit, old Leonard is the frontrunner for valedictorian. Jeff sets out to fix it all so the group can get back to the project.

Jeff buys another copy of the DVD and goes to Dean Pelton for help. He needs Dean Pelton to give the copy to Troy, so they can end their gag and get back to the project. Jeff would do it himself, but Troy would know he just bought a new one. Once he understands the situation, Dean Pelton grabs the DVD and attempts to switch bodies with Jeff. It obviously doesn't work, but Dean Pelton attempts to play it off like it did. Jeff leaves in a fit of frustration.

Britta is rightfully skeptical about Troy and Abed's body switching, but decides to go along with the bit and attend her anniversary date with Abed anyway. On the date, Britta tries to catch Abed in his lie, but when Senor Kevin begins to rip "Die Hard" and Abed doesn't mind, Britta begins to believe the body switch actually happened.

Jeff gives Troy his DVD himself, but Troy doesn't buy it - the DVD he's looking for was the original "Freaky Friday," not the crappy remake. If they want to find the original, and Jeff definitely wants to find the original so they can get back to banner making, they'll have to visit the Greendale Lost and Found.

Annie and Shirley stop by the Dean's office to inquire about Leonard's academic transcript. At first, they're a tad confused when interacting with the very "Jeff-ish" Dean Pelton, but his new persona actually lends itself to their own motivations; whereas the regular Dean Pelton would be furious with their attempt to obtain private records, the "Jeff" Dean Pelton doesn't care at all. He shows them Leonard's record, which reveals the old man got one A in the '60s and has just been taking pass/fail courses ever since to maintain his perfect GPA. Though it frightens her, Annie is oddly turned on by the Dean's new, apathetic attitude. When they approach Leonard about his transcript, the old man drops out on the spot. Annie and Shirley are now first and second again.

In the Lost and Found room, Jeff is furious when Troy won't give up on the body-switching gag. As Troy searches the room and talks to himself, Jeff understands the reasoning behind the bit: Troy is too afraid to break up with Britta himself because he's worried it will ruin their friendship... so he sent Abed to do it for him. Jeff tells Troy he's courageous for committing to the bit, and to a relationship like he did. It was brave of Troy to put himself out there and really try; it proves he cares. But Jeff tells Troy he needs to own how he feels and tell Britta in person. That would proves he's a man.

Back at the anniversary dinner, Troy (as Abed) begins to question the strength of his relationship with Britta. It seems odd that they'd forget their anniversary, and Britta reluctantly agrees. It feels like they're just going through the motions. Troy (as Abed) breaks up with Britta, who seems devastated. Suddenly, the real Troy shows up and forces Abed to switch back bodies with him. With the "spell lifted," Troy tells Britta he thinks he's better as her friend - it's something he knows he can be good at. She appreciates the honesty.

Back at Greendale, Annie and Shirley are happy to be back at #1 and #2 on the valedictorian depth chart. Troy thanks Abed for going along with his silly scheme to breakup with Britta, who herself now seems at peace with the decision. When they arrive back to the study room, they're all shocked to discover Pierce made all the American Revolution banners for them while they were gone... and they're amazing. When the whole group leaves for the weekend, Britta keeps Troy behind to give him one last, appreciative hug.






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