Episode 3.12 : Contemporary Impressionists

  • Community
    • Episode Premiere : March 22, 2012
    • Distributor : Yahoo, NBC
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: Krasnoff Foster, Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

The gang returns from winter break ready to start the semester anew; Britta's especially excited for her psychology class, to the group's dismay. Jeff strolls in, exuding more confidence than ever. He comments on his superior swagger, sharing that his shrink prescribed him an antianxiety pill to enhance his self-confidence. Since then, he's reached new levels of calm; nothing can bring him down. Britta voices her distaste, rightfully pointing out that what little self-doubt Jeff has is barely keeping his huge ego pent in.

Britta and Jeff's bickering is interrupted by Abed getting held up by a policeman. As he's chased by the uniformed man around the library, Annie explains that over break Abed realized he could hire celebrity impersonators for his own personal use. The gang voices a serious concern: where's he getting the money for all this? But Troy insists that Abed's whimsical ways are harmless.

Later, overeager psych student Britta shares her latest findings on Jeff's condition. She reveals that prescribing antianxiety meds when they're not needed results in "hyper-narcissus," which Jeff is clearly suffering from. If he's not careful, his narcissism could take over his entire brain, resulting in devastating consequences. Jeff's too preoccupied exuding confidence to hear anything Brita has to say; his very existence sends Dean Pelton into uncontrollable convulsions on the floor.

In the cafeteria, the owner of the celebrity impersonator company approaches Abed, demanding the three grand that Abed owes him. Abed calmly notes that he doesn't have three grand and can't pay off his debts. But there's a loophole: if the gang agrees to work a bar mitzvah, as impersonators, he'll let off Abed scot-free. There's a ton of potential in the group: Jeff is clearly a more handsome Ryan Seacrest; Shirley would make a great Oprah, and Annie could pull off Judy Garland. Plus, between Troy and Britta there's both young and old Michael Jackson. The gang thinks it over and decides to bail Abed out just this once.

At the bar mitzvah, Jeff's narcissism reaches dangerous new levels as women fawn over him as a taller, more handsome Ryan Seacrest. He eats up their compliments despite Britta's attempts to pull him out of his daze. When he hears that later in the night, there will be awards, Jeff's ego takes on a life of its own, thrilled at the possibility of taking home the prize he clearly deserves.

As the awards begin to be dolled out, every single one goes to the bar mitzvah boy, as it's clearly just a fun prank. But as Jeff's name isn't called award after award, his rage slowly mounts. Jeff reaches his breaking point when he doesn't win the award for "Most Handsome Young Man," and he "hulks out," busting out of his suit and storming the stage. Jeff rips the award out of the young boy's hand and makes off with it.

Troy is shocked and disappointed when he arrives home to find Abed has hired yet another celebrity impersonator. He tries to explain to Abed why he needs to stop this bad habit, but Abed can't seem to understand. Troy asks Abed to just trust him on this, and Abed agrees. But things still aren't quite right between the two, as Abed leaves Troy to play in the Dreamatorium by himself.

Britta finds "Hulk Ryan Seacrest" wandering the streets and takes him under her wing. Jeff finally comes to his senses, admitting to Britta that he can't believe he went off the deep end like that. Britta reassures Jeff that he's slowly coming back to normal, and he should be fine once the drugs are out of his system.

Abed finds that he isn't alone in the Dreamatorium; Evil Abed is riding in the passenger seat. His bearded alter ego points out that there are a lot of benefits to riding alone; you can have full control of the situation. Abed considers this advice... maybe being alone is the better option after all. But what does this mean for Troy and Abed?

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