Episode 3.19 : Curriculum Unavailable

  • Community
    • Episode Premiere : May 10, 2012
    • Distributor : Yahoo, NBC
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: Krasnoff Foster, Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

It's now been two months since the Greendale Seven have been kicked out of school. To stay connected, the group has potluck gatherings, including Troy's Bagel Bites casserole with a Doritos glaze. Abed shows up with an odd dish: a police officer. Looking for evidence proving Dean Pelton has been replaced with an evil twin, Abed was caught going through the administration's dumpster bins. The Dean has offered an ultimatum: either Abed meets with a psychiatrist or the school will press charges for trespassing.

Choosing to stand by Abed, the entire gang goes to his session with Dr. Heidi. Even the group has to admit Abed has moved from adorable weird to creepy weird over the last few months. Jeff attempts to defend Abed's actions by describing how wacky the entire year has been at Greendale. What you call insanity, we call solidarity! Dr. Heidi agrees nothing is more important to mental health than a strong support system, and if this group is that support system, then the best thing for Abed is to be committed.

Troy cries to try and change the doctor's mind about sending Abed to crazy people jail. Jeff questions whether Dr. Heidi even has the authority to do this since Abed's not dangerous. Dr. Heidi protests that Abed's obsession with Greendale does make him dangerous. Jeff believes anyone would be obsessed if they went there. It's a crazy place... they have lockers! You can't attend Greendale without it having an effect on you.

Moving away from the "crazy," which isn't helping Abed's case, Annie focuses the group on the good times they've had at Greendale. After they share their stories, it dawns on them. All of their good memories were about the Dean! Abed says that's what he's been trying to tell them for months. They weren't expelled by the real Dean. The real Dean loves them. Jeff apologies to Abed for not recognizing it sooner. They all stand up to head for the campus when Dr. Heidi stops them. You can't go back to Greendale... because it doesn't exist!

The group's collective jaw drops as Dr. Heidi explains they were at a place called Greendale for three years, yet it was an asylum, not a community college. All of their memories are from a shared psychosis. The gang was treated and released together, though now they appear to be relapsing together. The group tries to protest, but Dr. Heidi challenges - how else could one explain that they began as a Spanish study group and still none of them can speak any Spanish? The doctor encourages them to embrace their newfound freedom and leave all their thoughts of Greendale in the past.

As the group slowly walks out of Dr. Heidi's office, pondering their own sanity, Jeff stops and realizes nothing Dr. Heidi said made a lick of sense. They storm back in to find the doctor trying to sneak out the window. Dr. Heidi confesses Abed's been right this whole time and the doctor was only hired to help keep them in the dark. The truth is Chang kidnapped the Dean and replaced him with a double. The gang pledges to rescue the Dean. Recognizing the resolve of the Greendale Seven, Jeff notes that maybe therapy does work.

Chang receives a phone call informing him the study group has gotten wise to his plan, Operation: Dopple-Deaner. Refusing to admit defeat, Chang instructs his army of kids to move to Phase Two. When pressed, Chang admits to not having a Phase Two idea yet and starts taking ideas from his soldiers. The war with the Greendale Seven has only begun!






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