Episode 3.16 : Virtual Systems Analysis

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    • Episode Premiere : April 19, 2012
    • Distributor : Yahoo, NBC
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: Krasnoff Foster, Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Abed walks to the Dreamatorium's closet and opens it, revealing an elaborately constructed labyrinth of pipes and chambers made of paper towel tubes and other found objects. He explains that this is the Dreamatorium's engine. His thoughts are collected by one dish, and everything he knows about his friends is stored in another. Annie's had enough with Abed's selfish behavior and takes matters into her own hands. To Abed's horror, she reworks the machine so that the "Other People" box is central to the contraption instead of the "Abed" box. Annie insists that from now on, before Abed does anything, he's going to think about how it affects the people around him. This sends Abed into a full mental breakdown, and he collapses on the floor, appearing unconscious.

The gang crams for their Biology test, only to have the dean deliver some exciting news: the professor has the flu, and class is cancelled for the day! This just means that the study group can put off cramming until tomorrow, and Jeff suggests that the gang take a three-hour lunch. Picking up on Britta and Troy's not-so-subtle flirtation, Annie decides to put her matchmaking skills to work and get the two alone together for lunch, convincing them to have a nice time at Senior Kevin's while she and Abed get some quality one-on-one Dreamatorium time.

In the Dreamatorium, Annie does her best Constable Geneva to Abed's Inspector Spacetime, but Abed finds her performance less than convincing. Abed calls off the simulation, and Annie calls out Abed on his behavior: he's just moping because he's worried that Troy will ditch him for Britta. Abed insists that isn't the case. He's just run all of these possible scenarios over in his mind, and Troy and Britta could destroy the fabric of the group as they know it.

Annie sets off on her mission to "find Abed" by playing along with his game, in a universe where Abed apparently doesn't exist. But as she goes on this scavenger hunt, she finds herself more and more absorbed by Abed's vision, and internally owns up to the romantic implications of Troy and Britta getting together for her and Jeff. Maybe Annie's the one who's being selfish in this scenario! Abed reveals some of his own insecurities; he feels that the group really doesn't need him and would stuff him away in a locker if he could, just like he was when he was bullied growing up.

Abed regains consciousness, but he isn't Abed. He's taken on the persona of Jeff, and insists that they've entered Annie's ideal alternate reality called "Hospital School." It's a sexy, emotional school, where doctors save lives and make love, often simultaneously. Annie succumbs to Abed's alternate reality and finds herself talking to Jeff, not Abed.

Annie finally finds Abed and frees him from the shackles in his metaphoric locker. Annie convinces Abed that life can't go according to some script; even if he has all the scenarios played out in his head, there's really no telling what the future holds. Annie admits that they both need to spend more time winging it and less time worrying about the future.

To sidestep an anticlimactic ending, Abed and Annie jump back to the scene in Inspector Spacetime, where Annie pulls out the stops and impresses Abed with her commitment to the role of Constable Geneva. She's really owning the role... this is good stuff! Maybe they both learned to be a little less narrow-minded today.

The group reunites in the study room to find that while things are still pretty much the same, everything's coming up roses when you take a second to look around. Jeff comments that "maybe after a long dark night the sun is starting to rise on Greendale." But Abed surprises everyone by commenting that while this may hold true, it also may not; you never know what the day holds. Annie and Abed share a knowing smile.






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