Episode 3.21 : Introduction to Finality

  • Community
    • Episode Premiere : May 17, 2012
    • Distributor : Yahoo, NBC
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: Krasnoff Foster, Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Jeff is sitting with the group studying for his biology final. Without a passing grade, Jeff will have to take the whole course over again. Dean Pelton enters with good news: the Subway is going out of the cafeteria and Shirley's Sandwiches is going in! All the dean needs is one signature on the contract saying "owner." Shirley is set to sign when Pierce brings up the fact he fronted all of the money for the project. Unable to agree on which one's the owner, both Shirley and Pierce leave in a huff. Annie turns to Jeff to intervene, but he just wants to focus on passing his test.

Troy is depressed at AC school. He misses his friends. Vice Dean Laybourne takes Troy into the sacred chamber of the school and tells him about the prophecy of The Repairman. He can repair air conditioners and also the men who fix them! Troy asks him if the Vice Dean realizes this is a trade school. "It's a two-year degree about boxes that make rooms cold." Laybourne continues saying this is your destiny Mr. Barnes... The true Repairman will repair man. Murray overhears Laybourne calling Troy the chosen one and doesn't seem pleased.

Dean Pelton decides Shirley and Pierce can settle their ownership dispute in Greendale Court at 3:00 p.m. Shirley pleads with Jeff to represent her. Jeff says his biology final is at five, so he can be her lawyer from three to four. Pierce finds the lawyer, Alan, who got Jeff fired from his old law firm to represent him. Alan's only there because Pierce is loaded with money, and his firm wants to keep him as a client. Jeff is flustered to see his old nemesis again while the dean can't decide if he should dress as "Judging Amy" or "Judge Judy."

Later that day, Troy finds Vice Dean Laybourne has died due to lethal dose of Freon. The AC school chaplain eulogizes, "May his breeze join the wind." Troy wonders to Murray how Laybourne could've made such a rookie mistake to cause the accident. Murray tells him it's not his concern, and since Murray is the now the new Vice Dean, he tells Troy he can leave. Sensing something strange is afoot, Troy stays to break up Murray's Vice Dean coronation. Calling Murray a dishonor to AC work, Troy challenges him to a battle in the Sun Chamber. Who am I? I'm The Repairman!

Alan tries to bury Shirley's character by bringing up crazy stories showing her to be an irresponsible mother. If we can't trust her with a baby, how can we trust her with a sandwich? Jeff fires back by tricking Pierce into telling a racist joke from the witness stand. Three jokes later, the whole courtroom is booing and throwing things at Pierce. Alan advises Jeff to lose intentionally during the closing argument. If Jeff wins this case, his old firm will never hire him back, and then all of his time at Greendale will have been a waste. Jeff won't be able to get a job anywhere.

Troy and Murray are sealed into chambers with a broken unit. The heat will keep rising until one man submits. As the challenge begins, Murray frantically tries to fix his unit. Troy merely folds his arms and stares at him. Troy eventually removes the panel on his AC unit and, without even looking, fixes one thing and cool air starts to flow. Murray freaks out and says he's going to kill Troy just like he killed Laybourne! The onlookers gasp as the revelation. Troy sees a vision of the old vice dean and the words ring in his head: "The true Repairman will repair man."

Back at trial, Jeff begins his closing argument by saying he's throwing the case. Shirley said he could. She said he can do what he wants... and he should, right? Jeff goes on to say the real truth is helping each other is good and helping only yourself is bad. Jeff admits he, Shirley and Pierce only wanted their own things when they came into this courtroom today, but Shirley broke the cycle. All it takes is to stop thinking about what's good for you and start thinking about what's good for someone else. Jeff's inspiring speech brings tears of joy to the courtroom and makes Pierce withdraw his case and fire Alan.

Shirley and Pierce thank Jeff for everything. They decide Jeff should sign the contract as the owner and represent them as their attorney. Troy returns to Greendale. He made a new rule. From now on, the AC school has to act like a normal school. Those are the things you can do when you're their messiah. Jeff ends up passing his biology final and Shirley's Sandwiches opens with great fanfare. All's well that ends well for a real "community"...the Greendale Seven!






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